Worst Jelly Bean Flavors

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1 Earthworm

haven't tasted it yet. but just the name scares me!. It sounds gross, awful, Disgusting!

Who would make a flavor like that?! It's stupid!

Is this from from the game bad jelly

Hope it doesn't wriggle in my mouth

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2 Booger

Gross but might be tasty for people who pick their nose!

Too salty, worse than real boogers. I would not eat it. - ghgh

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3 Blood

It's very nasty too. It should be 1. Earthworms are nasty too.

The favorite flavor of a vampire!

Bluck! Maybe vampires have different opions but us humans don't suck human flesh!

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4 Ear Wax

Is it me or is it almost like the creators of this flavor took inspiration from Numbuh 2's earwax whatchamacallit invention that looked like it was made out of boogers from that science fair episode? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I tasted it before and dared myself to lick real earwax. I hated both of them! Seriously!

5 Rattlesnake
6 Beer

Bro it tastes nothing like beer and you don't get that warm feeling

7 Gun Powder
8 Sardine

I already hate sardines. There is no way I would eat this.

9 Boot
10 Vomit

I've tried it before, it tastes like rotten pizza. - Pegasister12

This is the real deal of grossnes I threw up after I ate it no joke

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The Newcomers

? Cinnamon

Do you know what I really hate? The fact that cinnamon and cherry jelly beans look SO DAMN SIMILAR. - Absolite

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11 Grass V 2 Comments
12 Butter Popcorn

It is way too buttery. Paula Deen would love this since she loves butter.

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13 Centipede V 1 Comment
14 Dog Food

Yes, dog food. It's so gross, afterward your breath smells like dog food until you brush them. Centipede is disgusting, too. But dog food... I think I'm gonna barf...

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15 Skunk Spray

Oh my god it was horrible...and right before that I had dog food, fun day! - Co0lk1d25

16 Rotten Egg

Almost puked and I tried it twice...

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17 Dirt
18 JalapeƱo
19 Shoe
20 Coffee
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