Top 10 Worst Jimmy Neutron Characters

Jimmy Neutron characters that range from mediocre to downright atrocious. I like this show but some of the characters are terrible.

The Top Ten

1 Commander Barker

Miltiary character that's overall boring.

2 Flippy

A dummy that's supposed to be frighting?

3 Butch

Generic bully is generic.

4 Britney

A parody of Britney Spears that's obnoxious for the most part.

5 April the Gorlock

Cliche love interest.

6 Sheen Estevez Sheen Estevez

He was kind of funny back in the original show, but we can't forget that awful spin-off they made with him as the main character... Ugh... I never want to sit through another episode of Planet Sheen. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

7 Beautiful Gorgeous

The name is generic kind of like the character herself.

8 Miss Fowl

She's a generic teacher character with nothing that stands out about her.

9 Sam Melvick

Yeah he's overall a mediocre flat character.

10 Betty Quinlan

Generic love interest character is generic.

The Contenders

11 Nick Dean Nick Dean

A very unlikable popular boy with very few reedemable qualities.

12 Carl Wheezer Carl Wheezer

Carl is the worst friend ever sure he usually nice but there were times when sheen and carl turn againts jimmy and the episode episode billion dollar boy carl said yeah jimmy don't make us put the hurt on you what kind of friend threated to hurt his other friend and carl wheezer boy genius oh my GOSH I hate this episode carl pretend to be a genius and jimmy being his dumb assistant to impress his pen pal and carl is a total jerk to jimmy and after jimmy saves his life he still contiued to be mean to jimmy in after carl amidts he not a genius he and ekile goes live happily ever after and je didn't even apoligies to jimmy afterwords carl is a terrible friend I don't know why jimmy puts up with him he should find some new friends

Obnoxious, whiny, stupid, pathetic, messes everything up, I could go on. When he’s on screen I'm either disgusted, annoyed or frustrated by the things he says and does.

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