Top 10 Worst iPhone/iPad Features

I though that apple devices were hard to use so here is top 10 worst iPhone/Pad features.

The Top Ten

1 Exiting Siri

When I hold the home button it brings me to Siri so naturally I would hold it again to exit but that doesn't do much.

You can just say goodbye

2 Voice control

When I use voice controls it is mostly beacause I'm very lazy but if I want to go to YouTube it will sometimes bring me to yahoo so I am constantly typing for minutes on end.

3 Auto correct

When I'm typing I usually type wrong keys so I select what word pops up but it just closes it out so I constantly having to press space.

This drives me spare all the time. - PositronWildhawk

I hate autocorrect so much

It's so annoying that my friend and I made the shortcut ihac" that means "I hate autocorrect". - Minecraftcrazy530

4 Closing out background programs

When I am doing some stupid stuff I don't want background programs clogging up my memory so I have to hit home twice, but sometimes I hold home which opens Siri which is very annoying.

5 Scrolling through web pages

When I don't notice scrolling through web I accedently hit a thing that leads me through a different page

6 Loading time

The loading time for YouTube videos sometimes enrage me especially on an iPhone.

I want to watch YouTube videos, not waste time waiting for it to load! >:(

7 Number keys

When I type in numbers I have to go to the key that leads me to the num keys which is very annoying.

8 Return key

When I'm typing I sometimes hit the return key which is very annoying.

9 The audio

When I plug in ear buds it still makes noise when I type or when using Siri that sucks.

10 No arrow keys

When I type sometimes I make mistakes auto correct can't fix so I keep touching the screen until it is next to the right key

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