Top Ten Worst Jurassic Park/World Human Characters

The Top Ten

1 Amanda Kirby

In the scene where she is sniffed by the velociraptor I always think that she stinks.

She is SUPER Annoying - ArcticWolf

She was so annoying and all she did was yell and scream throughout the whole movie. She was easily the worst thing about the third movie - Spongehouse

Our team loved it when she yelled and screamed - brazzers

2 Eli Mills

This guy betrayed Owen and Clare, killed Mr. Lockwood, tried to sell the indoraptor when it wasn't for sale, and the only reason he brought the dinosaurs to the main land was not because he wanted to save them but because he wanted to sell them in an auction. He did not care about anyone's safety he just cared about the money. I hated this guy so much that I was just waiting for the moment when he would meet his end. - Spongehouse

Fortunately this jerk finally meets his end. Thanks to Rexy and the Carnotaurus.

3 Billy Brennan

He was the reason why the raptors were chasing the characters in the third film around the island as he thought it would be a good idea to steal their eggs from them - Spongehouse

And he attempted to redeem himself and add depth to the character, something many of the main characters don't bother to do because they are too one dimensional and in a boring way. - PrinceZarbon

4 Claire Dearing

She was just a pretty boring character in JW - Spongehouse

5 Owen Grady

He's the best

He was training/taming Nublarraptors, which is the stupidest idea a character from the franchise could come up with. - DinoLover4242

He was the dumbest main character made for fan service to be the lame protagonist. - PrinceZarbon

6 Dieter Stark

He was really mean and liked to mistreat the dinosaurs - Spongehouse

7 Lex Murphy

She was pretty annoying but not even close to being as annoying as Amanda Kirby from the third film - Spongehouse

8 Tim Murphy

Was this role created for the director's friend's kid or something? Completely useless character

Annoying like most of the other kids in this series. Though he is not as annoying as his sister - Spongehouse

Annnoyng little Brat

9 Zach Mitchell

An annoying teen. Who is very bland and does almost nothing but stare at girls - Spongehouse

10 Vic Hoskins

He was annoying in my opinion - Spongehouse

He was great in my opinion for attempting to tame but failing to do so and that alone made him worthwhile. - PrinceZarbon

The Contenders

11 Benjamin Lockwood
12 Peter Ludlow

He brought the T-rex to the main land which caused a bunch of chaos, desruction, and death - Spongehouse

As he was a good character for setting the plot and story in motion. - PrinceZarbon

He’s not as bad as he seems. His motives were reasonable in the movie. To capture the herbivore dinosaurs safely and humanely for Ingen, he knew the carnivores were too dangerous to capture so he stuck with the plant-eaters instead for safety. He wanted to take the dinosaurs back to San Diego to put them in a Zoo for people to view, he would also make money from the Zoo and the Company would regain it’s honor, it would be a Win-win scenario for everybody. However, when Dick Van Owen and the others sabotage his plans, he was forced to settle for the T-rex as a Bail-out for his Park since he couldn’t capture any more dinosaurs after the equipment was destroyed. He isn’t actually evil, he had good intentions for Ingen and treated his employees and the dinosaurs respectfully. But his downfall and death occured from the fact that he got too lost in his ambition to save Ingen and he also got too greedy from the profits he knew he would make. But I don’t blame Hammond in the ...more

13 Dennis Nedry

I actually love this guy! I have no idea why I put him on the list - Spongehouse

He tried to steal the dino DNA from the park in the first movie - Spongehouse

And that gave him character and development as opposed to being a basic hero like the main ones which were lame and boring. - PrinceZarbon

Newman! - judo8alex

14 Ken Wheatley
15 Franklin Webb
16 Nick Van Owen

This Liar, Jerk, and all-out Bastard is responsible for almost everything that happened on Isla Sorna. To start off, he reveals he only joined Greenpeace for the women there, what a dumbass and a pervert! Then, he reveals what he’s really here for and decides to release the dinosaurs out of their cages thinking they’ll just go peacefully when they destroy the entire Ingen camp and their equipment! Next, he brings the baby T-rex into their trailer attracting the parents and resulting in their equipment being destroyed and Eddie being killed! I can smphaphize though with the other main characters including Sara who wasn’t a jerk and just wanted to help the dinosaurs but didn’t do it rashly despite being unintentionally responsible for the Rexes following them due to the Rex blood and also Ian who was against Nick bringing the baby into the trailor out of fear it would attract the parents and Eddie who risked himself to save his friends and died in the process doing so and Kelly ...more

17 Alan Grant
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