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61 Fitness Gram Pacer Test
62 Trollestia/Molestia/Tyrant Celestia

Waluigi memes are best memes

Poor Princess Celestia
She Would Never Do Anything Like That


It would really wake me up inside if this meme never existed

64 SiivaGunner
65 Great Meme War/CNN
66 For Science!
67 2 Girls 1 Cup

This is seriously not funny. It's just extremely disgusting! People really do have a habit of making memes out of things better off left alone don't they?

This should be in the Top 10.

I didn't see it, but I'm never gonna watch it - mayamanga

It's disgusting. - Powerfulgirl10

68 Confession Bear

Dude, this was pretty funny.. - Fandom_Lover

69 Sanic

When used ironically, it's kinda funny. Gotta go fast! - Luxam

Don't you love misspelling text, ear raping music, stolen puns and Poorly drawn sonic characters

Then this is for you (bastards)

I have been loving sanic since it started - sanichedgeho300

Why do they always ruin video game characters?
Stupid Mlg. I hate you.

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70 Spoderman
71 Bronies

A fandom that was LITERALLY born from a 4Chan joke. Yes, bronies, your fandom, your horse waifus, they're all the bastard children of a troll's ironic joke. - izayaorihara

72 Burn to the Ground
73 Reyn Time
74 Cat Rape
75 Me Gusta Me Gusta

This meme is racist. Trump made it up. I know it. - TeamRocket747

Creepy - TopLucas

This meme is offensive - mayamanga

76 Polandball

It's actually funny but you have to know the characters to get the jokes.

I don't get why people like this. It's racist and not funny at all.

77 Waluigi memes
78 Onii Chan/San
79 Youtube Poop
80 Woah, Technology!
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