Top 10 Worst Items In School

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1 Worksheets

The king and queen of all misery.

2 Paper

I just want to draw it not do work on it.

3 Pencils

Too much of my precious time is used up by sharpening those things

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4 Library Books

Boring and heavy ( depending on the weight of the book)

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5 Binders

Ever heard of a hole punch? Put the paper in, push it down, and all your desires will come to life! - PositronWildhawk

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6 Dictionaries

The words in there are small

7 Plastic Trays

The most wimpiest of all trays.

8 Color Pencils

There just like pencil. Break way too easily. Well that's it. I hope you vote and make more list about school ok? So bye.

9 Computers

Terrible wifi, blocks out all the good stuff and leave out all the boring and bad stuff, and is just too slow.

10 Math Books

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11 Cigarettes

I don't care if student smokers smoke or not, but it becomes a big problem when they force others into it.

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