Top 10 Worst Jobs

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1 Sewer Cleaner

You probably smelt poisonous sewer gas and died.

That would be very disgusting for christ's sake!

I actually have this stupid/dumb ass job!

At least I found some useful items there.

2 Babysitter

Yeah, tantrum, that's the harsh reality of babysitting. Oh, and did I forget that you would have to take care of the child you're babysitting for many hours straight?

It's not the worst job ever, but having to control and change nappies of little kids just won't be fun at all.

3 Animal Masturbator

Oh god, don't tell me this is actually a job.

Tell me this is a joke.

Yes it's real, it's to collect the "product" which is then used in other animals which can't "do it"

4 Plumber

That would be one of the worst jobs to be a plumber it would suck

5 Dog Food Taste Tester

I mean there's nothing wrong on eating dog food, right?

What. Is this an actual job or a joke?

I love this! Is this even a job? What?

That would be gross to eat dog food if you had to eat it to taste it

6 Garbage Man

That would be the worst if you had to drive and pick up garbage everyday in the city

7 Butler
8 Teacher

It's not the worst job but to be honest, I feel worse for teachers than I do for students because no matter what grade you teach, you will always feel like you're at a babysitting job with most of the class, yet 99% of students think they have it harder all because they have to write papers, with the 1% most likely being people with family members that teach, when teachers have to give them homework they, a lot of the time don't even choose to assign, then they have to make sure everyone handed them in, mark them and sometimes assignments from other classes, only to be paid pretty little.

The experience depends on where the school is and the students. If the neighbourhood has rife crime, then it sucks.

If you're teaching in an inner city school full of gangbangers then the job sucks

9 Janitor

People would not Respect you, and you don't get enough Paid. This Job don't have enough Credit.

10 Maid
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11 Prostitute

While prostitutes make a lot of money (legally) in some parts of the world, in other places like Mexico it is truly a terrible job to have.

Seriously, why is this not in the list? Are you kidding me?!

12 Bookie
13 Surgeon
14 Dog Whipper

I am being very firm this is not an okay job this is animal abuse/cruelty!

What? This is Worst Job and a Abuse and Cruelty Animals.

What the hell is this crud?!

This is abuse

15 Chimney Sweep
16 Factory Worker

Again. This Job don't have Credit enough. Also People don't get Paid so much.

17 Stun Gun Tester

You guys are lucky because you only shot once but not me... I got tested all over my body parts! Even my dick!

Virgin food taste tester


The Chad stun gun tester!

18 Rooftop Snow Shoveler

This would be fun!

That would suck if you had to shovel snow on the roof of a building

19 Soldier

Fighting is absolutely pointless. While you may help your own team, you let down the other team badly. Both teams are equal, ok? 'Ratcatcher' should be on the list.

At least I can have a rifle for free, right?

Gimme that rifle and I'm ready to go!

20 Crime Scene Cleaner

This Job don't have much Credit. Also you don't get much Paid.

21 Retail Worker

This job will teach you that people are asses and need to check their entitlement at the front door. To be honest, I think everyone needs to work a retail job, whether it be at a restaurant or a clothing store, before going to college, as dealing with these people is very important in the real world and teaches you to have a strong work ethic.

22 Clown

Clowns don't get Paid very well. Also they don't get Credit for make People Entertaining.

This would be especially bad considering how clowns don't make that much money.

People would just scream in your face cause of how terrified they are of you.

23 Park Manager
24 Porn Star

Anything to do with working under the Scarlet Collar has gotta be bad!

You can get pregnant

25 Portable Toilet Cleaner
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