WonkeyDude98's Formal Rage REWRITE: I Am A God

(This will count towards the rotation between Rant and Analysis, since three songs (two in the top 10 rught now) in particular I want to analyze, but I have nothing to rant about)

Hello everybody, WonkeyDude98 here. It's been a while since I made a music post, or any post in particular. I kinda let the success of my story blog bathe a bit too long, and in the blog post world I haven't done much. Let's fix that. You remember me back in my early days as a budding TopTenner, right? As far as musical users go, I was pretty devoted to sharing my honest opinion. But I'll admit I was not a great user. My terminology was surprisingly weak, my taste was awful, and I wasn't very intelligent to compensate for just how raw and angry I was.

No rant capacitated this further than my rage towards I Am A God by Kanye West.

So let's start over fresh.

So, Kanye West. Happy fiancée of Kim Kardashian, future presidential candidate in 2020, and renowned producer and rapper. That last bit is what will be discussed today. I've considered myself as respecting but not really loving a lot of Kanye's work. College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, and most notably My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy have garnered fame and acclaim, as for the latter, including from me. I've admired a lot of this guy's albums.....


Yeezus was an utter trainwreck, to say the least. With the exception of Blood On The Leaves, all the acclaimed songs from the album were, to me, mediocre at best. Black Skinhead, Hold My Liquor, New Slaves, I DON'T LIKE ANY OF THEM. But all of them had some redeeming quality. Except one.

I Am A God.

Where to begin? Well, duh. The intro. If there's one way to describe this song, it's disappointing. The intro, I'd expect from a song of its title to be grand, maybe a choir, an orchestra, a gospel swell, Kanye and Daft Punk can pull ALL of these off. Nope! The beat starts with this awful disturbing faint "ooooo" before the synth drops into this creepy one-note buzz. Then the synth drops again after the "oooo" sound repeats and Capleton steps on the mic while gargle rapping garbage an echo effects that slur his voice into utter nonsense.

After his banal trash, the beat drops again and Kanye uninterestedly drawals, "I am a god..." multiple times...and then we have the awful pitch shifting, WOOOHOOO! Just in case you can't tell, I've never been a fan of a singer or rapper using pitch shifting to make their voice higher or lower, it gets irritating. And it's all the worse against this dark, monotonous production courtesy of Daft Punk and Kanye West, two producer who have and should have DONE BETTER.

As far as Kanye's bars go, they aren't memorable or intimidating in the slightest, a stark contrast to the beat. His flow and rhymes are mediocre (he rhymes "unlike you" with "unlike you" with "Michael"), and the only lines I can remember off the top of my head are that abysmal chorus. "I am a god/Hurry up with my d*mn massage/Hurry up with my d*mn menage/Get the Porsche out the d*mn garage" I asked last time and I'll ask again....

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO DESERVE THE TITLE OF A GOD?!?!?! Be an egotist who brings race into everything without being able to use it as a competent argument unlike rappers such as Lupe Fiasco or Kendrick Lamar? Yeah...no. Even if I was a straight woman I wouldn't want a menage with that guy.

And as if THAT chorus wasn't bad enough, he added THIS for whatever reason, "I am a god/So hurry up with my d*mn massage/In a French-a** restaurant/Hurry up with my D*MN CROISSANTS". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! hhahaha...haha...ha, ha..ha. THAT WAS ONE OF THE MOST POINTLESS INCOHERENT LINES I'VE HEARD IN 2013.

That's far from the worst part though. Listen to this, "I just talked to Jesus/He said, 'Whaddup, Yeezus?'/I said, 'sh*t I'm chillin'/Tryna stack these millions'" I mean, I guess the first two lines are fine, I mean, I'm all for endorsing prayer. But WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BRING YOUR MONEY INTO THIS?? NO ONE CARES. JESUS. DOES. NOT. CARE.

And THAT isn't the worst part of the song, either. This is.


Isn't that JUST WHAT YOU WANTED TO HEAR? Kanye West screaming at the top of his lungs drenched in pitch correction that even then fails at making it less grating, through a glitchy pseudo-symphonic beat that cuts out at random moments and builds up to yet another demon screech?! YES, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANTED TO HEAR!!

The outro by Justin Vernon is the best part of the song, and it's still pretty weak. His voice is offkey, and absolutely drenched in reverb. "Ain't no waaay I'm givin' uuuuuuuup; I'm a god"

Question for Kanye: what do you have to give up on? I mean, you're the husband of one of the biggest celebrities in the world, you have four of the most world-renowned albums of all time, and your popularity is only growing approaching 2020.

Even with the awful production and the annoying screaming, what I hate most about this song...is that Kanye and Daft Punk worked on it. Both are capable of so much better, and they wasted it on the worst song of both artists' careers, and among the worst songs of all time. -3/5. The Life of Pablo may have been a polarizing hopeless wreck of an album, but hey, at least that album had its bright spots. Yeezus was a mess on all grounds, and this song showed it. Oh well, at least I have a more optimistic Kanye West review in the future. This is WonkeyDude98 as SwellowDude98, signing out.


I prefer this review over the last one
And good luck in 2020! - Martinglez

So do I, and all we have to do is kill Kim Kardashian. - SwellowDude98

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