Worst Iron Maiden Albums

Iron Maiden is known to be extremely solid, but which is your least favourite album?

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1 Virtual Xi Virtual Xi

Only 1 good song on this album, the clansman, which however is maidens most underrated song, a classic which would have been much more popular and more remembered by fans had it been on one of bruce's albums. The rock in rio version with bruce was just fantastic!

Anyway, apart from the clansman, I just can't say that any of the other songs on this album are worth listening to. Futureal may be an okay song, but it's just silly and repetitive.

Furthermore, like the angel and the gambler may just be maidens worst ever song!

This may not be their worst album, but it is their least inspired. Most of these tracks are extremely dull, boring and dead in the water outside of the half-decent opener Futureal (which would have been far better if Bruce sang it). For me, this album suffers from two major problems. The first is Blaze Bayley, who was always the wrong choice to follow in Dickinson's shoes. I don't hate him, and he has quite a decent voice, but it lacks the range of Dickinson and Di'anno, which is a major problem for the heavy sound Maiden were playing. Instead of the latter front men whose either operatic or punk sound gelled well with the music, Bayley's low register comes across as flat on such songs. While The X Factor worked because Blaze's voice actually worked with the more moody material they worked on, it doesn't work here when they try more energetic songs, as he sucks all the energy out their material, making it tedious to listen to. Even worse, the music utterly sucks. All of the tracks ...more - Mrveteran

It's a pretty bland album. And I CANNOT believe albums like Final Frontier, Brave New World, and Dance of Death are on this list.

Let's watch this album

1- Futureal: Short and some repetitive, Maybe is a ok song but the best maiden's songs are always long, if this song been like 4 or 5 minutes probably been more memorable
Rate: 6/10
2- The Angel And The Gambler: Very repetitive, and ridiculous long, I know I know, maiden's song are long but this is ridiculous, almost 10 minutes to listen something than we listen in other maiden's songs
Rate: 4/10
3- Lightning Twice Strikes: Just like futureal, need more speed and energy to been memorable, not bad but needs more emotion to play this, because the song don't work how it is
Rate: 4.5/10
4- The Clansman: Best song of the album, long but it knows how to work, not like the angel and the gambler, the song got variety, good lyrics and a epic rhythm, and is the best song with Blaze at vocals
Rate: 8/10
5- When Two Worlds Collide: Another underrated song, the diference between this and lightning twice strikes is maybe the rhythm, in this is ...more

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2 No Prayer for the Dying No Prayer for the Dying

Haters Gonna Hate. You People Don't understand all of these "Bad" alums. Especially this one. You Think Iron Maiden Were Idiots, but they weren't. They didn't to do another epic album because it would be too much. And Besides, Their "Bad" albums aren't even bad. - IronMainiac666

A different style and a different approach which did not suit the band. Whilst Tail Gunner and the title track are amazing, the rest is terrible and many choruses are attempted to be catchy but fail. All songs on here are under 5 minutes except the epic one, Mother Russia, which isn't epic but is terrible. The album also contains the dreadfully cheesy Holy Smoke, Hooks in You and Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter. What a mess this album is! - cameronbrown

This album... It wouldn't be that bad if it didn't have "Iron Maiden" stamped across the front of it's artwork. Simply put, this is the only Iron Maiden album I've been severely let down by, and undoubtedly the worst work they have ever put out. Sorry Maiden, this one just didn't cut it.

I love this album but I wouldn't say it is anywhere near the best

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3 The X Factor The X Factor

Iron Maiden doesn't have any bad albums. This is just the least good.

How the HELL is The X Factor better than No Prayer for the Dying?! That's IMPOSSIBLE! No Prayer for the Dying at least sounded good. I hate Sign of the Cross there is too much dead time that doesn't need to be there.

How the Hell is A Matter of Life and Death higher than this? I only really liked Sign of the Cross from this Album, that's it!

This album is cool cause its different. If it didn't come out when it did itd be considered a classic. People hated metal when this came out but loved bands like bush.

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4 Fear of the Dark Fear of the Dark

While many fans would disagree, this is Maiden's worst album. While albums like NPFTD & Virtual XI are cruddy in their own ways, this is album is far worse, as not only is it far more disappointing, it is also more lazy. Iron Maiden have never been good at prog metal (speed & thrash metal is their expertise) but here, they don't even try. Songs go on and on without much reward for the listener, creating repetitive, boring and monotonous tracks as a result. Outside of the first two tunes ("Be Quick or Be Dead" & "From Here To Eternity"), there is nothing to write home about with this album. Even the title track is as dead in the water (and as poorly written) as the rest of the album, and how it has become a live staple is something which I'll never know. Overall, Fear Of The Dark is a terrible album, and was Maiden's nadir during their dreadful 90's run. No wonder Bruce left at this point.

I understand that many assume that since this album contains the classic title track, it should be a great album. But it's NOT. This and Virtual XI are the only true mistakes in Iron Maiden's career; VXI is indeed their weakest effort but this is too far down. No Prayer and X Factor are certainly not classics but aren't without their hidden gems that make them memorable enough, however, while the solid songs on FotD rock such as the title track and Be Quick of Be Dead, it's also home to some of Maiden's most nauseating moments, (I'm looking at you, Weekend Warrior). It also disgusts me to see classic albums such as Somewhere in Time, Iron Maiden, and Killers on this list (Bruce is a great singer, but he's not the ONLY key member of Iron Maiden).

There are some good songs on this album, most notably the title track of course, one the best ever. But there are other very good songs like be quick or be dead, from here to eternity, afraid to shoot strangers and childhood's end. A very underrated album, though it is far away from being one of the best.

Some of the songs are boring and generic. I like all their albums but this is the one I like least so far. I thing no prayer is much better

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5 Killers Killers

You're joking, right? This is one of their best albums. - Mrveteran

Idiots this top three best at least

Why is this on this list?

I sorry but the songs aren't so good as the first album

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6 The Final Frontier The Final Frontier

By far the worst. trying to play progressive music. I was first thrilled that Adrian came back (Brave new world). I hope it is not him bringing them to this style. Killers is higher that this piece of crap on the worst maiden Album... ouf... opinions are not to be discussed I guess

Whoever put this on the list is a dumbass

Has awesome songs like "The Talisman", "Comming Home", "Mother of Mercy" or "When The Wild Wind Blows" but the production isn't good enough. The songs are much better on live. By the way, there's no a bad album with Bruce.

Iron maiden trying progressive. Not one song with a beat - all song except one with long useless intro that a child could play. this is not iron maiden. the 2 albums with Blayze have at least 2-3 good songs each, this one has zero. Been a fan for 30 years and I still haven't been able to listen to this one entirely. I still haven't bought Book of souls, sacred like hell

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7 Iron Maiden Iron Maiden

What, if you think this is the worst then you have no idea, this album is the best!

Iron Maiden? Bad Album? This is a Joke Bro!

This is maybe their best, not even close to their worst

8 A Matter Of Life And Death A Matter Of  Life And Death

You guys are complete fools if you vote for this one. This is easily their most musical, lyrical, conceptual, and dense album to date! And if you can only listen to easy songs like the Trooper, or wont give it a chance because its new, you are a simple minded and impatient person. This is by far Iron Maidens best album, the band thinks so, I think so, so listen to it carefully with your ears and not your butts.
10/10 Their Dark Side of the Moon

Need to listen a few times but very solid

This is a good album the only thing is its just not heavy enough like most of their successful albums

This album just sucks, boring boring boring...

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9 Dance of Death Dance of Death

All Maiden albums are extremely good to listen to, so is this one but it just has more cheesy and boring moments than all the others.

Actually is pretty cool, the only problem are the album cover, ¿what the hell is that? ¿where is eddie?

Becouse when you listen to it you alywas have thought "Feel like I've been listining it before,"

10 Somewhere in Time Somewhere in Time

Should not be on here. It does contain synths but otherwise is just a classic Iron Maiden album.

It sickens me that the common gospel nowadays is that Dickinson had lost the plot during this period. Why don't any fingers point to Mr. Harris - the band's driving force who couldn't come up with a single song that's even halfway decent? Just overblown and wretched epics that try so hard to rival his previous offerings but fall flat on their face.

Smith's songs were the saving grace on this one. Harris' writing should be consigned to the scrap heap of history. - tommydeath

This is a fantastic album and shouldn't be on this list!

I don't hear the Maiden in this album. Indeed, it was a pinnacle of experimentation, especially for Adrian, but it was not done good.

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11 Piece of Mind Piece of Mind

Seriously? This album is tops! This is one of their best. Revelations, die with your boots on? If you can't see the majesty, load the gun and end it. Jesus Christ.

Overrated in my opinion. Not bad, but definitely not among Maiden's best albums. Yes, The Trooper is one of their best songs ever but the rest is pretty unremarkable to me...

Is there anyone who really hates this album? - IronSabbathPriest

This album is as good maybe better than number of the beast the trooper revalations

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12 The Book of Souls The Book of Souls

I can already see the crowd yelling "whoaa" in the red and the black, a song that will be a live classic. The last 4 minutes of the song is the best I've heard of maiden in a very, very long time (not that what they've made in the recent years has been poor though)

The first disc is just excellent, with the great unknown just about taking the prize as "the very least good song", whereas the 2nd disc is a little bit more of an endurance test, but then comes "empire of the clouds" what an incredible song

It's not the worst but I've voted for this because I have seen them in the book of souls tour and they played 2 songs that lasted 10 minutes a time. Watching live that seriously sucks. Did not get to see loads of there brilliant songs as they played 5 songs off this album so that's why I've voted for this not the worst but spoils the show with long boring songs!

I have never felt so betrayed and disappointed with iron maiden. They need to step up their game.

All the last 5 albums are their worst.

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13 Powerslave Powerslave

I just want to cry when I see this on the list.

Who decided to put this beautiful albatross on this list, and shoot it down with a bow and arrow? Wow... Every song is just brilliant here.

In my opinion is better than the number of the beast, who the hell putted this on here? it's more, ¿Who voted for this masterpiece?

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14 En Vivo! En Vivo!
15 A Real Dead One A Real Dead One
16 Rock In Rio Rock In Rio
17 Live After Death Live After Death
18 A Real Live One A Real Live One
19 Brave New World Brave New World

This is one of the best iron maiden albums!

This is the best Iron Maiden album!

WHAT!? Final Frontier is much worse than this. This is the best album released after 1990

The better iron maiden album before the blaze era

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20 Number of the Beast Number of the Beast

How can thIs be on the worst list

It's a little overrated but kicks ass. Especially children of the damned, the prisoner, title track, and I guess run to the hills. And it has their best song hallowed be thy name. This doesn't deserve to be here. Hell this whole list should never exist because all maiden album rules ( and blaze bayley era rules too ) can't wait for book of souls

This album is the best example of the word OVERRATED!

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