Worst Items On the List "Top 10 Total Drama Couples"

Worst couples on that list that are not already on "Top Ten Worst Total Drama Couples"

The Top Ten

Dawn and Duncan

Come on. Are you kidding me? - alexcousins

Staci and Izzy

It makes absolutely no sense to put 2 completely different people together. Just imagine them making out. Gross! - Turkeyasylum

No way is this ever going to happen. - alexcousins

Jo and Gwen

Same as Staci and Izzy - alexcousins

Rodney and Heather

The lovestruck farmboy and the queen bee. Not gonna happen - alexcousins

Mal and Mike

Right, Mike's evil personality is going to crush on him. - alexcousins

Beardo and Dawn
Chris and Courtney

As LaShawna would say excuse me! Courtney already has a boyfriend! And like anyone would go out with Chris the thought makes me sick-PrincessAWSOME

Sierra and Duncan

Can't see this one happening anytime ever - alexcousins

Lindsay and Lightning

Yes, they're both dumb but they don't fit well together - alexcousins

Dave and Dawn

The crybaby and aura-seer does not make any sense - alexcousins

The Contenders

Staci and B
Dawn and Scott
Eva and Courtney

We have the strong girl, and the law-obsessed freak. What the hell? - Turkeyasylum

Eva and B

What would their relationship be? B getting yelled at by his furious girlfriend? - Turkeyasylum

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