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1 Damn Daniel Damn Daniel Damn Daniel is a 2016 viral video. Daniel Lara and his friend, Joshua Holz, who are students at Riverside Polytechnic High School, reached their Internet fame after their video, an edited collection of Snapchat videos, went viral on social media platforms such as YouTube and facebook.

I don't get how it is funny. It's just a bunch of 14 years old dudes (who try to look 18) acting like idiots. - drdevil

I never watched this but its annoying. Since I have a friend named Daniel and oeople would make fun of him and call him that. So I'm guessing that in not missing out on anything. Am I? Someone let me know if it is good or not. I think it is not. - RyanAmos

Back at it again with I'm gunna kill myself because of this terrible meme

Damn Daniel, your meme is #1 on this spot. Tt's not hard to see why your meme is just terrible. - BlueBobYT

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2 Deez Nuts

Very annyoing

It gets old.

Boring. - TopTenHaters

Someone get rid of this meme, I'm tired of seeing the vandalism in my school's bathroom showing a private part drawing saying "DEEZ NUTZ HAH GOTEE! " - BlueBobYT

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3 The Gummy Bear Song

Only hyperactive 6 year olds will like this song, but if you like it, it's fine. But it gets old very quickly - RaeMarie



MLG is a delicate art. Do it right and you get some cheap chuckles. Do it wrong and you get cringe.

Lots of people made this MLG thing cringe, but no one made it cringe more than PINK SHEEP. - BlueBobYT

I want to listen to the music! Not the screaming crowds

It's unfunny. - PlayStationSolar

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5 What are Those?!?

That is a terrible meme you're using, get away from me, person who wants to be "hip" and "cool." - BlueBobYT

6 Gangnam Style

DEFINITELY the most annoying at least

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7 John Cena

John Cena is a stupid ass hole.

John Cena's an overrated hack. I have no idea why he has his own meme.

I feel sorry for those who have to wear hearing aids after this excuse for a "meme" - Ededdneddyfanredux

I love him

8 Twerking
9 Harambe Harambe "Harambe" (27th May 1999 - 28th May 2016) was the name of a male western lowland gorilla in the Cincinatti Zoo who was shot and killed by a staff member in 2016 due to child negligence, sparking public outrage and later a revered internet meme .

I'm not ranting about the gorilla's death. Yes, it was sad. Yes, it was unnecessary and yes, it could be have been prevented. But this is the least of what irritates me. What really drives me insane is the fact that Harambe has now become a meme. I see it almost everywhere on the internet. On Facebook, on Youtube and on other websites. It's really annoying. There's people on the internet saying "Harambe is our hero" and "Harambe is the king" and blah blah blah. Can I just ask what did this ape do for you that makes you love him? Whoever started this is a complete dumbo because you've made this happen, and now as a result, the world has gone cuckoo over this whole situation. But the worst part of it is that no-one even knew Harambe before he got shot, and then of all of sudden he dies and now everyone worships him like a god? That is asinine! What is so special about this gorilla anyway? I just don't understand why everyone is so crazy over a dead animal. It's stupid. It's just a ...more

DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THIS! Do I think the gorrilla deserved to die? No. Do I think the internet beat this into the ground. DEFINITELY! It's come to the point where I can barely stand gorillas

Overused by normies

Harambe's a good gorilla but normies just try to make this gorilla cringe. - BlueBobYT

I think that harambe is a hero. He did a better trying to help thst baby than the mom did. Harambe rest in peace. - RyanAmos

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10 Cash Me Outside

She got a rap career. Better pray to God now. - 445956

Shes the absolute worst

Hands down, worst meme of all time. - wrests

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11 Shrek

He is gross when they glitch him,he look like nightmares had sex with creepastas

12 Nyan Cat
13 Fidget Spinners Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners aren't fun to play with, a regular top is more fun, I have this big spinning top that's much more fun to play with than THIS. - BlueBobYT

Wow. The overrated 2017 trend. Get me outta here FAST.

14 Harlem Shake
15 Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, song writer, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada (despite once claiming he was Part-Indian) and he is Christian . He is the son of an author, Pattie Mallet . ...read more.
16 Durr Plant

The Youtuber who created this didn't even want this to become a meme... He was just making fun of another meme.

17 YOLO (You only live once)

It's overused way too much! - TopTenHaters


Some bastards made this a meme and now the song is ruined

19 Doge

Such stupid. very overrated. wow.

20 Narwhals (Jazz Version)
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