Worst Interstate Highways In the U.S.


The Top Ten

1 I-675
2 I-95

Renumber the I-95 in Pennsylvania and Delaware as a spur route. Number the unsigned section of the New Jersey Turnpike as the I-95. It would be better if I-95 bypasses Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Best segment: New Jersey
Worst segment: Massachusetts
Despite its flaws, the I-95 is a very essential route to the East Coast.

Best segment: Maine, or Maryland
Worst Segment: Massachusetts, or New York

Best segment: North Carolina
Worst segment: Rhode Island

3 I-40
4 I-20

In 2006 drove the part in Mississippi. Worst highway I've ever been on. Looked like it hadn't been fixed since the 1960's - westofohio

Extend the I-20 to North Carolina.

If it were to be extended to Wilmington, North Carolina,where it would meet the I-40 (also terminating at Wilmington, North Carolina), then the route would be substantially better.

5 I-77
6 I-44

Oh come on now, this is one of the oldest segments of the Interstate Highway System.
Best route: I-70 (West of Illinois) or I-15 (North of San Diego, California, or all segments)
Worst route: I-90 (East of Pennsylvania) or I-95 (Mid-Atlantic region)

7 I-25
8 I-405
9 I-35 W

Actually, I-35 W is in Fort Worth. - EpicJake


10 I-15
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