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241 Pocahontas V 1 Comment
242 The Three Caballeros
243 Mulan

I love mulan she is amazing

I hate u

244 The Emperor's New Groove V 1 Comment
245 Maleficent V 1 Comment
246 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
247 The Incredibles V 1 Comment
248 Winnie the Pooh
249 Holes
250 The Hunchback of Notre Dame V 1 Comment
251 Saving Mr. Banks V 1 Comment
252 Fun and Fancy Free V 1 Comment
253 Brother Bear
254 Sleeping Beauty

This is one of the worst Disney movies of all time.

Steriotypical princess saved by charming blah blah

255 Tarzan V 1 Comment
256 A Bug's Life

The PlayStation Game was awful you mean.

257 The Great Mouse Detective V 1 Comment
258 The Sword In the Stone V 2 Comments
259 The Rescuers Down Under
260 Robin Hood

This one is good

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