Top Ten Worst Jellybeans In the Bean Boozled Challenge


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21 Centipede
22 Caramel Corn

This should be number 21 on the list. It is nicer than Peach and Strawberry Banana Smoothie.

23 Peach

Fell like doing the Peach Hurricane

This is very nice.

It's quite good

24 Ear Wax
25 Prickly Pear

It's really good

26 Berry Blue

Christ who is the moron who added this here!? I got this once and I liked it - Hotheart123

It taste real fruits! - Olive855

This tastes so delicious. This should be number 22 on the list because tutti-fruitti is much nicer than Berry Blue.

Better than all of the flavors in Beanboozled

27 Tutti-Frutti

This is my 2nd favourite flavour but Lime is the best flavour

This is much better than Berry Blue!


28 Soap
29 Strawberry Jam
30 Apple
31 Hot Sauce

It's mights tastes horribles

32 Bubble Gum

I actually hate it!

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