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1 The Angel and the Gambler

The main issue that everyone has with this song is the atrocious display of repetitivity in the dull chorus. However, in my opinion, the best parts of it are painfully average with dated sounding keyboard usage and a melody that just doesn't quite work, and at worst, it's endlessly repeating "Don't you think I'm the saviour, don't you think I could save her, don't you think I could save your life" ad nauseum. The point is that, even when the song isn't showcasing its worst aspects, it's still not a good song. - kempokid

Wow I made it to the end of the song! That chorus though. - Userguy44

Making this garbage 10 minutes long had to be some kind of cruel joke

Garbage personified, The Angel and the Gambler pales in comparison to other Maiden epics. Now, onto a worse mistake in metal... oh wait, there isn't one... unless you count St. Anger - CaptDeadeye

2 The Appariton

At least the Angel and the Gambler sounds good for a little bit. But god-damn it gets old quick. The Apparition, on the other hand, is just one guitar part the whole way through. And its a horribly boring guitar part. In fact the vocals, drums, and bass are the exact same way. While it's not a horrible song, it's horrible for a Maiden song.

Slow and not getting anywhere...

Just bad from start to finish - christangrant

Their only bad song in my opinion

3 Weekend Warrior

#2? Come on, this ones fun to listen to.

Iron Maiden here? This song sounds more like hard rock and AC/DC. - IronSabbathPriest

4 Hooks In You

This song rocks though! - Amz_P

Complete garbage

What is this, scene metal?

I like it

5 Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter

Why does everyone hate this song - checool124

This song is dumb... which is why I like... just not too much - CaptDeadeye

This isn't a bad song, it just sounds like something WASP would do. That said, Bruce's voice was getting shot at this point. - truckturner

Well overrated is a stupid reason to hate a maiden song

6 Quest for Fire

God awful... not as bad as some of the later stuff after Smith left but terrible at the time

I bet you didn't listen to many other metal bands. What is terrible Maiden is just mediocre metal in my opinion - Alkadikce

This is a great song!

Quest for fire is good, It's sunshine and steel that is sort of corny.

I love this song

7 Don't Look to the Eyes of a Stranger

I don't even know what the hell they pulled off at the end. Had virtual 11 not been almost 2 fifths pure horror it would have been a decent album. I don't mind this song until blaze starts repeating the chorus over 10 times.

Just a terrible song.

Worst maiden song ever. Its just annoying.

Who put Alexander the great, man who would be king and no more lies on here?
This is the worst Iron Maiden song, Blaze repeats "don't look to" way too many times.

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8 Fear Is the Key

I know I'm weird, but I actually really like this song. - MaidenFan666

Through the mud, emerges a slow-tempo turd

Ugh it's terible. I'm gonna puke. JESUS what is up with Iron Maiden making this a song. BLUERGHH!

9 Holy Smoke

It's ok. The music video makes up for it. - CaptDeadeye

I bet people don't like it cause it has swear words which is unusual for Maiden.

Actually this is probably their only song that contains swearing words.

No Prayer for the Dying is one of weakest albums from Iron Maiden. Holy Smoke is one of the proofs.

10 Gangland

I think this is actually one of the more underrated Maiden songs. - truckturner

This song is the only reason Number of the Beast isn't my favorite Iron Maiden album. Not godawful, but not very good either. The rest of the album is fantastic, though. - Metarock

Weakest song off NotB but it's still very good. Shouldn't be on here.

Incredibly boring, worst song on the album.


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11 2 A.M.

No way, this songs is one of the catchiest and the lyrics are also great - Alkadikce

Most of the Blaze Bayley stuff is terrible, but this doesn't deserve to be on the list, it's actually pretty good.

What this is a good song... My favorite song from the x factor to be honest.

12 Chains of Misery
13 I'm a Mover
14 Alexander the Great

Did... did you just put Alexander The Great on a list of worst Maiden songs?

Boy, you'd better...
Run to the Hills! Run for your Life! - CaptDeadeye

What?! This is the best song on somewhere in time who ever made this is an idiot the worse song on my list is the duliest, quest for fire and fates warning only songs I hate and angle and gambler 1 whoever voted for that is an idiot weekand warrior dang I love that song but iron maiden I's my favorite band next to metallica I hate this list

This song is amazing. Retards who are stupid enough to judge it based on its length shouldn't be allowed to vote.

LoL, When I saw songs like Alexander the Great, Hallowed be thy name and el dorado in the top 20 I knew that I shouldn't take this list seriously like really? Those songs are awesome.

15 The Fugitive

It starts wonderfully, the first 2 minutes are so powerful! The chorus kills the song and makes it one of the worst on the album. - Alkadikce

16 Sun and Steel

Worse than Quest for Fire. - IronSabbathPriest

One of their blandest numbers with an and annoying and worthless chorus. It also glorifies the idea of a young child killing people, which is not good.

Go listen to kids bop

This is one of my favourite maiden songs, I don't know how the hell this list was made but it's retarded

17 The Assassin

Why is Futureal here? One of the few greatest songs from Blaze era. Everything in No prayer for the dying is bad, but Holy Smoke and Bring your daughter...

There isn't a Maiden song I particularly hate, and surprisingly I actually enjoyed NPFTD, but I have to say that The Assassin is THE WORST Maiden song ever. Sounds more like an awful broadway/show-tune villain song. Just bad.

Worst Chrous I've ever heard in my whole life :/

Hey this song is kinda catchy my worst song is the apparation just boring but not

18 Public Enema Number One
19 Look for the Truth
20 Wildest Dreams

What no this was arguably one of their best songs on this album - checool124

21 Blood On the World's Hands

Doesn't sound like Iron Maiden but a good song - Alkadikce

22 Lightning Strikes Twice

Repetitive and annoying. A song that highlights the problems of Virtual XI. (Exceptions being The Clansman, Futureal, and Como Estais Amigos

23 Twilight Zone
24 Nodding Donkey Blues

This is a horrible Hard Rock song by Iron Maiden even the song title is stupid - christangrant

What in the earth are these lyrics? Is this song some kind of parody or mockery like Nickelback's Rockstar? I can't believe Iron Maiden made a song about boobs and butts. - Alkadikce

25 Another Life
26 The Man Who Would Be King

Terrible song, terrible album. Not a song with a beat. RIP Clive.

27 The Alchemist
28 Futureal

Why is it bad its an great song!

Best blaze bayley era song. - gemcloben

29 Invaders

Like Gangland I think this is underrated. - truckturner

I actually like this song

The Number Of The Beast album would be FLAWLESS with out this song. The chorus is AWFUL!

NOTB is amazing except for Invaders and Gangland - sweetbeef

30 No More Lies

While I like this song, I can understand why you put it hear. In the chorus, Bruce sounds like a grandpa in a woollen jumper shouting at a T.V. that does not want to switch on. - Alkadikce

What on earth is this doing on here? It's one of the best songs on the Dance of Death album.

31 Total Eclipse

This song is highly underrated - CaptDeadeye

There are no bad iron maiden songs.

It will been funny if this song is number one because come after the best maiden's song (hallowed be thy name)

It ruins the Number Of The Beast album, and it is way worse than Gangland.

All tracks of the album are great, what exactly do you find bad about it? - levtomas1998

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32 More Tea Vicar
33 Pass the Jam
34 El Dorado

Not their 16th worst but it's not their 34th best either - Alkadikce

This list has serious issues! Alexander no5? How could someone vote for Hallowed be thy Name? El Dorado no32?

This song rocks

This song is just..ok, its mostly the intro that I hate, but overall its not too great but not horrible - MaidenFan666

35 Run Silent Run Deep
36 Can I Play With Madness

Somebody played with madness too much - checool124

This is a great song. - Userguy44

(Insert middle finger to whoever put this awesome song on the list) - CaptDeadeye

This is a great song. People like The Evil that Do, which is good, but has no riff. This is better written sorry.

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37 Hallowed Be Thy Name

Hell no this is Iron Maiden's #1 Best Songs you've got to be kidding with this being in the Worst list - TheMetalTechKid73

This is literally considered one of the top 3 Metal songs of all time. If you don't love this song, you hate Metal. Simple as that.


Why does everyone like this song. There is other songs better than this

38 Innocent Exile
39 Isle of Avalon

This song has every element that makes some people hate post-2000 Iron Maiden: overlong, useless long intro, recycled material (sounds exactly like The Longest Day from the previous album). - Alkadikce

40 When the Wild Wind Blows


I have now words for the "dummkopf" who put this here - CaptDeadeye

It's not your classic Maiden but it's great. - SoldierOfFortune

Not good I've tried listening to it it's ok just for me like a 3.5 out of 10

41 Starblind
42 Reach Out
43 Age of Innocence (How Old)
44 Sheriff of Huddersfield
45 Bayswater Ain't a Bad Place to Be
46 Drifter

Anyone voting for this Killers classic as Maiden's worst song shouldn't be allowed to listen to music.

I like it for that live version. E YO YO YO YO - SoldierOfFortune

47 The Mercenary

Maybe the weakest song on Brave New World but still not bad. - Alkadikce

48 Prodigal Son

I guess I just don't get it. I mean, it's so out of place on Killers, which is a kick ass raw (yet refined) album of the mid to late NWOBHM era, let alone so outta place for Iron Maiden in general

Great stupid great

49 Age of Innocence

Wait until you hear Age of Innocence... How Old with Mr. Bean on vocals. - Alkadikce

50 The Unbeliever

Shouldn't be on the list. It is a perfect closer for the album just like When the Wild Wind Blows or To Tame a Land. - Alkadikce

This song makes me wanna throw up...

Weak riffs and album production, awful vocals, awful chorus.

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