Worst Jelly Bean Flavors

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1 Booger

Gross but might be tasty for people who pick their nose!

Too salty, worse than real boogers. I would not eat it. - ghgh

No, ew, why?

2 Earthworm

haven't tasted it yet. but just the name scares me!. It sounds gross, awful, Disgusting!

I tasted this when I visited the Jelly Belly factory in 2012. It was DISGUSTING. Worse than any other flavor I tried, including barf, booger, and baby wipes.

Who would make a flavor like that?! It's stupid!

Is this from from the game bad jelly

3 Blood

It's very nasty too. It should be 1. Earthworms are nasty too.

I want to try this. - AnonymousChick

The favorite flavor of a vampire!

This isn't a real flavor.

4 Ear Wax

Is it me or is it almost like the creators of this flavor took inspiration from Numbuh 2's earwax whatchamacallit invention that looked like it was made out of boogers from that science fair episode? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I tasted it before and dared myself to lick real earwax. I hated both of them! Seriously!

5 Rotten Egg

It is definitely the worst one. It is way worse than barf and skunk spray. Barf tasted like the smell of throw up. Skunk spray tasted like how pot smells. Skunk spray just stays in your nose. Rotten egg doesn't go away till you eat something else.

Almost puked and I tried it twice...

+had to chug some soda.

6 Spoiled Milk
7 Barf

To whoever added this vomit is Already on here and that is the exact same thing as barf. Grow up people

Seriously how is this not on here? Only one I couldn't swallow

8 Dead Fish
9 Rattlesnake
10 Vomit

In the Bean Boozled challenge vomit is a very nasty jelly bean flavor I hate it

I've tried it before, it tastes like rotten pizza. - Pegasister12

When I ate this it made me gag so I spat it out

This should be #1

The Contenders

11 Stink Bug
12 Gun Powder
13 Beer

Bro it tastes nothing like beer and you don't get that warm feeling

14 Butter Popcorn

I like buttered popcorn but not in a jelly bean kind of gross

I hate the taste of that flavor.

I love this flavor.

It is way too buttery. Paula Deen would love this since she loves butter.

15 Dog Food

Yes, dog food. It's so gross, afterward your breath smells like dog food until you brush them. Centipede is disgusting, too. But dog food... I think I'm gonna barf...

It made me throw up - Arm_n_Hammer

My friend had to try it

I have tried it. IT TASTES HORRIBLE! My cousin told me it was chocolate puddin' and it was dog food and I t left a REALLY BAD aftertaste.

16 Mango

To be honest, it's my most hated Jelly Belly flavor if I'm not counting the Bean Boozled challenge beans. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

17 Boot
18 Sardine

I already hate sardines. There is no way I would eat this.

19 Dirty Dishwater
20 Skunk Spray

Oh my god it was horrible...and right before that I had dog food, fun day! - Co0lk1d25

21 Grass

It actually tastes like grass. - Pegasister12

Hey, I like grass flavor

22 Centipede

E-e-ew. I'm deathly afraid of centipedes so... Yeah.

23 Cinnamon

Do you know what I really hate? The fact that cinnamon and cherry jelly beans look SO DAMN SIMILAR. - Absolite

Just No. Make me feel sick. And as you say- its impossible to be sure before yiu taste it wether its that or something like cola.

24 Juicy Pear

Doesn't even taste like a pear

Has a very strong aftertaste

25 Dirt

My brother says dirt is the worst.but… he's a boy so WROOONGG! AND I AM ….. BOO YA

26 Black Licorice

I hate this flavor. You might as well call it "poison".


27 Strawberry Cheesecake
28 Jalapeño
29 Shoe
30 Coffee
31 Tuna
32 Chicken
33 Beef
34 Baby Wipes
35 Black Pepper
36 Sausage

I've tried it before, it's nasty. - Pegasister12

37 Cat Litter
38 Sweaty Armpit
39 Fart
40 Scorpion
41 Lawn Clippings
42 Toothpaste
43 Caramel Corn
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