Worst Items In Animal Jam's Epic Wonders

Hey guys here are the worst items in epic wonders. 1 reason people use the turquoise ring to trick people its glitched! And some other things are really expensive! I think animal jam should lower things down, don't you agree? 8/10 are rip offs. only the emerald ring and turquoise ring are used to scam! Can't animal jam make this non sense stop!

The Top Ten

Turquoise Ring

Its awful why do you even want it - Wolfpelt

Oops I meant to say the other coment instead of the one below heh heh (^o^(^-^) - Wolfpelt

Gold Brick

I guess it's a symbol of wealth, but it's also a waste of money. Most expensive item in the game, and it's smaller than a fox's head. I guess you could blow a hundred thousand on a pile of these, still seems like a waste.

This item is weird to be honest, why would someone want this!?!?

Silver Brick
Diamond Ring
Diamond Necklace

It looks way too big on your seal ( learned that the hard way ) (^o^) (^-^) - Wolfpelt

Diamond Earrings
Golden Glove
Emerald Ring
Space Ship Command

The Contenders

Giant Trapped Phantom
Firefly Necklace

This item is cute on play wild but I don't like it on animal jam

Diamond Phantom
Red Sports Car
Feast Table

I don't see how theses are bad- all u need is a big den and these are perfect.

Black Giant Wolf Plushie
Cake Bake Kitchen

Now, the cake bake kitchen is fun. I have one and it looks great in my enchanted hollow. My user is Jammer78z46

Golden Bows
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