Top Ten Worst Internet Errors Ever


The Top Ten

1 Error 500

Internal Server Error? More like Not Internal Server Error. This error is annoying. - SlapHoppy

2 Error 404

I hate this error so much! It's bad! - SlapHoppy

3 An error occurred. Please try again later.

YouTube, fix your site. - SlapHoppy

4 Error 502

I got this error last year and it sucks - SlapHoppy

5 Error 403

Forbidden. Screw that. - SlapHoppy

6 This video is unavailable

This error also sucks. - SlapHoppy

7 Error 503

Service is not unavailable - SlapHoppy

8 Cloudflare Error 522

I have seen sites down with this error for WEEKS. That's like a normal site outage, MULTIPLIED BY 100! - allamassal

9 Error 400

I see this on my console. Screw that. - SlapHoppy

10 An error occurred.

No. Not that. - SlapHoppy

The Contenders

11 Error 520

Cloudflare error. It sucks. - SlapHoppy

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