Worst Items On the List "Top 10 Total Drama Couples"

Worst couples on that list that are not already on "Top Ten Worst Total Drama Couples"

The Top Ten

1 Dawn and Duncan

Come on. Are you kidding me? - alexcousins

2 Staci and Izzy

It makes absolutely no sense to put 2 completely different people together. Just imagine them making out. Gross! - Turkeyasylum

No way is this ever going to happen. - alexcousins

3 Jo and Gwen

Same as Staci and Izzy - alexcousins

4 Rodney and Heather

The lovestruck farmboy and the queen bee. Not gonna happen - alexcousins

5 Mal and Mike

Right, Mike's evil personality is going to crush on him. - alexcousins

6 Beardo and Dawn
7 Chris and Courtney
8 Sierra and Duncan

Can't see this one happening anytime ever - alexcousins

9 Lindsay and Lightning

Yes, they're both dumb but they don't fit well together - alexcousins

10 Dave and Dawn

The crybaby and aura-seer does not make any sense - alexcousins

The Contenders

11 Staci and B
12 Eva and Courtney

We have the strong girl, and the law-obsessed freak. What the hell? - Turkeyasylum

13 Eva and B

What would their relationship be? B getting yelled at by his furious girlfriend? - Turkeyasylum

14 Dawn and Scott
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