WonkeyDude98's Formal Rage: BlahBlahBlah + Kesha

I was gonna do this and Uptown Funk yesterday, but five reviews in a day can really take a toll on you...

Ah, Kesha, formerly Ke$ha. Arguably the most limited personality in any pop singer. Now, I don't hate Kesha. She genuinely a nice person and she has made songs I enjoy (Die Young and Timber come to mind). But she's so obnoxious, so sloppy, and so predictable it's borderline pathetic.

That brings us to easily her worst song to date BlahBlahBlah. At worst, Kesha is usually annoying. This....is somethin' else...

The beat is grating and tedious. It has absolutely no weight in the verses and by the time the hook comes around all the elements explode at once. At least when Eenie Meenie did that it had a solid melody behind it. This is ear-grinding. The synth literally follows four notes the entire song except for 3OH!3's verse.

This song is about someone annoying Kesha. That is the EXACT OPPOSITE OF SELF-AWARENESS. HOW CAN SOMEONE ANNOY KESHA, THE MOST ANNOYING PERSON IN THE WORLD?!?! (sees 3OH!3 on the song) ...oh. So it's two guys. I can actually understand that.

Ever since my review of Blood on the Dance Floor's It's On Like Donkey Kong (which is the only song of 2010 worse than this), I've been really hesitant to quote on quote songs. This is no exception, I'm not going through the verses. The message is "stop talking and f*** me". There's lyrics like "zip your lips like a padlock" (if you can find the zipper on this you can say goodbye to your bills) and "wanna dance with no pants on" and "just show me where your d***'s at" (um...where do you think it'd be?)

Also she says on the hook that "he won't be gettin' this". But didn't you tell him to "turn around and let you hit that"? Also, THAT PREHOOK!!!! She squawks these random notes and it's off-key and jarring. It's the only time she sings in the song. AND SHE'S USING AUTOTUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3OH!3's verse is forgettable AT BEST. They talk about how they don't care about Kesha at all besides "getting it on" and they end with "it only matters who I is-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i". It'd be fine if they said is for the sake of rhyming...but they didn't, so it seems like they were trying to make it as awkward as possible! YOU TALENTLESS FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLS!!!!!!

This is just plain awful. This is just terrible. This is worse than My First Kiss, their other collaboration (though trying to compare them is like trying to compare a fart to poop; they both stink). I give this a -1/5.

Like I said, I don't hate Kesha. As long as Dr. Luke is controlling her though, I've become quite bored with her. TiK ToK was alright, Take It Off was annoying, Die Young was good, and Crazy Kids was underwhelming. They all suffered from being predictable and witless, especially Take It Off (how hard was she trying? Way too hard if you ask me). I give her a decent 3/5. This is WonkeyDude98, signing out.


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I've known about this since my Break Up review. That's why I hate Dr. Luke so much, put him in my All Time Worst Producers remix (on top of producing Only), and mentioned him in this review. - WonkeyDude98

Kesha is awesome... bar 2010. - ProPanda

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