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21 Lightning Strikes Twice

Repetitive and annoying. A song that highlights the problems of Virtual XI. (Exceptions being The Clansman, Futureal, and Como Estais Amigos

22 Twilight Zone
23 Another Life
24 Futureal

Why is it bad its an great song!

Best blaze bayley era song. - gemcloben

25 The Assassin

Why is Futureal here? One of the few greatest songs from Blaze era. Everything in No prayer for the dying is bad, but Holy Smoke and Bring your daughter...

There isn't a Maiden song I particularly hate, and surprisingly I actually enjoyed NPFTD, but I have to say that The Assassin is THE WORST Maiden song ever. Sounds more like an awful broadway/show-tune villain song. Just bad.

Hey this song is kinda catchy my worst song is the apparation just boring but not

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26 The Man Who Would Be King

Terrible song, terrible album. Not a song with a beat. RIP Clive.

27 When the Wild Wind Blows

Not good I've tried listening to it it's ok just for me like a 3.5 out of 10

28 Total Eclipse

It will been funny if this song is number one because come after the best maiden's song (hallowed be thy name)

It ruins the Number Of The Beast album, and it is way worse than Gangland.

All tracks of the album are great, what exactly do you find bad about it? - levtomas1998

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29 Hallowed Be Thy Name

Hell no this is Iron Maiden's #1 Best Songs you've got to be kidding with this being in the Worst list - TheMetalTechKid73


Why does everyone like this song. There is other songs better than this

Not their worst song! However it gains my vote for being so damn overrated! - DeadAsian

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30 Blood On the World's Hands
31 No More Lies

What on earth is this doing on here? It's one of the best songs on the Dance of Death album.

32 Isle of Avalon
33 Nodding Donkey Blues

This is a horrible Hard Rock song by Iron Maiden even the song title is stupid - christangrant

34 Innocent Exile
35 Invaders

The Number Of The Beast album would be FLAWLESS with out this song. The chorus is AWFUL!

36 Drifter

Anyone voting for this Killers classic as Maiden's worst song shouldn't be allowed to listen to music.

37 The Mercenary
38 Prodigal Son

I guess I just don't get it. I mean, it's so out of place on Killers, which is a kick ass raw (yet refined) album of the mid to late NWOBHM era, let alone so outta place for Iron Maiden in general

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39 Blood Brothers

Borderline power ballad. Almost as bad as Nothing Else Matters. Totally shameful in fact. Nothing as bad has been done before or since. Can't believe it has become and encore song. What are they thinking?!?! Should be number 1. My vote 1/10.

So many people like it I just don't just like when the wild wind blows song my vote for this song 4/10

40 The Duellists

This song is awesome! The instrumental section has some great riffs and solos. - IronSabbathPriest

This song is massively underrated

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