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1 The Angel and the Gambler

I don't mind the song until blaze starts repeating the same lyrics 100 times - MaidenFan666

I can't stand this song! It's SO repetitive! It's probably the worst Iron Maiden song EVER! Should be at the very top.

There is no such thing as a bad Iron Maiden song, there's just ones like I like more then others.

Someone should have slapped Steve Harris after he committed this musical crime. Repeatedly.

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2 The Appariton

At least the Angel and the Gambler sounds good for a little bit. But god-damn it gets old quick. The Apparition, on the other hand, is just one guitar part the whole way through. And its a horribly boring guitar part. In fact the vocals, drums, and bass are the exact same way. While it's not a horrible song, it's horrible for a Maiden song.

Slow and not getting anywhere...

Just bad from start to finish - christangrant

Their only bad song in my opinion

3 Weekend Warrior

#2? Come on, this ones fun to listen to.

Iron Maiden here? This song sounds more like hard rock and AC/DC. - IronSabbathPriest

4 Hooks In You V 2 Comments
5 Don't Look to the Eyes of a Stranger

I don't even know what the hell they pulled off at the end. Had virtual 11 not been almost 2 fifths pure horror it would have been a decent album. I don't mind this song until blaze starts repeating the chorus over 10 times.

Just a terrible song.

Worst maiden song ever. Its just annoying.

Neh... don't like Blaze, sorry bloke...

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6 Quest for Fire

Quest for fire is good, It's sunshine and steel that is sort of corny.

Awful. Not quite sure what they were thinking when they not only continued writing it after first inception, but then ended up recording it? I love almost everything about Maiden, but definitely not this.

I love this song

Worst: "Heaven Can Wait", "Reach Out", "Sheriff of Huddersfield", "Quest for Fire", "Deja Vu".

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7 Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter

Well overrated is a stupid reason to hate a maiden song

I have never understood this songs popularity. The lyrics sound like something Motley Crue would write.

The lyrics are stupid and cheesy. I dislike the song, but what saves me from hating it is that the guitar solo isn't all that bad. - rishal21

No lyrical content whatsoever

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8 Fear Is the Key

I know I'm weird, but I actually really like this song. - MaidenFan666

Through the mud, emerges a slow-tempo turd

Ugh it's terible. I'm gonna puke. JESUS what is up with Iron Maiden making this a song. BLUERGHH!

9 Holy Smoke

I bet people don't like it cause it has swear words which is unusual for Maiden.

No Prayer for the Dying is one of weakest albums from Iron Maiden. Holy Smoke is one of the proofs.

Actually this is probably their only song that contains swearing words.

This son should be no. 3

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10 Gangland

Weakest song off NotB but it's still very good. Shouldn't be on here.

Incredibly boring, worst song on the album.

I like this song. - Fiend

The only song on NotB that I don't like.

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11 2 A.M.

Most of the Blaze Bayley stuff is terrible, but this doesn't deserve to be on the list, it's actually pretty good.

What this is a good song... My favorite song from the x factor to be honest.

12 Sun and Steel

Worse than Quest for Fire. - IronSabbathPriest

Go listen to kids bop

One of their blandest numbers with an and annoying and worthless chorus. It also glorifies the idea of a young child killing people, which is not good.

This is one of my favourite maiden songs, I don't know how the hell this list was made but it's retarded

13 I'm a Mover
14 Chains of Misery
15 El Dorado

This list has serious issues! Alexander no5? How could someone vote for Hallowed be thy Name? El Dorado no32?

This song rocks

This song is just..ok, its mostly the intro that I hate, but overall its not too great but not horrible - MaidenFan666

16 Run Silent Run Deep
17 Public Enema Number One
18 Alexander the Great

What?! This is the best song on somewhere in time who ever made this is an idiot the worse song on my list is the duliest, quest for fire and fates warning only songs I hate and angle and gambler 1 whoever voted for that is an idiot weekand warrior dang I love that song but iron maiden I's my favorite band next to metallica I hate this list

This song is amazing. Retards who are stupid enough to judge it based on its length shouldn't be allowed to vote.

LoL, When I saw songs like Alexander the Great, Hallowed be thy name and el dorado in the top 20 I knew that I shouldn't take this list seriously like really? Those songs are awesome.

Oh, come on. This song is absolutely amazing, instrumentally. The lyrics don't really work a lot of the time and have me saying, "oh come on" a few times. That said, the song is still pretty great just for the instruments - kempokid

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19 Look for the Truth
20 Can I Play With Madness

This is a great song. People like The Evil that Do, which is good, but has no riff. This is better written sorry.

Just plain irritating and overly poppy.

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