Worst Internet Passwords

Some stupid people set these stupid password to protect all of their personal infomation, why the hell do they do it?!?!?

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1 password

computer- enter password.
person- let's see, what will keep hackers away? what is the most difficult in the world to guess? oh, I know: "password".
computer- that's what I'm asking you to put.

Damn, now I've got to change all of my passwords. Lol j/k - Velilana

People think they are so clever, putting "password" in the space that says password here, but any hacker can just go on and get it on his first try. Also, now it's even worse because people can just go on this page. Other bad ones are "chocolate" and "god".

It's scary to think a couple of my teachers actually had this as their passwords. - Entranced98

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2 123456789

Computer: Enter Password
Hacker: Ummmmm, I gonna take a guess, 123456789.
Computer: Computer on.
Hacker: Too easy. - booklover1

Everyone uses it, it is so easy to hack into something if you have that as your password - roblist

even I would know that 123456789 is the easiest password to know.

Hence why all of my passwords is 12346789... OH CRAP!
(I'm just kidding)

3 (Your Own Name)

I think the first thing that people would try to guess for a password is the account's/profile's user's/owner's name.

4 abc123
5 lol

a classic

6 a

This Is the password my school uses haha stupid pepole

7 1
8 princess
9 (Website Name)1

Such as Facebook1, Twitter1 or Google1.

10 rockyou

The Contenders

11 qwerty

Got to go change my password now... 😒

12 @
13 69
14 iloveyou
15 (your idol)
16 monkey
17 BeiberRox

You just couldn't help yourself after the title said worst couldn't you

18 Incorrect

Hacker: *Types random password*
Computer: Your password is incorrect
Hacker: Types in "incorrect"
Computer: Computer on

... That is genius. - MoldySock

19 Itsfunnycosyouwillneverguessthis
20 hackme

Your just asking for it

21 Asdfghjkl
22 The "F" Word
23 condom
24 Pie

Oh Boy What Flavor?
Pie Flavor!

25 1q2w3e4r5t6y

My friends always use this. It's hilarious.

This used to be my password for the YouTube

26 FrickingFricks
27 Smellmybuttandifyoudon'tthencrehgferchcgeehfhgecfrrcefghut
28 #
29 lovely
30 youwonthackme
31 zoubarbar
32 yermomandyerothermom
33 drowssap

I mean it's password spelled backword come on.

34 justinbieberisthebestsingerever
35 GiveMeAVirus
36 ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Hacker: I'll hack dis computer
Hackers f key is stuck
Hacker accidentally presses Enter
Computer On

37 Twilight Sparkle

There's still porn in the bronie section of cheezburger to this day

38 Dolphin84

There was sex gifs all over the school computer wallpapers once it was hilarious! Oh and culprit moved away the next day! HAHAAHAH😆

39 Porn69
40 Name
41 1337
42 Happy Birthday
43 Iamaddictedtospain
44 5579
45 Hatzig3
46 (Favorite food)
47 (space)
48 balls
49 Darlacis19
50 Finger71
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