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Its not a bad song, but its one of my least favorite from prism

This song is great! Not saying the best, but I love this song.

This was one of my least favorites off of Prism. It reminds me of some of her older music.

This song is boring

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22 Who You Love

This is a boring song, agree, and I don't like John Mayer either. Should be in the top #5..

23 Fingerprints


24 Mind Maze Mind Maze
25 Dressin' Up

This isn't a horrible song, but by Katy's standards, its bad

26 Circle the Drain

Boring and annoying!

27 Broken
28 Part of Me

What?! This is literally the best song I've ever heard! Why is this song even on this list?

Scotty masters he love to hear katy perry part of me songs on 107.7
radio stations I know katy perry 30 years ago I love her

WHAA this is a good song :O - spodermanfan1000

29 By the Grace of God

I though she gave up Gospel music

I'm bored to hell listening to a 4 minute song! Like it,but so boring, sometimes.

30 Hot N Cold

This is the best katy perry song

What?! This is her 2nd Best song after Firework! Why is this on here?!

This song is so catchy.

This is best katy perry songs is hot n cold is my favorite bye scotty
masters magic radio stations I was making me happy is ok
katy perry are you happy songs to scotty

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31 Long Shot

I am not saying Katy's is bad, I'm saying Kelly's is better

32 Witness

The Harrison ford version is way better.

33 Simple
34 Choose Your Battles
35 I Think I'm Ready
36 A Cup of Coffee
37 Hackensack
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