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41 Spaced Invaders V 1 Comment
42 High School Musical 3: Senior Year

In my opinion I thing Disney Channel made way too big of a deal about this movie when us viewers no this movie is not worth .

Did you know there is going to be a High School Musical 4?


High school musical 4? NOO

Lemme guess: more teen girls going on about boyfriend and causing drama while the teen boys play basketball while fighting over girlfriends or some other generic highschool garbage?

Oh, and Highschool isn't about dating and singing. It's about having to stay in for 10 minutes into recess because some idiot threw a pair of scissors across the room. - Lunala

V 5 Comments
43 Donald In Mathmagic Land

Kids are stupid enough already they aren't gonna learn maths by watching movies

I watched this on vhs when I was very young. It was when I discovered I loved math.

V 4 Comments
44 Barbie and Her Sisters In a Pony Tale

All the personalities in Barbie movies are so annoying

Kiss the horse Barbie!

Barbie sucks

Used to like barbie

god why

pokemon cards are better - Lunala

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45 Russell Madness

I love this movie so good for kids my daughter thought it was amazing

V 1 Comment
46 Baby Geniuses
47 Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil

This film is one of the worst movies ever! The original Hoodwinked movie was way better than this film.

I have 4 words for this movie... LEARN... HOW... TO... SPELL! They can't even spell ''two''' right!

48 Doogal

I actually thing that 8% in rotten tomatoes means that is overrated

I think it is just plain old stupid.

This movie is the worst movie ever!

The creators spelt Dougal wrong.

V 3 Comments
49 Wings

Obviously a rip off planes anyway planes was already stupid and lame the same with cars 1 and 2 and I know a lot of people like those films but I can't stand them I think they're way too stupid and corny for me but yeah wings sucks you can tell the creators are obviously trying to rip off Pixar as well especially with the designs overall all these films are just corny.

Ripoff of planes but with worst graphics

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50 Mr. Nanny V 2 Comments
51 A Fairly Odd Summer

Please no! Just leave it in cartoon animation, because admit it, the kid doesn't look like nick- what was his name? Anyway, the fairies don't look too good either...

V 2 Comments
52 Alvin and the Chipmunks

This is better than the second and third movie. Claire is pretty by the way, probably one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. I've heard they are making the fourth movie.

Well this and its sequels are still way better than most of the others on this list. To be honest, its not a bad movie at all.

I like this movie, but the second and third one are atrocious.

It was better than The Squeakual and Chipwrecked...

V 7 Comments
53 A Car's Life: Sparky's Big Adventure

And this is what happens when Cars and Bugs Life have kids

I say some footage of this. What is this?!

This is just a dumb ripoff of cars

AWFUL BORING garbage. Sparky looks like a crap coloured piece of poorly made CGI oh I know why because he IS.

But that's only the tip of the iceberg! Speedy the pink car's voice. UGH. (Look up a cars life on youtube and listen to the pink car Speedys voice and you'll know what I mean.) - Lunala

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54 The Smurfs

My friend, this is weird, but she can watch LORD OF THE RINGS and The HOBBIT but when she went to the CINEMA to watch THIS she was so scared she practically cried her eyes out so they had to leave. Weird.

Manage to make this as bad as the CGI Chipmunks reboot & CGI Garfield reboot combined. The art style is creepy too. - likalaruku

These cgi smurf movies are just dumb.

These smurfs movies I think ruined a lot of people's childhood I mean why can't Hollywood just stop tearing apart people's childhood cartoons I mean first flintstones then inspector gadget then mr Magoo then Garfield then scooby doo then Alvin and the chipmunks now this and yeah I did see this movie in the theaters and I didn't like it when I saw it and I have no idea why it was such a hit and that it got sequel a couple of years later and that's another thing way do people keep giving bad movies sequels again they did it with scooby doo inspector gadget Garfield Alvin and the chipmunks the animated titanic movies the purge what the hell is wrong with Hollywood sometimes I mean as much as I love Hollywood you guys have made some pretty dumb decisions and not even that sometimes you make sequels to good movies but the sequels just end up betraying everything the original was and films like never ending story 3 son of the mask and Christmas story 2 are good examples of that and anyway ...more

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55 Shrek the Third V 4 Comments
56 Space Chimps

When the first astronauts went to space, I'm pretty sure they didn't bring a bunch of chimps, they just brought a monkey and a dog

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57 Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princess

Please stop putting her in films

58 Are We There Yet?

No. This movie is funny. I saw it at my cousins' house once and it was great!

Gangsta rap made Ice Cube do this movie.

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59 Nine Lives

It Is Bad

60 Barbie and the Diamond Castle

If Barbie was a boat, it would have sunk due to how many movies they have made

Barbie movies are just big, stupid, cash grabs.

How many Barbie movies does the world NEED?! - mayamanga

Not again

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