Worst Kaeloo Characters


The Top Ten

1 Pretty

She has little to no redeeming qualities, abuses her sister, thinks everyone has to listen to her, makes fun of people because they're poor or "ugly", and brags all the time. - DoubleDuckAvenger

She bullies Kaeloo even though Kaeloo is almost always nice to her. She beats up Stumpy for no reason. She keeps stalking and harassing Mr. Cat even though he has told her he doesn’t like her. She makes her sister cry.

Shes a bitch

2 Bad Kaeloo

Keeps sadistically abusing Mr. Cat. In some cases, it’s justified. In others, it really isn’t.

3 Mr. Cat's Dad
4 Mr. Cat's Brother

How badly do you have to treat a sibling to make them decide to run away? Mr. Cat's familt was truly awful.

5 Olaf
6 Mr. Cat
7 Ursula
8 Olga
9 Eugly
10 Kaeloo

Bad Kaeloo is horribly sadistic, but regular Kaeloo is pretty awful too. She's a bossy hypocrite who pretends to be "nice" and blatantly favoritizes Quack Quack over everyone else.

The show basically alternates between Mr. Cat being mean for no reason and Kaeloo being mean for no reason. The other characters do it from time to time, but it’s mostly these two. At least Mr. Cat admits it. Kaeloo just continues pretending to be a good person.

The Contenders

11 Stumpy

Later seasons Stumpy is horrible.

I guess he was okay in the earlier episodes but now he's just a douchebag. And he's not even a funny douchebag.

In season 2 and ESPECIALLY season 3, he becomes a massive d! ck. He puts up photoshopped nudes of Pretty on the internet as revenge for a minor reason, compliments Mr. Cat for causing Kaeloo emotional distress, steals money from his own mom and tortures Quack Quack. Unlike the show’s other villains, he doesn’t even have a reason for being mean, he just finds it funny!

12 Stumpy’s Mom

A possible drug addict who spends her time either neglecting her son or bothering him.

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