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1 Peacock

This song is so irritating! Should be #1!

She just says c**k over and over. - SammySpore

Well, there's enough rack and (female) booty songs. I don't think there's nearly enough 'peacock' songs as there are those songs.

How is this a 'gay anthem' the song is about how SHE desperately wants to see a GUYS private part? It HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HOMOSEXUALS!

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2 Ur So Gay

It's stupid as hell! She says inappropriate things and just says "you're so gay" over and over. At the end she randomly just says pe*** - SammySpore

This song is really offensive and bad - PatrickStar

I love katy but this song is suck.

It's homophobic - Iamcool

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3 Bon Appetit

Basically a newer updated version of Peacock but using food as a metaphor for sex. This song just an exploration in the overuse and abuse of autotune.

I was expecting a song like this from Nicky Minaj or Ariana Grande but not from you Katy, this is a poor version of Birthday (one of her worst songs), not only for the meaning but also for the voice, the base, the autotune, the Migos parts. Everything is wrong with this song, now that Miley is gone better, please don't be the new her! Worst Katy song by far. 0/10 - DaisyandRosalina

She's trying to be sexy but she just sounds gross. To put this plain and simple, This song is about licking and eating Katy Perry's wet vagina.

This is worse than Peacock in my opinion because this song is disgusting - RoseCandyMusic

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4 This Is How We Do

One of my favorite katy perry songs and should not be here - PatrickStar

Tuneless song with a blatantly racist music video

This song have a similar beat of never say never by Justin Bieber

This is a pretty fitting Top 3. - NiktheWiz

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5 I Kissed a Girl

This Is So Good A Song. What Is It Doing Here?

Love you Katy, but really, take advantage then dyes her guy? I hope the guy did mind that

Why is this on here - RockStarr

All I know - This song should not be on this list. - LoveYouKaty

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6 Birthday

Let me get this straight: I love Katy Perry - have done for years. I've seen her twice live, and I pretty much OBSESS over her Teenage Dream album, especially E.T., but this song... How? What could possibly have possessed her to write this garbage? The only time I've managed to hear it in full in one sitting was when I saw her live - it's annoying, it's FAR too cheesy, and honestly, it makes me angry to hear it, knowing that my favourite artist can create such a horrible song. At least some of her other mass-produced pop rubbish from Prism was tolerable (looking at you, 'This Is How We Do'). But this? Please Katy, never again. (I feel waaay too passionate about this, I'm sorry).

Most boring song -. -

This should be in the top four with peacock, your so gay, and this is how we do

This should be #1

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7 Swish Swish

It looks like this is the third Katy Perry song in a row in which Katy is relying on a featured artist. It's almost like she is desperate to regain her success from her previous eras. - NiktheWiz

It's not almost like she's desperate, she IS desperate. Look at the cover art! - DCfnaf

All of her songs on this album are complete trash. They all rely on the guest. Katy is clearly trying maintain relevance by making crap like this, but nobody wants to her stay around... - DCfnaf

Her new album is disappointment but I loved this song.Bon Appetit is trash.

Awful lyrics, awful theme ( whatever it is) and an awful voice. She lost her " thing".
I mean "another in the basket", " u are as cute as an old cuppon expired" clearly she hit the bottom. Poor katy cats karma is not a liar and keeps receipts indeed. But I'm pretty sure that her 8 year old fans wont unstan

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8 California Gurls

The song that ruined Snoop Dogg. - SelfDestruct

This is one of her best songs! - KatyPerryRules

New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of. There's nothing you can't do. enough said.

This is one of my least favorite songs of all time

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9 Dark Horse

This is the best song! Should not be here. I'm not even a fan, and don't listen to any of her songs, but I have to admit this is a great song. I don't like her and her songs that much, but this song is my jam!

This is great song! Should not be here

Catchy song. Not her best but I like It

My name is scotty masters did you know dark horse worst songs on radio stations
of 107.7
I what katy perry make me happy songs is fireworks or roar end teenage dream is my
favorite kind of music on 107.7 radio stations

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10 Roar

This song is great it should not be on the list

This song is awesome.

This song's beat was copied by the song brave by Sara Bareilles

Katy's 2nd best song behind the one that got away. My top five Katy perry songs
1) The one that got away- reminds us that sometimes we don't last forever in relationship like we want to. " I never dreamed that one day I would lose you. In another life I would make you stay so I don't have to say you were the one that got away"
2) Roar- inspirational song " You held me down but I got up. Already brushing off the dust." This reminds me that we can get up stronger if we believe in ourselves.
3) Firework- "You don't have to feel like your wasted space. Your original can not be replaced. If you only knew what the futures holds after a hurricane comes a rainbow. Maybe a reason why all the doors are closed so you could open one that lead someone you to the perfect road." This reminds me that we should trust that our future will be better.
4) Part of me- " This is the part of me that your never gonna ever take away from me" I like this song.
5) Hot N cold- this is the chorus " ...more

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11 Chained to the Rhythm

It starts off sounding amazing, but then she has an awful rhythm, the lyrics make no sense, & it's another garbage drinking song.

Terrible Katy

"It's a political statement,not a drinking song - garlicboyM"
Hahhahahha is that what she told everyone? Man was I completely fooled.
"Turn it up its your favorite song! Dancedancedance till the break of dawn! Turn it up keep it on repeat, stumbling along like a wasted zom!...we rotate to the rhythm. To the rhythm! "

Sounds like some garbage party song to me.

12 Tsunami
13 Teenage Dream

No! This is a great song! Have you ever even heard this song! Are you kidding me?

Whoever put this here either has never heard this song.

Video terrible

Teenage dream is my favorite from scotty masters
I hope my girlfriend katy perry playing it make me happy

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14 Last Friday Night

This song is all about drinking and partying.

This song should be higher.

Not a clean song for kids.

Great song. - DaisyandRosalina

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15 Rise
16 Firework

Why are all her best songs on this list? The person who added this, are you dysfunctional or what?! Firework is her best song!

Firework and roar and teenage dream are her best songs in my opinion

This one is really good! - AnonymousChick


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17 Hummingbird Heartbeat

Whys humming bird heartbeat here? Unbelievable! - KatyPerryRules

This is the list for her worst songs, not her best.

Hummingbird Heartbeat is a GREAT song, one of my favourites from Katy, and should not be on this list!

Right whoever wrote this list is a ding dong. these are her best songs

18 Milk Milk Lemonade

Unoffical, and she just talks

19 E.T

I like the version without Kanye West

I never got the message to this song - funnyuser

There isn't a message by the way. This is a cool song that has beat.

"It's a song about alien sex...pass."
Do u not understand metaphors? 😐

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20 Walking On Air

What a terrible song oh my god I almost ran out of my room

Most boring song of the Album PRISM.

I don't like this song, but I don't hate it either.. I think it's in the right place! :D

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