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1 Foodfight! Foodfight! Product Image

This movie should be number 1. The animators apparently can't make a cat model so they instead made a creepy annoying weaboo girl with cat whiskers and ears who fell in love with some ugly dog? What the heck? This movie has a lot of adult jokes, horrible animation, disgusting colour schemes, terrible voice acting, too many fillers, and was just a horrible movie in general.

If the original 2003 version wasn't STOLEN, we wouldn't have gotten this abomination. If you haven't seen it, watch Nostalgia Critic and JonTron's reviews of this.

With all the ugly animation and constant use of innuendos I'm more convinced this was a failed attempt to make a horror movie for adults.

I mean this has Mr. Clean and that StarKist fish. It's a big commercial and I agree with all the bad reviews on this. I think this was meant to be A horror.

2 Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat Product Image

I honestly blame Bo Welch, the director of the movie. Believe it or not, a lot of the dirty humor and innuendos we're going to be in the live-action Grinch movie, but at least Ron Howard put his foot down and limited the inappropriate content (even if it is still colder, darker, and creepier than the original book). Plus Dreamworks being on board with The Cat (and not The Grinch) likely didn't help given its reputation. In contrast to popular opinion, I don't think this movie singlehandedly killed Mike Myers' career. Prior to the start of production, Myers actively distrusted Hollywood and the film industry as a whole, so his career was already on the way out (minus the Shrek series). The Cat In The Hat was merely the final nail in the coffin. I voted for this movie so I could post this rant, by the way.

Actually, I really liked this movie and still do! Before you hate on me, please hear me out. I know that there are a lot of dirty jokes, and I hate dirty jokes, sex, and that crap. However, it had some really funny scenes and that's why I love it!

What... the...?!
What bothers me is that there is SO much inappropriate humor! I hate perverted jokes because I am a kid and that's just messed up! It's like a 6+ movie why so many inappropriate stuff?!

Get out from your rock, like the other comment said. This movie is amazing, funny, creative... why am I even trying to fight you? You have no brains if you hate this movie!

3 The Emoji Movie

Why did they even make this a movie?! They say it's too show on how kids are on their phones these days, but that doesn't make sense! During the movie it's all about this one emoji who is different (cliche) because he can't make the right face.. And the "user" of the phone only really uses the phone in the movie to text three times...THREE TIMES! The plot was terrible any time they'd dance or say something that I think was supposed to be a joke would make me cringe ( especially the dance at the end XC! God...People are running out of ideas...

Whoever put this on here, how dare you! This is an amazing movie to use to torture someone! Tie them up, force them to watch the movie. When it's over, untie your victim They won't be able to leave, because the emoji movie turned their brain to mush.

The Emoji Movie is bad! Sure the animation is decent, but it is unoriginal, uncreative, and unlikable! Its also just a cash grab! The movie forces us to like Gene, although he almost killed everyone in the phone because of the crap he committed. The daycare I go to even made us watch it a thousand times, although it is really crappy.

Where do I start. So much product placement that it was like going to the Apple store. Second, the entire plot was flat and pointless. It literally could have been over in 5 minutes and ended better. Third, the morals were completely twisted and broken. Need I say more?

4 Norm of the North Norm of the North Product Image

I am a kid, and I really hate this movie. The animation looked terrible, and the characters' movements were blocky and uneven. I like the concept and moral the movie is trying to teach (that we should not build property on the Arctic), but everything else is bad. The jokes were stale and unfunny, and the characters are 2-dimensional and boring. The entire movie is boring, and the main character doesn't have too many likable traits. Also, when the movie started to get a *little* exciting (Norm's grandpa is in trouble), they ruined it by rushing the scene, which we didn't understand well. The resolution isn't very creative either. Norm and his grandpa destroy the ship, they get back to the Arctic, and Norm becomes the king of the Arctic (somehow). They did a good job with the villain, though. He truly was unlikable, which is what you want people to think of a villain. He cared too much about money, that he lied and cheated his way to success, not bothering to think about the ...more

This movie is pretty bad, and I'm almost 12 years old. The animation was okay, but the plot was terrible. At least the moral is good. Norm is a nice guy, but also a bit boring. And his lemming sidekicks are pretty annoying. Plus, this movie has WAY too much toilet humor, and I hate that kind of humor. Don't even get me started on the fish tank, plant, and fart scenes. I'll give this a 2/10 like that other person.

This movie was so cheesy, that me and my friend went to see this a few years ago, that while we were seeing it, I had to constantly whisper in her ear, "This movie is cheesy"
The characters were boring and the ending was just blah and overly happy. And the amount of bad humor in this is overwhelming. The animation is kinda boxy too, and it just had a boring plot. I have never watched it since that day.

I'm 11 years old and I hate it. My friend and I watch it on YouTube and I can tell you it's bad. The animation is okay it's not food fight bad but it's not inside out perfect. The plot is horrible. It's about a twerking polar bear that's it. The moral is about saving the environment, I think. That's a good moral, a lot of people have done it before and nobody has done it well. Skip this one!

5 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Product Image

Reasons to hate Justin BEAVER:
> His songs are terrible and corny.
> His songs have terrible lyrics (example: Baby, baby, baby OH! )
> He spat on one of his fans for no reason!
> He drink drives
> He got arrested once.
> He sings like a 5 year old girl..
> His film clips are inappropriate
There is literally no reason to like this disgrace. His songs aren't even good.

I HATE Justin Bieber, he's an absolute nut. And why on Earth is Frozen on this list, almost died of heart attack when I saw it on the list. Frozen is the best movie ever made!

I hate Justin Bieber. He sounds like a girl chipmunk in "Baby" and in his newer songs his voice sounds monotonously autotuned just like your generic boy band lead singer's voice. UGH.

I hate JB so voting this up

No offense, he betrayed Canada. In cineplex, some guy had played cowboys and aliens for the preview, and he got fired. They kids were scared, so much.

6 Tentacolino Tentacolino Product Image

This Titanic the animated movie sequel is an insult to all the innocent men, woman and children who died on that faithful night on board the RMS Titanic!

I think we can all agree this is one of the worst things ever.

Why does this octopus has a dog face?

7 Fred: The Movie Fred: The Movie Product Image

It's not funny, it's stupid, it's cheesy, it's insulting, it's annoying, it's irritating, it's anything in the dictionary to describe this travesty. I highly recommend you to avoid this movie at all costs. Don't waste your time on watching this. Thank God, this movie deserves to have a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The geniuses at viacom thought this was a good idea. seriously though, how did nobody get in the middle of filming and say, "Stop! Just,stop. this movie's gonna be critically panned, and we should never actually release it." Actually, I think someone did say that, but then someone else said, "But we already paid John Cena to be in this." This movie is annoying, brainless, doesn't make any sense even in context, and worst of all, drove Nickelodeon even further into the ground. And then he got his own T.V. show... There's no hope for humanity, is there?

Fred is just a stupid half-assed movie that needs to be forgotten it's pretty obvious that the films writers and producers barely have any respect for kids intelligence I think they're probably one of those guys who think they don't have to put effort in kids films because you know it's for kids, kids are dumb enough to watch anything, screw those guys who think that and yeah I think kids should avoid this load of ass movie like the plague.

Because apparently, we live in a world where a channel that hasn't been relevant for about a decade needs a movies where the main character complains about his crush not loving him back, because there are totally not hundreds of other movies that are the exact same thing.

8 Barney's Great Adventure Barney's Great Adventure Product Image

With kids' characters, we need characters that not only young kids like, but ones that older kids, teens and adults can like. This dinosaur is the complete opposite of what I just said. "I hate you, you hate me, let's take Barney to the guillotine, with a great big tug and when the axe falls, no more purple dinosaur.

Doody (Barry Pearl) from the film Grease saved the world by killing Barney. We won't have to worry about Barney destroying the world anymore. Barney is a creepy, evil, dinosaur who's sensitive to guns and baseball bats. Kids, if you believe that Barney's kind and caring, you're wrong, it's a myth! Barney is evil and tried to kill us all!

Doody, one of the T-Birds from Grease saved the world by killing Barney! The purple dinosaurs have gone extinct! Sorry kids, looks like Barney's dead! Cry all you want, but, Barney was creepy, annoying, and evil anyway. Kids, you'll find out about Barney's cruelty when you're older.

Barney is the worst. In this movie there was a kid who stepped in cow poop during the Old MacDonald Had a Farm song.

9 Home on the Range Home on the Range Product Image

I watched this before and I only have 3 words to say after I saw it Worst Movie Ever!

This is garbage! Nobody should like this movie. It's a movie for drugs.

I like it a little bit, but it's nowhere near my favorite movie.

This is amazing compared to A Troll in Central Park.

10 The Last Airbender The Last Airbender Product Image

I can't stand it when it is an animation and then they make a movie about it with real people! Also this movie is pretty bad, anyway.

M Night Shyamalan used to be so good. Then this happened.

The anime is better.

Make this number 1

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11 The Reef The Reef Product Image

The animation is insufferable that is low quality and cheap for 2000s standards. In fact, Finding Nemo looks better than this and that film came out 3 years earlier.

This movie is such a shameful rip-off of other movies like Finding Nemo and Karate kid... But let's take away the fact it's a rip-off and look at the film as a stand alone... IT'S STILL A MISERABLE ABOMINATION.

The movie has animation on par with Foodfight (it's that bad), the story is cliché but also ridiculous and boring, the characters have no likability and are just stereotypes, the humour is even worse than the ice puns in Batman & Robin and there is ACTUALLY A SEQUEL TO THIS MOVIE?! Oh yes there is and it sucks as well. How did this one get a sequel? That's like how The Legend of the Titanic got a sequel, it's just stupid.

I used to love the first one, even though I knew it was an ugly, cheap, insulting knockoff of the Karate Kid and Finding Nemo, but the sequel is HORRID! It's even uglier and way more stupid! The characters are too obnoxious, and the only good character is that criticizing starfish.

This is not just a finding nrmo rip-off, its an abomination. It has a plot that is so boring that it can be mashed into 5 minutes and it won't make a difference.

12 Ratatoing

What on earth were they thinking when they made this movie? This movie has terrible animation, terrible models, terrible voice acting, corny unrealistic plot and there's like 3 hours in the beginning when the characters do nothing but talk about how good the food at the café are! This movie is nothing but a terrible rip-off of Ratatoullie and only a blind old person wouldn't realise the difference.

Tried watching it... Twice.. Got bored in first 5 minutes both times. Too much filler and the rats sit around and speak in annoying voices saying stuff like "The food is exquisite divine marvellous! " And talking about food.

The makers must have had no shame when making this "movie".

This is just a total rip-off of ratatouille.

13 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie The Garbage Pail Kids Movie Product Image

I think this movies a huge waste of time with pointless scenes disgusting images bad acting and it's poorly written it's poorly acted, everything about is crap just totally crap who the hell on this earth! Will think this will be a good movies for kids hell even a good movie my advice never show this to your kid or never show to yourself because you be sacred for life!

Potentially the worst kids movie ever. I haven't seen the whole movie, but from what I've seen, it's a mess, trying to use gross humor, but it just ends up being disgusting, with terrible acting, special effects, and morals that make no sense. Just read the Rotten Tomatoes reviews and you'll see what I mean.

Those kids look so ugly. They look like oversized dolls that walk around and talk. Are the creators of this movie trying to give people nightmares or what?!

This movie looks like mr meaty, the cabbage patch kids dolls and Sanjay and Craig dropped into a blender.

14 Son of the Mask Son of the Mask Product Image

More scary than bad. During the "can't take my eyes" song (? ) Jamie Kennedy ruined 5 different music styles and most of the time his face is just so close to the camera.
"Is he kissing the camera? "- my little sister
"it's like an alien horse trying to French me! "- nostalgia critic.
This movie is stupid
Is the worst. Son't watch it unless you hate having a peaceful sleep.

Another movie trying to appeal to both adults & little kids. For kids, but in the end it's probably inappropriate for children. It's also got the worst musical number ever to disgrace a film, & it just goes on forever.

The Mask was good, but I think it might actually be a law that all sequels (except the best movie ever, Gremlins 2) have to be way WORSE than their original. Just like remakes.

Cartoon Network was insane enough to actually air this on T.V despite how awful it was...

15 High School Musical High School Musical Product Image

This movie should be called 'The Annoying Cliche Movie'. Nerdy girl dates popular guy, hmm where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, every book, movie, poem or song EVER! Why has such a terrible movie been watched by everyone on planet Earth? The plot message is simple: don't be different! Fit into the stereotypes people have designed for you! Fall in love with someone just because you sang karaoke, and convince yourself you can be in a play, despite having no previous experience or even interest, also because of karaoke! Oh and let's not forget this:
This song will stay forever,
Every beat,
Will repeat,
Word by word,
And you'll see that,
The tenth time's even better,
Have this earworm stuck,
In your head,
Until we're all dead!

This movie is basically the movie form of the junk on the Disney Channel. Teen drama, with unrealistic settings and absurd themes, and also ugh... Singing. Although I love singing, this film puts singing into everyday life as a way of making the characters tell their personal struggles. While this is a great way to vent, it's normally done alone when things are at there worse. Sharpay is just the rich, spoiled blonde. And the kids in the school are just so cruel. In the "Stick to what you know" song, it's telling it's preteen demographic that you should be what everyone thinks you should.
In short, keep your children and yourself away from this drama mushpile. Do not watch.

People I know actually like this horribly acted, annoying, idiotic, unrealistic, children's pandering movie that doesn't have any idea of what a high school is.

The movie contained too many stereotypes about high school and I found it rather insulting.

16 Mac and Me Mac and Me Product Image

They had mcdonald's products in this since they tried to raise money for the charity. Also I like it, it's got a sense of innocence and it's funny.

Good thing this film is more forgettable otherwise we would be haunted by this films awfulness for years.

I hadn't watched this movie, but why're you all commenting about mcdonalds? What does mcdonalds have to do with this movie?

0% on Rotten Tomatoes. - Yeah, I know it was bad.

17 Caillou's Holiday Movie Caillou's Holiday Movie Product Image

Why would they even make a movie like this, Caillou is a big fat stupid idiot and a whiner.

Isn't he just a ripoff of Charlie Brown.

Caillou is stupid anyway

He is a whiny brat

18 Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 Product Image

God it's probably worse than the first even though the first one sucked mighty Popsicle.

If you enjoy cheesy films & you're high, this movie is not completely irredeemable.

The babies needed more fighting action than just doing nothing much.

My class had to watch this. I felt like barfing.

19 The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl In 3-D The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl In 3-D Product Image

This movie isn't that bad. Yes, it does have some bad acting in it but overall, I'd say it's a 4 star movie.

It was made up by a little kid, but really its just Taylor Launters first movie and he looked adorable.

This was one of the stupidest movies I've ever seen.

Hey I've watched that and all they have is bad graphics so lets say a 2.8

20 Kazaam Kazaam Product Image

Just watch the hilarious nostalgia critic review and you will understand.

Why is it even a kids film what kind of kid will be entertained by this.

This one of the dumbest movies ever put on the silver screen.

It's not bad actually. I don't know why people hate it.

21 The LEGO Movie

I have a large metal bowl filled with Lego blocks and characters sitting at the top of my shelf. After viewing this movie, I turn my eyes upon it and clambered atop my shelf, took the bowl and its contents down, and tossed them into my imaginary firepit. This movie made it so that I cannot play with Legos without remembering this movie. Its incredibly disruptive. This movie wasn't too great, but maybe that's because its just not my genre. Either way, it could use serious development.

The guy below is STUPID! The movie is a good reminder of teamwork and there is no crap at all and the song is catchy. And yes there is a plot and Emmet saved the World so he should be treated with royalty and it is not CRAP like some people say. And PowerPuff Girls SUCK HARD And teach you nothing.

This movie is as good as sitting on the toilet, peanut butter jelly time, olololololo, mi lu hei, my name is jeff, a pig writing a letter and an apple with eyes and a moustache speaking gibberish combined.

I hope I never see this film in theaters. Making a film out of Legos is a very bad idea. I hope this film gets largely negative reviews and becomes the biggest box office bomb of all time.

22 Teen Beach Movie Teen Beach Movie Product Image

This movie is terrible. The plot lasts for five minutes and the characteres sing every five minutes and its just about boyfriends and girlfriends kissing and dancing. Plus, the girls share a room where they talk about boys all of the time and be emotional (sexist, by the way).

I thought the soundtrack was great when it came out several years ago (I was about 10) but the plot went absolutely nowhere. 3 years later I can hardly stand any of the songs

Why are they so optimistic? The world is not this way! Teens are not like this!

This movie is awful. The worst part is that everyone likes it.

23 Frozen Frozen Product Image

Woah woah woah. Why is this here? Would someone please tell me why this is here? Last time I checked, this movie was the best movie ever. I mean, I'm sure there are some people who can find some things that they don't like about it, but come on. Unlike most disney movies that are about finding there "Handsome prince", Frozen actually shows true love between two sisters. Whoever put this here, I will find you and kill you.

So I will give this movie the credit it gets. The first one or two times, the movie was good, beautiful animation, a couple chuckle moments, but that's it, I wouldn't buy it, and I wouldn't expect it to last more than a month or so.


Clearly the billions in revenue and records were gotten by mothers taking their daughters for the fifth time that day.
Just because a movie broke records, doesn't mean it's good.

The music was mediocre at best and they just dropped it from the second half of the movie.

Disney could of had a much better plot if they just kept elsa as the main villain. Seriously, I get they are wanting to be different but it just did one 360 after another.

Lastly, character development is non-existent in this movie. Beyond the main 3 characters possibly changing their order at the drive through there are no real side characters developing either. They introduced so many faces and either just had them ...more

I prefer Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen as opposed to the likes of this rather less classical, dreadful, modern canon movie and its sequel.

Disney would've had a much better plot if they just kept Elsa and Anna as canon unrelated, sister-less only children who still also lack brothers on their own.

24 Woody Woodpecker Woody Woodpecker Product Image
25 Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure Product Image

This is just offensive to girls, I am in fact, a girl myself. I hate it when Disney makes girly pink glittery movies just to attract girls. Is this really what people think girls like nowadays? No, I am a girl and I have a bunch of friends who are a girl too, we all don't like the colour pink and prefer other colours like black and blue. I still appreciate it when people buy me pink stuff because they don't know what to get me, but this is disgusting..

The dog does not look very happy about how the movie came out, either. This movie horribly portrays females.

All yall people do is talking bad about a movie that is not even near bad as frozen, at least sharpay movie is more action in got better music then frozen does.

Can we stop associating the color pink with ridiculous blonde stereotypes? It isn't funny.

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