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1 Babysitting

"not that hard, I like it"... Paedophile.

Yeah, tantrum, that’s the harsh reality of babysitting. Oh, and did I forget that you would have to take care of the child you’re babysitting for many hours straight? - JoeBoi

Baby's are just little puke and vomit factory

All those whining children

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2 Sewer Cleaner

Gross, but someone has to do it. - illusion

Why is babysitting worse than this?


That would really be grose

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3 Butler
4 Teacher

Being a preschool and elementry teacher would be very hard middle and high more easy

The experience depends on where the school is and the students. If the neighbourhood has rife crime, then it sucks. - MChkflaguard_Yt

If you're teaching in an inner city school full of gangbangers then the job sucks

It’s not the worst job but to be honest, I feel worse for teachers than I do for students because no matter what grade you teach, you will always feel like you’re at a babysitting job with most of the class, yet 99% of students think they have it harder all because they have to write papers, with the 1% most likely being people with family members that teach, when teachers have to give them homework they, a lot of the time don’t even choose to assign, then they have to make sure everyone handed them in, mark them and sometimes assignments from other classes, only to be paid pretty little. - 3DG20

5 Animal Masturbator

.. what the hell?

Tell me this is a joke. - MChkflaguard_Yt

"I WANNA TRY THE HORSEY" - Gordon Brody - xandermartin98

LMFAO! Is this an actual job?

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6 Plumber

Toliet cleaner - Adventurur2

7 Bookie
8 Garbage Man
9 Surgeon
10 Maid

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11 Chimney Sweep
12 Dog Food Taste Tester

What. Is this an actual job or a joke?

I love this! Is this even a job? What? - MoldySock

13 Park Manager
14 Crime Scene Cleaner
15 Dog Walker
16 Prostitute

While prostitutes make a lot of money (legally) in some parts of the world, in other places like Mexico it is truly a terrible job to have.

Seriously, why is this not in the list? Are you kidding me?! - SelfDestruct

17 Volcanologist
18 Factory Worker
19 Retail Worker
20 Janitor
21 Dog Whipper

This is abuse

22 Medicine Tester

If you survived, find a press and tell them all about it for instant fame. - MChkflaguard_Yt

23 Soldier
24 Police Officer

Thank god is on the list even though is a dangerous job it should be number 1 - Lordvader3500

25 Blacksmith
26 Construction Worker
27 Kindergarten Teacher

I would kill myself doing this. I would look dumb showing them the difference between a square and a triangle, or between a car and a train. It's logical, for crying out loud, and without it, 8-year-olds would know trigonometry and the laws of thermodynamics if this didn't stop them. They'll find out for themselves whether or not that's a stupid rectangle that they're writing on! Yes, paper's ALWAYS A STUPID RECTANGLE!

28 HouseWife

I don't want to get marry or suck at home.

29 Wire Technician
30 Theme Park Janitor
31 Target Stabilizer
32 Driver
33 Porn Star

You can get pregnant

There's nothing wrong with getting pregnant. It's a beautiful thing to create life. - RogerMcBaloney

34 Fast Food Worker

I worked in Mcdonalds and it was the worst job I have ever had.

Well you will break out do to all the grease. enough' said.

You get paid very little from seeing what really goes on behind closed doors and how the “food” is made. - 3DG20

35 Clown

This would be especially bad considering how clowns don't make that much money.

People would just scream in your face cause of how terrified they are of you.


36 Toilet Cleaner
37 Miner
38 Guard At Buckingham Palace

Would suck because you would have to stand still for hours. - JoeBoi

39 School Bus Driver
40 Sumo Costume Check
41 Stun Gun Tester
42 Rooftop Snow Shoveler
43 Port-o-potty Cleaner
44 Zoo Animal Poop Cleaner
45 Astronaut

The wire broke and you disconnected with the spaceship. Then you already screwed up. - MChkflaguard_Yt

No doubt the most dangerous job in the world, in existence.
You are subject to the worst stress and hardest work in your life, as well as the worst pains known to man, physically and mentally, and health issues that can be fatal.
People who do that job are the bravest people who could ever live.
Able to conquer the worst nightmares, including death.

46 Author

What is this job doing here in this worst list?

Spending so much time alone, with only a lack of faith in yourself, and little to no profit coming out. Only a select few actually get good money out of it. - CDShark

47 Technician
48 Stay at Home Mom/dad
49 Mime
50 Sewage Cleaner
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