Worst Jelly Bean Flavors

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1 Earthworm

haven't tasted it yet. but just the name scares me!. It sounds gross, awful, Disgusting!

Who would make a flavor like that?! It's stupid!

Is this from from the game bad jelly

Hope it doesn't wriggle in my mouth

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2 Booger

Gross but might be tasty for people who pick their nose!

Too salty, worse than real boogers. I would not eat it. - ghgh

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3 Blood

It's very nasty too. It should be 1. Earthworms are nasty too.

The favorite flavor of a vampire!

Bluck! Maybe vampires have different opions but us humans don't suck human flesh!

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4 Ear Wax

I tasted it before and dared myself to lick real earwax. I hated both of them! Seriously!

5 Rattlesnake
6 Beer

Bro it tastes nothing like beer and you don't get that warm feeling

7 Gun Powder
8 Sardine

I already hate sardines. There is no way I would eat this.

9 Boot
10 Vomit

I've tried it before, it tastes like rotten pizza. - Pegasister12

This is the real deal of grossnes I threw up after I ate it no joke

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11 Grass V 2 Comments
12 Butter Popcorn

It is way too buttery. Paula Deen would love this since she loves butter.

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13 Centipede V 1 Comment
14 Dog Food

Yes, dog food. It's so gross, afterward your breath smells like dog food until you brush them. Centipede is disgusting, too. But dog food... I think I'm gonna barf...

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15 Skunk Spray

Oh my god it was horrible...and right before that I had dog food, fun day! - Co0lk1d25

16 Rotten Egg

Almost puked and I tried it twice...

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17 Dirt
18 JalapeƱo
19 Shoe
20 Coffee
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