Worst Jessie Episodes

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1 Doll's Outhouse

I don't even like Jessie. Disney made a stupid show - TheKirbyCreeper999

It is stupid how you are scared of porta potties. Jessie should hide the Betty doll time disc form Emma.

2 Rosie Got Brand New Vengeance

Emma replaces Rosie for Gianna, an extra on the movie "Heroine Alternates" a fake movie. Rosie got revenge stupidly. Zuri helped her. Emma says "you should have told me" to Rosie after Rosie gets hurt.

I've never heard of this episode. Where did it find it?!?! PLEASE TELL ME!

3 Somebunny is in Trouble

Emma and brad have nothing in common and zuri whines and complains about her bunny and once again, jessie makes lame jokes.

4 Ravi-nes

How do Ravi and Emma go to Venus?

5 101 Lizards

The episode sucks because Cassandra and Rhoda make a lizard sanctuary when they hate lizards.

6 Tempest in a Teacup

How do the characters get stuck in a teacup?

They fall down

7 Used Karma

This is the best jessie episode not the worst

Watch the R-word, please.

Ravi is a retard


8 Lizard Scales and Wrestling Tales
9 Zombie Tea Party 5

Annoying end of story

10 Why Do Foils Fall In Love?

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11 Star Wars
12 Quitting Cold Koala
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