Top Ten Worst Jellybeans In the Bean Boozled Challenge

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1 Barf

Even got the lingering smell right, too. Who even knows what they put in this stuff

Barf was definitely the worst for me. I played the game over a month ago and there are still times where I'm reminded of the canned dog food. To top it off, if was my first time playing and I didn't know what I was supposed to do when I got the horrible surprise so I just let it sit in my mouth for a minute. Yah, bad mistake. I brushed twice and ate something else but that taste will forever be on my mind.

I tried all of them and I can confirm that Barf, skunk spray and rotten eggs are impossible to swallow. They are the worst. Moldy cheese, stinky socks and dogfood are disgusting, but not like the three first. Dogfood gives the worst breath ever. Booger is not that bad, lawn clipping to. Baby wipes is weird, but not bad and for toothpaste, you are happy to get it after the 6 worst.

I have never tried Skunk Spray nor Baby Wipes. I also never tried Rotten Eggs because it sounds really scary and super gross. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

By far the WORST flavour ever! Only one that made me puke. Couldn’t get the flavour out of mouth until I had to brush my teeth. Terrible flavour. For your sake DO NOT try barf!

2 Rotten Egg

Should be at number 1 without a doubt. I also refused to eat this one.

Although certain beans are more potent than others, in the grand scheme of things, rotten egg is the absolute worst. If you get a potent one, it sends a curdled liquid down your throat that not even barf can do... I have swallowed every bean in the game and rotten egg has the worst after-swallow effect. Rotten egg deserves #1 on this list NO QUESTION.

I ate the barf one, spoiled milk, dead fish, toothpaste, and this one. This was the only one I spit out.

Chewed onto this once and I knew it wasn't good. I couldn't even take a 'second chew' bec it's getting worse while it's resting on my tongue. As soon as you bite onto this, the flavor feels like it's bursting and just spreading all over your mouth. This, mouldy cheese, canned dog food -- WORST.

3 Canned Dog Food

Maybe not the worst taste. But the lingering smell is terrible

I couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth. I had eaten all of the other bad ones as well but this was the worst. I used toothpaste flavor to finally get it out of my mouth.

3 hours later and I still taste it. I have drank different drinks, ate different foods but the taste does not go away. Even the horrible taste of the rotten egg I got AFTER canned dog food subsided and the taste of the dog food came back. Worst one for me

Worst breath ever, ever and ever

4 Skunk Spray

Skunk Spray taste like burnt rubber & bad coffee mingled into one. I don't even like black licorice either. This, Barf, Spoiled Milk, & Rotten Egg are the ones that would be impossible to swallow!

Update: I actually had this taste in my mouth for 7 hours after playing. The only thing that works is brushing your teeth with toothpaste.

I had it and even after drinking a lot of water I could still taste it in my mouth. Smell it even! This is the worst!

You either get Skunk Spray or Black Liquorice. You lose either way.

5 Moldy Cheese

Not just cheese. Like homemade cheese, spoiled milk but worse.

Every thing I ate after eating this jellybean tasted like this bean

This was so bad it almost made me throw up a tiny bit

I love cheese but in a jellybean?! And then add mold? Nope.

6 Stinky Socks

In my set, the Stinky Socks tasted like Tutti Frutti, but it smelled horrible.

I actually took a bite out of my brothers stinky socks.

This makes me throw up when I THINK about the time I got it.

Plug your nose and it tastes fine

7 Booger

Well, lots of people think that Barf is the worst but I don't think so. In my oppinion, Booger is the worst. You can even feel the taste in your nose, it's horrible! At least, I managed to swallow the barf one, but the Booger one, I just couldn't

It tasted like grass

Booger is on the top 5 for sure

nothing to say but gross

8 Dead Fish

Dead fish is just so disgusting, it's the worst. I'd rather get lawn clippings

Shouldn't this taste like regular fish because all fish are dead when we eat them?

Dead fish jelly bean is the most nasty jellybean on the planet. it's the only jellybean that I had to spit out out of all the bloody flavours!

This actually tastes like dead fish. This, Barf, Rotten Egg, Skunk Spray, Canned Dog Food and Booger are impossible to swallow. This tastes very bad.

9 Baby Wipes

That's the most original jelly bean and it is not bad at all, compare to rotten eggs and barf

Baby wipe tasty to me I Chinese it normal for me also

Wasn't bothered by this but bothered by grass clippings

This is actually good!

10 Spoiled Milk

Absolutely disgusting, one taste and felt nauseous and spit it out. The flavors are too unappetizing.

I'm not the type to easily gag, but this made it almost impossible not too. In my opinion, this should be either first or second to worst.

WHAT?! It should be number two, followed by barf! It's disgusting! I've tasted every single bean and spoiled milk and barf are certified vomit inducing.

I think this one didn't exist when the list was made. But it's VERY bad. - Curtis_Huber

This is impossible to swallow. Why isn't this up the list? I was able to swallow every bad flavor except spoiled milk, barf and rotten egg.

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11 Lawn Clippings

I can actually tolerate this one. I can also tolerate Toothpaste and Baby Wipes.

I had this over 5 times and after that I started getting used to it. I don’t know how they got it to taste like grass but WOAH it tastes the same!

I tasted this and swallowed it when 3 of my friends and I did this challenge and me and 2 other friends who got this said "Is Lawn Clippings the good flavor, because this is good! " and the other friend said "You 3 are nuts! "

Call me crazy, but I actually joy to grass/lawn clippings flavor jellybeans.

Yeah me and 2 friends swallowed it but the other friend got it but spit it out. So me and 2/3 friends like grass and the jellybean. Seriously if I'm out somewhere with no food outside, I will pick out pieces of grass and eat it (and sometimes choke on it) - Btd

12 Centipede

This is the absolute worst. I had one, just one, and puked in less than 5 seconds

13 Toothpaste

I LOVE TOOTHPASTE. I at it ALL the time when I was little.

After you got canned dog food, you are happy to get this one

After you get a bad flavour, you should be happy to get this one. This tastes very minty.

Toothpaste is actually nice. It is not bad and it is easy to swallow.

14 Juicy Pear

Juicy pear is the worlds worst normal jelly belly. Even SOAP flavored ones taste better than this so called "jellybean"

Juicy Pear is good! What's that doing here on this list?

Let licorice replace you in the top 10

It's disgusting, but I like it more than lime

15 Stink Bug

I was able to swallow Barf, Rotten Egg and Canned Dog food, one time, I picked this up, thinking it was dead fish which I am able to swallow, but this was one nasty surprise that could just not be swallowed, if you going to make another list similar to this one, 'Put Stink Bug at number 1' < 100% recommended

It lingers FOR SO LONG

Mega oof

It’s the worst! I never tried it but it’s so nasty! It might taste like bugs! 🤮🤢

Actually, it tastes like stale meat, stale broccoli and poop, all at once. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

16 Licorice

This tastes very bad. This is disgusting. This should be in the Top 10.

Id rather get Canned Dog Food

ewww! I hate licorice

17 Strawberry Banana Smoothie

It still tastes way better than the opposing flavor which is dead fish.

This flavour is disgusting. It lingered in my mouth and tasted like rotten fruit

I do not like this flavor at all. I would rather get stinky socks.

18 Dirty Dishwater

Actual dirty dishwasher. Tastes like all foods rotted in the dishwasher then served on one of the dishes.

Dirty Dishwater is the worst flavour ever. My taste buds died

Have not tried yet but it sounds scary.

Deserves to be number one absolutely terrible I threw up

19 Buttered Popcorn

Overrated & disgusting

This is very disgusting. I done the beanboozled challenge with my friends and we got buttered popcorn and we all hated it.


Eww eww eww eww
And one more eww, I would still choose it over rotten egg but it is ewwity eww eww eww

20 Lime

My mum had this yesterday and she spat it out straight away. It is very disgusting

To be honest, I actually liked this flavor.

This is the best flavour ever

Ok but why is this on the list? Lime is known to be the best

21 Pencil Shavings

I give it a number 1, 2, or 3. I ate it once and can't get it out of my taste buds and it's been 2 months.

I give it a number 12

22 Ear Wax


Descdusting I'm just a kid and its grosss!

23 Hot Sauce

It's mights tastes horribles


24 Chocolate Pudding

This chocolate pudding taste chocolaty

This tastes very good. This is much better than Lime and Buttered popcorn.

I have had choc pudding before, its great! (not in bean boozled though.)

Excuse me?

25 Dirt

it's just so bad in so many ways

very bad

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