Worst Judas Priest Songs

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1 Rocka Rolla

This song rocks, it's fun and catchy with a decent chorus - kempokid

I wrote on one of your other posts that I don't mind them anymore, this song I really like though. Electric Eye is also amazing. - kempokid

Almost none of these songs are bad - christangrant

2 The Four Horsemen

I like this one - SoldierOfFortune

3 You Say Yes

Fixing this list because its really messed up - christangrant

I’m voting for a song that deserves my vote, UNLIKE MORE THAN HALF OF THIS DAMN LIST

4 Hell Patrol

NOTHING from Painkiller is bad - christangrant

Nothing from defenders of the faith is either. This list is dumb. - CostcoHotDogs

This is one of the dumbest lists I have seen on this site - christangrant

5 Dragonaut

NOTHING from Redeemer of Souls is bad - christangrant

Are you kidding? - christangrant

6 Tyrant

This list is very wrong. Tyrant is a cool song. - Metal_Treasure

This is a Joke Right? - christangrant

7 Before the Dawn

What? This is a very beautiful break up ballad. - Metal_Treasure

8 Diamonds and Rust

This is a cover song and not a Judas Priest song. And I don't think this cover is bad. - Metal_Treasure

9 Rock You All Around the World
10 Parental Guidance

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11 Don't Go

Another top of worst songs of a great band who haven't an idea of this band... why I aren't surprised?

12 Winter Retreat

Don't get me started on the eintro..
And then, the song, which is JUDAS PRIEST's SOFTEST, kicks in.
Oh gosh.
Judas Priest is awesome, but this is the only song I disliked.

13 Hot for Love
14 Caviar and Meths
15 Last Rose of Summer

This list is garbage. This is a great song - dlbk03

NO. This list is trash, this is an awesome song!

16 Jekyll and Hyde
17 Turning Circles
18 Decapitate
19 Invader
20 Love Zone
21 Troubleshooter
22 Never Satisfied
23 Devil Digger
24 Abductors
25 Love You to Death
26 Eulogy
27 New Beginning
28 Defenders of the Faith
29 Pain and Pleasure
30 Fever
31 Evil Fantasies

NO, this song is amazing.

32 Steeler
33 Savage
34 Out in the Cold
35 Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days
36 Shadows in the Flame
37 Hope
38 Solitude
39 Awakening
40 Peace
41 Calm Before the Storm
42 Sands of Time
43 One on One
44 Feed on Me
45 What's My Name
46 In Between
47 Lost and Found
48 Dying to Meet You
49 Deep Freeze
50 On the Run
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