Worst Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, and Kanye West Songs

Remember when Self Destruct said Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, and Kanye West should replace Clarkson, May, and Hammond well it happens that I listened to all 3 of them sing and there not very good at it

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1 Baby

This song has Justin Bieber sounding like a baby - BigBrotherSucks

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2 Gold Digger

Why is Kanye West on a worst songs list? He's a genius, he should be on the greatest songs of all time list!

The worst one out of any of those 3 may I say more awful song - BigBrotherSucks

BigBrotherSucks is so right, this song sucks. Seriously, screaming complete gibberish is not a good idea for background vocals.

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3 Never Say Never

You have to say never sometimes. Like if someone wanted you to take drugs, you would have to say never. - Minecraftcrazy530

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4 N***** In Paris V 1 Comment
5 Stronger

You are not stronger in this song - BigBrotherSucks

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6 FourFiveSeconds

I like it even though it is pretty boring - venomouskillingmachine

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7 Touch the Sky
8 No Church In The Wild
9 Next to You

The worst Chris Brown song because of Justin Bieber! Sigh...

10 Turn Up the Music

I will not be turning it up when I here this song - BigBrotherSucks

The Contenders

11 All Day

Blasphemy. This song is so great, shouldn't be on this list. Neither should a single Kanye song. He belongs on a best songs list, not worst.

12 Loyal V 1 Comment
13 Somebody to Love
14 Bound 2
15 International Love
16 Forever
17 Freestyle 4
18 Boyfriend V 1 Comment
19 Look at Me Now
20 Drummer Boy
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1. Baby
2. N***** In Paris
3. No Church In The Wild
1. Baby
2. N***** In Paris
3. Never Say Never
1. Gold Digger
2. Baby
3. Stronger



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