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161 Pokemon: The First Movie

The animation is good and so is the writing. ( plus the holy grail of any pokemon fan in the nineties )

I love that movie I haven't watched it but I've heard it's awesome

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162 Strange Magic

Proves how sexist the internet is "it's for girls"

It's for girls, and it's a ripoff for tinker bell.

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163 Barnyard
164 Everyone's Hero
165 The Book of Life
166 Fantasia V 2 Comments
167 Tom Thumb Meets Thumbelina V 1 Comment
168 Phineas & Ferb: Star Wars V 1 Comment
169 Planes: Fire & Rescue

I think if the hero had died a martyr instead of lived & had a happy ending, it could have been good in a sobering way. - likalaruku

This film is just as bad if not worse than the first. An incredibly stupid plot that was rushed just to make money.

170 Bambi


171 Noonbory & the Super Seven: They're Sense-ational!

Noonbory. It's about as insulting to ones intelligence as Oogieloves.

Just watch the review. - likalaruku

172 Agent Cody Banks V 1 Comment
173 Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker

Never seen it but the actor is gorgeous.

174 Alice in Wonderland
175 Another Cinderella Story

It's a Cinderella Story. Need I say more? - mayamanga

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176 Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

Second worst out of the live action chipmunk movies I mean why can't kids just stick to the original cartoon movie the chipmunk adventure that was a masterpiece compared to these and can't we all agree that most live action movies based on cartoons are terrible the only ones I've seen that are even close and have kinda the same source material are films like Casper the original TMNT films and underdog all the rest complete crap this could be one of the worst out of all of them.

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177 Barbie In a Christmas Carol V 2 Comments
178 Barbie In the Nutcracker V 2 Comments
179 Barbie In the Pink Shoes V 1 Comment
180 Barbie of Swan Lake
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