Worst iPhone Games

Listing the worst of all iPhone games available on itunes.

The Top Ten

1 Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Something that most of us, I'm sure, will agree on. - PositronWildhawk

It's just stupid and probably a excuse to get Kim Kardashian more money - Djcraftergirl

By far the worst. A godawful game based on a god awful star, of course this game is stupid. - SelfDestruct

Yep - micahisthebest

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2 Flappy Bird

GET THIS CRAP TO NUMBER 1 NOW! - christangrant

3 Clash of Clans

Gets boring really quickly. This game is here for this reason. - SelfDestruct

I actually like this game. It actually is possible to get to level 8 without gemming! - Turkeyasylum

This game was fun a while but got annoying - tmobreno

I love this game! Even though it's pretty old. - micahisthebest

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4 Candy Crush Saga
5 Angry Birds

It's still a good game. And that image, really. - micahisthebest

Worst game ever only butthurt kids like it

W t f is that image - wrests

Because so much hate Angry Birds if they are favorites of young boys

6 Angry Birds Go!

It gets boring and really hard

Takes up a lot of memory - micahisthebest

You are crazy this game is very good and addictive

7 Clash Royale
8 Asphalt Overdrive

Thus is the wrong image. Correct it please. I agree this game is quite bad.

WHY?! After the awesome Asphalt 8 comes this disappointing ripoff of Temple Run that you can't play without internet connection? WHY GAMELOFT, WHY? By far the most disappointing. - SelfDestruct

9 Crossy Road

Too addicting and I keep on rage quitting!

10 Minecraft: Story Mode

The Newcomers

? Star Trek Fleet Command

It’s literally a money pit that has ads everywhere that are just annoying

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11 Dumb Ways to Die

Need more levels

12 Lep's World
13 Fortnite

Am I missing something? Because I played this game a while back and it played like garbage. I don't have clue how it got so popular.

14 Asphalt 8: Airborne

I gave up on it considering how Gameloft ruined it greatly with stupid, overpriced IAP's, making this game a serious pay-to-win. Gameloft, I used to play Asphalt 8, but due to your dirty tricks, I will never play an Asphalt game again, for now. - SelfDestruct

15 Momabear
16 I Am Rich


17 Red Poke
18 Need for Speed: No Limits

While forcing us to fork over less money for the same amount of content as Asphalt 8: Airborne, the blueprint system being the ONLY way to unlock cars is enough to make me quit playing this game. - SelfDestruct

19 Pixel Gun 3D

OP weapons, screeching noobs and the non stop lure to get little kids to buy gems for the irritatingly overpowered weapons. It’s fine until you get to level 10+.

20 Leap Day
21 Helix Jump

Ads every 5 seconds

22 Hole.io


23 Geometry Dash
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