Worst Judas Priest Album Cover Art

With worst, I mean the most simple, the most unimaginative, or just the least special.

The Top Ten

1 Point of Entry

Very simple and very not-special, just lame in general.

There were two covers of this album.

The one shown in the item is the Japanese and North American cover while Europe got a different (and much better) cover. - christangrant

2 Live In London Live In London

Just the words 'life in london' in red, with the demolition style 'Judas priest' logo.

3 Locked In (single) Locked In (single)

Just a picture of a guy's face with the words 'locked in'.

4 Demolition

Just the word 'demolition' in black, on red paint.
Very lame and very lazy too.

5 Rocka Rolla (original edition) Rocka Rolla (original edition)

Very simple and unimaginative, just a picture of a bottle top. Lame.

6 Rocka Rolla/Never satisfied (single) Rocka Rolla/Never satisfied (single)

Just a drawing of a bottle top.

7 Rocka Rolla (Reissue) Rocka Rolla (Reissue)

Not that bad, but the drawing of the monster-like thingy in the sky, holding a bomb, doesn't look bad or something, just a bit bland in my opinion.

8 Parental Guidance (single) Parental Guidance (single)

Average picture of the band.

9 Painkiller (single) Painkiller (single)

No, I'm not talking about the album.
The album cover of the album is brilliant.
No, the album cover of the single (which I found on wikipedia) is average, and is - just like all other singles - a picture of the band.

10 Unleashed in the East

A picture of the band playing life.
Not bad, but others are much better.

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11 Firepower
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