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1 Foodfight!

This movie was originally intended to be better.

JonTron's video on this movie sums up how I feel

This film is just ugly this is pretty much garbage pail kids bad I mean the animation sucks it's disgusting it's not fun at all too look at or to watch I just wish this movie never existed and it's a huge commercial I mean for those people who thought Mac and me was a huge commercial it's still is but this this has mr clean I just don't what the filmmakers were thinking when they were making this like we're they are drugs please tell me were they on drugs and I feel deeply sorry for the actors it's just ugh it's a bad ass film that's all I can say about it it's just a bad ass film I don't like thinking about this movie I don't like hearing about it I just can't stand it's one of the worst movies I've ever seen the same with garbage pail kids so my advice on this movie avoid it like the plague this is right next to garbage pail kids.

Sunshine reminds me of Samantha from Ready Player One. - Trollsfan536

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2 Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat

This movie had a lot of inappropriate momments

I loved this movie as a kid, memories are pouring in, I remember jumping on my mom's bed while watching it. - Luckys

Who in the studio even thought it was a good idea to put inappropriate humor in a film based on a children's book?

No! Just no!

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3 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

I like justin bieber take this off nowww!

I don't think this is even a kids' movie. (PS Justin Bieber is trash.)

Yes this is the worst movie ever beside who likes Justin Bieber I hate him and always do
this is a pointless movie ever.

Oh shut up treating him like a slug and his fans like flies.

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4 Ratatoing

I wanna vote this AND the last airbender but in the end, this took less care and budget. I haven't seen it but I've seen a review and that says a lot.

I agree! I hate how people thinks it’s all about GUYS

To be honest, WHY TF IS THIS EVEN A MOVIE?!?! It makes fun of other greatt animations such as mickey mouse in the backgrounds, and more that I won't even say cause I'm disgusted..

Um... why would you make a spin off of Ratatouille, that movie isn't that good to start with and to make a pin off it just got worse. This is the worst movie, and if you watch it you will never get those 3 hours back. I say "negative 3 stars." YOU SUCK RATATOING! Sorry if I have offended people, but seriously, It's a bad movie, I am just helping out those people who want to know what movies to watch. Hint: don't watch this one.

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5 Fred: The Movie

I heard there is an entire trilogy of Fred: The Movie.
There is Fred: The Movie 1,2 and 3.
If you though this was bad enough, watch the other 2 and rant about those also.

A movie about a good-for-nothing dweeb who somehow, through the stupidity of others, becomes popular.

Is this even a kids movie? Fred is annoying so I guess yes.MOST ANNOYING COMADY EVER!

Fred is just a stupid half-assed movie that needs to be forgotten it's pretty obvious that the films writers and producers barely have any respect for kids intelligence I think they're probably one of those guys who think they don't have to put effort in kids films because you know it's for kids, kids are dumb enough to watch anything, screw those guys who think that and yeah I think kids should avoid this load of ass movie like the plague.

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6 Home on the Range

I love home on the range

This is amazing compared to A Troll in Central Park.

I like it a little bit, but it's nowhere near my favorite movie. - RedTheGremlin

This is a funny movie even if I haven't seen it seeing the commercial for it on one of my ancient Disney DVD movies still makes me laugh

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7 Norm of the North

I am a kid, and I really hate this movie. The animation looked terrible, and the characters' movements were blocky and uneven. I like the concept and moral the movie is trying to teach (that we should not build property on the Arctic), but everything else is bad. The jokes were stale and unfunny, and the characters are 2-dimensional and boring. The entire movie is boring, and the main character doesn't have too many likable traits. Also, when the movie started to get a *little* exciting (Norm's grandpa is in trouble), they ruined it by rushing the scene, which we didn't understand well. The resolution isn't very creative either. Norm and his grandpa destroy the ship, they get back to the Arctic, and Norm becomes the king of the Arctic (somehow). They did a good job with the villain, though. He truly was unlikable, which is what you want people to think of a villain. He cared too much about money, that he lied and cheated his way to success, not bothering to think about the ...more

I'm the pee pee poo poo man

This movie is pretty bad, and I'm almost 12 years old. The animation was okay, but the plot was terrible. At least the moral is good. Norm is a nice guy, but also a bit boring. And his lemming sidekicks are pretty annoying. Plus, this movie has WAY too much toilet humor, and I hate that kind of humor. Don't even get me started on the fish tank, plant, and fart scenes. I'll give this a 2/10 like that other person.

Tons of but jokes.the people who made the movies think kids like this,which some do but none over the age of 7

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8 Barney's Great Adventure

Barney super annoying I would never want to watch this

Barney is so creepy. The worst.

With kids' characters, we need characters that not only young kids like, but ones that older kids, teens and adults can like. This dinosaur is the complete opposite of what I just said. "I hate you, you hate me, let's take Barney to the guillotine, with a great big tug and when the axe falls, no more purple dinosaur.

BARNEY'S GREAT ADVENTURE! Give 99% kids who watch them Barney's gay song.I mean,why did you did this? Kid are too young to hear the word gay.

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9 The Last Airbender

Boring I was bored.

M Night Shyamalan used to be so good. Then this happened.

Really rasis

I can't stand it when it is an animation and then they make a movie about it with real people! Also this movie is pretty bad, anyway.

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10 The Emoji Movie

This movie has been possessed by Satan. It's that bad. I bet the dance at the end summoned demons from the underworld. AND THEY ARE COMING OUT WITH A SEQUEL?! I thought Sony would've learned their lesson. But obviously not. This movie was scarier than The Exorcist. Please Please don't watch this movie. - bobthehallwayman

The main character is the worst role model.
He runs away from home
Goes into restricted apps
the main idea was so boring, and the obvious crush are hated "hero" MEH (Gean) has on Jailbreak, who's apparently a princess?
My ONLY addition is that I feel like the movie "Minions" should be really high

I am twelve. But I cringed the whole time. And it was boring

Why did they even make this a movie?! They say it's too show on how kids are on their phones these days, but that doesn't make sense! During the movie it's all about this one emoji who is different (cliche) because he can't make the right face.. And the "user" of the phone only really uses the phone in the movie to text three times...THREE TIMES! The plot was terrible any time they'd dance or say something that I think was supposed to be a joke would make me cringe ( especially the dance at the end XC! God...People are running out of ideas...

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11 Tentacolino

This Titanic the animated movie sequel is an insult to all the innocent men, woman and children who died on that faithful night on board the RMS Titanic!

Why does this octopus has a dog face?

Worst kids film, worst film of all time, worst titanic movie, worst movie out of all the animated titanic movies, I just desipe this cartoon titanic movies I think it's just an huge insult to everyone who died on the titanic and why make animated, hell why even make an other movie we already have James Cameron's masterpiece so why, thank god it's underrated cause I don't want kids to be exposed to this kind of stuff definitely don't want my kids and if I ever have any am not showing them this I know it's just gonna mess kids up and make them dumber and dumber and why need a villian the iceberg the villian you idiots.

I think we can all agree this is one of the worst things ever.

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12 The Reef

What? it's not that bad!

This movie is such a shameful rip-off of other movies like Finding Nemo and Karate kid... But let's take away the fact it's a rip-off and look at the film as a stand alone... IT'S STILL A MISERABLE ABOMINATION.

The movie has animation on par with Foodfight (it's that bad), the story is cliché but also ridiculous and boring, the characters have no likability and are just stereotypes, the humour is even worse than the ice puns in Batman & Robin and there is ACTUALLY A SEQUEL TO THIS MOVIE?! Oh yes there is and it sucks as well. How did this one get a sequel? That's like how The Legend of the Titanic got a sequel, it's just stupid.

This is not just a finding nrmo rip-off, its an abomination. It has a plot that is so boring that it can be mashed into 5 minutes and it won't make a difference.

Ugly ugly characters!

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13 The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure

How is this not in the top 10?

This film is AWFUL! This almost felt like a theatrical pilot for a T.V. show. I'm just so happy that it bombed in theaters. I'm also feeling very happy that I never got to see it.

I so cannot STAND this abomination of a film! I thought Dora the Explorer and the other preschool shows were bad, THIS FILM is even WORSE!

This is the WORST MOVIE EVER! I agree with anyone about this movie. It's way too childish.

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14 High School Musical

I've always wondered why Gabriella sounds like a 3 year with a throat infection when she sings

This movie should be called 'The Annoying Cliche Movie'. Nerdy girl dates popular guy, hmm where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, every book, movie, poem or song EVER! Why has such a terrible movie been watched by everyone on planet Earth? The plot message is simple: don't be different! Fit into the stereotypes people have designed for you! Fall in love with someone just because you sang karaoke, and convince yourself you can be in a play, despite having no previous experience or even interest, also because of karaoke! Oh and let's not forget this:
This song will stay forever,
Every beat,
Will repeat,
Word by word,
And you'll see that,
The tenth time's even better,
Have this earworm stuck,
In your head,
Until we're all dead!


A movie so good that it's the worst thing ever, I don't know why all the girls like this crap.

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15 Son of the Mask

Another movie trying to appeal to both adults & little kids. For kids, but in the end it's probably inappropriate for children. It's also got the worst musical number ever to disgrace a film, & it just goes on forever. - likalaruku

The Mask was good, but I think it might actually be a law that all sequels (except the best movie ever, Gremlins 2) have to be way WORSE than their original. Just like remakes. - RedTheGremlin

Cartoon Network was insane enough to actually air this on T.V despite how awful it was...

I don't find this for kids at all.

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16 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

Those kids look scary they give me nightmares it should be the worst movie

This should be in the top 5, it's that bad, and disgusting too - B1ueNew

I think this movies a huge waste of time with pointless scenes disgusting images bad acting and it's poorly written it's poorly acted, everything about is crap just totally crap who the hell on this earth! Will think this will be a good movies for kids hell even a good movie my advice never show this to your kid or never show to yourself because you be sacred for life!

Potentially the worst kids movie ever. I haven't seen the whole movie, but from what I've seen, it's a mess, trying to use gross humor, but it just ends up being disgusting, with terrible acting, special effects, and morals that make no sense. Just read the Rotten Tomatoes reviews and you'll see what I mean.

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17 Mac and Me

You know what I take it back I'm not glad it exist but I'm still glad I watched it because that means I be able to show it to a lot of people hadn't seen the movie and people who are a big fan ET and still hadn't seen the film I mean this movies like troll 2 or the room it's so bad so bizarre so fascinating that it's kind of enjoyable and Mac and me I think is a movie that's a prime example of that well in my opinion and people neither think this movies cringe worthy bad or laugh out loud bad or fantastically bad I think it's both laugh out loud bad and fantastically bad I mean you just wonder what kind of studio would greenlit this kind of movie and the studio that did was MGM along with the independent film company Orion which even got bankrupt because of this movie and I'm just gonna say this now MGM has made a lot of bad movies in the past and a lot of good movies in the past the good movies are rocky, the wizard of oz, a Christmas story, the James Bond movies, secret of Nimh and ...more

They had mcdonald's products in this since they tried to raise money for the charity. Also I like it, it's got a sense of innocence and it's funny.

Good thing this film is more forgettable otherwise we would be haunted by this films awfulness for years.

I hadn't watched this movie, but why're you all commenting about mcdonalds? What does mcdonalds have to do with this movie? - SheepBuggy

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18 Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2

I despie baby geniuses one and two I think they're pointless stupid, offensive, boring, and just bad these movies are just a pine in the ass and I know there was a lot of good actors in both the first and second film like christhoper Lyod, whoopih Goldberg and all those other actors something tells me the reason they were even in this god Damn picture was because the writers or the producers probulay wrote them a pay check and yeah these are definitely one of the worst movies I ever seen in my life I think will rank the second as number 5 on that list and the first 6 oh yeah I think the sequel worse it's dumber way more pointless way more painful to watch and twist in the end is just down right stupid. And one of the things I hate about it is on the poster when it says it's a live action rugrats no it's not because that show actually makes it a little smart with the whole talking baby thing and the kids use their imaginations rather than them being spies in real life and yeah I agree ...more

If you enjoy cheesy films & you're high, this movie is not completely irredeemable. - likalaruku

The babies needed more fighting action than just doing nothing much.

My class had to watch this. I felt like barfing.

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19 The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl In 3-D

The insides of an ogres nostrils would look a lot better than this movie

Watched it a million times - Luckys

The plots bad and the animation is garbage and overall no time taken to make this movie

It's actually a good movie. - Dragontree102

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20 James and the Giant Peach

Why the hell does everyone love this flapping film there's nothing about it to enjoy it has a stupid plot esspcially with the rinho, I mean the rinho the reason why the kids parents are dead what what we're you smoking Ronald Dahl and I know we're able to do better than this I mean you wrote books like Charlie and the chocolate factory, the bfg, Matilda, the witches and they all got turned into very good films well at least some of them but I know we're a very good author and you really knew how to entertain kids even if books got a bit dark but still was enjoyable and sometimes a little funny and if you were alive today you be 100 so yeah RIP Ronald Dahl, and yeah this one of those films I hate but everyone else loves and everyone loves the Matilda movie I kinda of like it to but I know Doug walker hates it. Speaking of Doug walker he did review on this for the NC check it out it's pretty funny.

This movie has horrible animation, ugly characters, disgusting colour schemes, and was super unrealistic from the start. There was a cloud that looked EXACTLY like a train? As if. I can't believe Roald Dahl decided to make a book on this. - SheepBuggy

I actually don't know why this movie got #1 It isn't that bad, but yes it should be in the top 10 because it is definitely not good. I mean the animation part is AWFUL and the acting at a few parts, correction, lots of parts, is HORRIBLE!

I can't believe Roald Dahl made THIS after he wrote amazing kids stories, this has terrible animation and ugly characters. Also very, very unrealistic. Problem Solved.

Ronald Dahl never made the movie moron. He made the book. Get your facts straight - TheHabsFan

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21 Kazaam

Just watch the hilarious nostalgia critic review and you will understand.

Why is it even a kids film what kind of kid will be entertained by this.

This one of the dumbest movies ever put on the silver screen.

It's not bad actually. I don't know why people hate it.

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22 Caillou's Holiday Movie

Why would they even make a movie like this, Caillou is a big fat stupid idiot and a whiner. - CRK10

Isn't he just a ripoff of Charlie Brown.

He has no hair, he wears the same yellow shirt and they are the same height. - Datguyisweird666

Caillou is stupid anyway

He is a whiny brat

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23 Teen Beach Movie

I loved 1 and 2! - Luckys

It sounds stupid. Ross Lynch LIVES at the beach? - Trollsfan536

This movie is terrible. The plot lasts for five minutes and the characteres sing every five minutes and its just about boyfriends and girlfriends kissing and dancing. Plus, the girls share a room where they talk about boys all of the time and be emotional (sexist, by the way). - TACO63

This movie is awful. The worst part is that everyone likes it.

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24 The LEGO Movie

List-maker, where are you so I can punch you! - NickXH

The song was stuck in my head for a week after I watched the movie. - Luckys

The guy below is STUPID! The movie is a good reminder of teamwork and there is no crap at all and the song is catchy. And yes there is a plot and Emmet saved the World so he should be treated with royalty and it is not CRAP like some people say. And PowerPuff Girls SUCK HARD And teach you nothing.

Its stupid. That's that. and its not even creative with the storyline. All the Winnie the pooh movies each showed kids to treat each other the same, and so did the powerpuff girls movie. In fact, nearly all kids movies showed kids to treat each other the same and equal. But this one was created in 2014 (I think) which, it has already outdated because shows like this deserve to be in 2000. What is the plot? Emmet is just an ordinary person, so how about we just treat him like crap? that sounds like a great idea? Oh so he saved the day so we're going to treat him like royalty now! Yay! So basically it just shows kids that if you suck at life, you can't win.

I AGREE WITH YOU SO MUCH! Winnie the pooh, Happy Feet, Powerpuff Girls, And so many other films already showed kids to treat everyone equal, now it's over. - SheepBuggy

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25 Tappy Toes

Ripoff of happy feet

It's a rip off of happy feet but it's a cartoon

Rip off of Happy Feet!

Copied because they couldn't come up with anything better

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26 Little Princess School

Somebody get me a knife. I wanna murder the members of Video Brinquedo.

Stupid and disgusting ripoff whoever made this should be sued by disney

This is nothing but a corny girly stereotypical rip-off of The Little Princess AND Disney Princesses. If I were a police, I'd arrest whoever made this disgrace. - SheepBuggy

This movie was so bad when I watched it with my little sister I turned it off the second It came on with all it's terrible voice acting and bright colors

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27 Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure

All yall people do is talking bad about a movie that is not even near bad as frozen, at least sharpay movie is more action in got better music then frozen does.

This is just offensive to girls, I am in fact, a girl myself. I hate it when Disney makes girly pink glittery movies just to attract girls. Is this really what people think girls like nowadays? No, I am a girl and I have a bunch of friends who are a girl too, we all don't like the colour pink and prefer other colours like black and blue. I still appreciate it when people buy me pink stuff because they don't know what to get me, but this is disgusting.. - SheepBuggy

Yeah, but then again isn't Disney always stereotyping everyone? In literally every show the mom is this weirdo, the daughter is perfect and girly-girly, the little brother is annoying, and the dad is this fat oaf who has a low-paying job. - RedTheGremlin

How is this an adventure film?! It absolutely doesn't make any sense.

That doesn't seem like an adventure at all.

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28 Super Mario Bros.

I didn't like this move *facepalm* - Luckys

I love the Mario video games and the cartoons but THIS IS AN INSULT TO THE GAMES. It is nothing like it and it is stupid. Do me a favor and play the original Mario. NOTE:THIS MOVIE IS AS BAD AS PINK GOLD PEACH.

Look up the Nostalgia Critic to see all of the problems with this film. Hopefully the Sony one is better.

So, so wrong. I don't think it's Mario anymore

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29 Mars Needs Moms

This film was such a cinematic flop that Disney flat-out disowned it entirely. Atrocious live-action CGI, half-baked morals, weird language that the audience can not understand, recycled plot routes, and a main character that is just difficult to admire. At least they made an effort to make a movie that would teach kids to show more love for their parents. Come to think of it, this movie was probably based off of one moral. In that case, good idea but poor execution.

Oh my gosh, this is the worst. I mean, the boy was RIGHT THERE when the mom was, like, almost DEAD.

When I was little this scared me so badly that I actually am still a bit worried that frigging aliens are going to abduct someone, kill my mom, and turn her into a mindless drone. That was the scariest part for me. The robotic moms.

30 The Hero of Color City

I'm sorry but this show is just too corny and childish! I know it's a kids film, but when I was young I didn't watch corny crap! In fact, when I was young I spent most of my days watching documentaries of animals and insects. I would never waste any second to watch something like this. - SheepBuggy

This should be OUT of stores, OUT of thrift stores, OUT of every home in the 🌎. Just, no. And I'm a kid, so go figure.

An waste of money, go watch movies like harry potter or hunger games

This film is absolutely rubbish it's a stupid film

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31 GoAnimate: The Movie

PLEASE NO! , oh wait, it's not real

This doesn’t exist. - 3DG20

I used to make grounded videos on Plotagon. But I realised that the parents are acting like pure jerks..

It"s this a YouTube channel not a movie on

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32 Woody Woodpecker

Unless your child loves mindless, stupid, gross-out humor, there is no way you can get enjoyment out of this movie. It was not funny, and I instantly got bored, like, 15 minutes in. I definitely do not recommend.

33 Cricket On the Hearth

This sucks so much. - RalphBob

It's good for a Christmas film, has good plot, animation, though the songs I can't stand.

34 Frosty Friends

But it's made by HIT entertainment. It's going to be Hit!

I will never in my whole entire life watch this movie I know it's gonna be a crappy crossover I mean Thomas the tank engine, Barney, Bob my god this is gonna be a real bad one.

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS!? Barney+bob the builder+Thomas the train=disaster

It's also a rip-off and isn't licensed by any company. - SheepBuggy

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35 A Car's Life: Sparky's Big Adventure

And this is what happens when Cars and Bugs Life have kids

I say some footage of this. What is this?!

This is just a dumb ripoff of cars

Knock off of Cars

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36 Ice Age: Collision Course

To all of the people who said this movie sucks, I do not disrespect their opinion but I personal like Ice Age: Collision Course and believe that it is a good movie to sit down and watch with your kids plus it it is a good movie for if you want to have a good laugh.

It wasn't bad. - Luckys

Somebody put Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius please. That movie sucks

This wasn't that bad. One part had me dying in laughter.

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37 Wubbzy's Big Movie

Never saw it



No, how about you learn to, number one, turn your caps lock off, and two, get a dictionary and look for this lovely word called opinion. - 3DG20

38 Cars 2

I hate this movie it is extremely sexist all of the girl cars are purple and pink and they wear lipstick. and who's the moron who thought about making a movie about cars in the first place? - TACO63

The same moron who thought of making a movie about planes. Gosh. This just proves that Disney is running out of ideas - RedTheGremlin

This ruined the first movie, the first was better, while this is boring and uninteresting.

I never liked this series anyway.

That is so true TACO63. So true.

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39 The Little Panda Fighter

There is this show called The Amazing World of Gumball ( GREAT GREAT show! Check it out! ), and there's this one episode called The Treasure its wear Gumball, Anias, and Darwin all look around the house trying to prove that everything their family owns is a knock off. Their Dad (Richard the couch potato) is watching what he calls, How to Ratatwang Your Panda, which the show was obviously trying to make fun of Kung Fu Panda, and the animation looks EXACTLY like the animation in this awful movie. Thank goodness The Amazing World of Gumball made this into a good parody.
It deserved it

Is this a ripoff of kung fu panda

If I were a Gym teacher, I would tell the classes to copy the panda on the cover. - Trollsfan536

Worst movie ever they've ripped off a popular movie

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40 Maniac Magee

Seriously? There was a movie based on that book? - PerfectImpulseX

A good book got a Horrible Movie

41 Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale

Terrible rip-off of charlotte's web. It has terrible animation and models. And it makes no sense! It teaches kids to lie and Has terrible voice acting! - SheepBuggy

Ripoff, and looks TERRIBLE!

I don't know how to use blender yet I could make a better movie than this

Rip-off of Charlotte's Web but with terrible graphics and TERRIBLE TERRIBLE voice acting and plots

This animation is mental

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42 Daddy Day Camp

I love this movie... yeah, it's not cinematically groundbreaking or anything but it's really funny and a great film, who put it here?

I think this movie is actually very good and funny, who put this here? - EclipseKing

This movie makes up hate little kids and rude parents.

I don't like the sequel it ruined daddy day care for me

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43 Planes

The only person there? Let me tell you why you and the 4 year old boy were there is that allot of people have seen this, but they hated it and told the universe not to see this annoying film. Also, this is the worst Disney movie I've ever seen.

They planned a sequel. It's entitled, Planes: Fire and rescue. Nobody has seen that sequel because it will definitely be boring. Even the trailer already reminds us that it will be terrible. When I saw this, it was completely way better than the first movie and improved allot. Although, there are room for improvements. I was thinking: Why can't the creators stick to racing? They are seriously making this totally different.

Isn't it about a plane that can't fly? Didn't rio do that with blue?

One of the worst Disney movie ever, I can't believe that Disney would make this piece of cash grabbing garbage

This is clearly on of the worst films of all time, no effort was put into it at all, just another cash grab

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44 High School Musical 2

Highschool musical sucks ass! It's funny how Disney creates other movies like: Lemonade mouth, teen beach movie, and camp rock and they think that we won't be able to figure out that all of these Disney musical are all just rubbish fruity rip off's of highschool musical. honestly in my opinion, it doesn't take a genius to figure that Disney Channel is just trying to confuse the hell out of all it's viewers.

Its duplicating! Kill it with fire!

And I thought the original was bad...

This film sucks! But I think the others are worse.

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45 Ice Age: Continental Drift

I gotta say Ice Age: Continental Drift is just as good of a idea as any Illumination film,meaning this movie has a bad plot and characters.

It does not suck ask kids next time!

I want to say I hate it but I really love it. - RedTheGremlin

it sucks

46 Nine Lives

This movie was SO GOOD who put it on here oof

I'm sorry but this should not be on the list...IT'S AMAZING!

It Is Bad

47 High School Musical 3: Senior Year

In my opinion I thing Disney Channel made way too big of a deal about this movie when us viewers no this movie is not worth .


Did you know there is going to be a High School Musical 4?

I know there is going to be a High School Musical 4, but it will suck.

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48 Donald In Mathmagic Land


Kids are stupid enough already they aren't gonna learn maths by watching movies

Better than frozen.

Math the heck

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49 Spaced Invaders

You spelt ''Space'' wrong... Oh... wait... is that actually what the title says?

50 Coraline

No way my mom loves this movie

This is creepy if you wish to keep your brain AND never ever EVER watch any other of the creator's films

Its amazing though

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