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41 Arthur's Fist

I Never Got This Meme, What's The Joke? - JPK

42 Illuminati confirmed
43 Buzz Lightyear Everywhere

This Isn't A Bad One

No, This One Is Great - JPK

44 Pacman Pacman Pac-Man is the protagonist fictional character of the franchise of the same name by Namco, who was first introduced in the Japanese arcade game Pac-Man on May 22, 1980 in Japan, later released in the United States in October the same year.

Pacman is not a meme dip

45 Trollestia/Molestia/Tyrant Celestia

These Are Weird - JPK

46 Succ
47 Roblox
48 Minecraft
49 Sparta Remixes

These Are Great In My Opinion - JPK

50 Elf On the Shelf Elf On the Shelf
51 Squidward Dab!

Got Old - JPK

52 Le Meme
53 Rage Face

This face makes people say "OH COME ON, STOP KILLING ME" which people gets upset if a troller keeps doing it. They're now forced to quit

54 Forever Alone

I don't really know about this meme much. But what'd I do know about this face. This face is way to scary of a fake crying guy with tears and big chin. This face makes me think that you don't help a team that's in Danger

55 Y U NO Guy

For example: Why do you don't stop guarding the flag or why you don't stop getting our flag. When you get trolled, you get angry.

56 Ayy Lmao

This meme just makes no sense and isn't even funny. They put: ayy lmao on some random alien and next thing you know it gets semi-popular

57 Rick Roll

Hey, you can at least learn to live with this one. And revenge on the Rickroller is easy and sweeter than sweet. - PositronWildhawk

58 Maello
59 Half Life 3 confirmed
60 Baku Baku Nya Nya
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