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261 Lilo & Stitch V 1 Comment
262 Pinocchio V 1 Comment
263 Peter Pan V 1 Comment
264 Toy Story

One of the best movies ever. Not the worst - TheHabsFan

Screw anyone who doesn't like toy story.

One of the most overrated movies ever. All they do is try to get from one house to another and it is incredibly boring

Who ever made this list clearly doesn’t know good kids entertainment

V 2 Comments
265 Toy Story 2
266 Toy Story 3
267 Ratatouille

This is one of my favorite films

268 Up

Love it

269 The Aristocats

I used to really like this movie!

270 Mary Poppins
271 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
272 101 Dalmatians
273 The Jungle Book

Cartoon and animated were okay but the live-action was awesome!

The cartoon one is great but the animated one not so much

274 Oliver & Company
275 Lady and the Tramp V 1 Comment
276 The Rescuers
277 Dumbo V 1 Comment
278 Hugo V 1 Comment
279 Penguins of Madagascar
280 The Peanuts Movie

One of the worst movies ever. So overrated. The plot is just stupid and it has one of the worst endings ever. How is giving a girl a pencil ment to be a good ending

I am sure this must have ruined SOMEONE'S childhood

V 2 Comments
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