Top Ten Worst Kids at School


The Top Ten

1 The Bully

There is a kid at my school named mason he's a bully

Bullies have problems at home - Bikerninja1997

2 The Gossip

A bully in other words. I'm not prepared to say I never gossip, but there are certain people I know I can never trust because they're constantly gossiping about others to me. It makes me feel hesitant to share anything around them. I have enough trust issues as it is! - keycha1n

3 The One That Thinks They Are Better Than Everyone
4 The Teacher's Pet
5 The Trouble Maker
6 The False Friend

I never quite knew what people meant by fake friends. I don't know if that makes me the fake friend, or someone with a good judge of character. - keycha1n

This "friend" I had never talked to me unless I had junk food or something they wanted to have.

7 The TattleTale

This belongs more at worst kinds of brothers... But I'm fine with it. - DapperPickle

They always try to get people in trouble - Bikerninja1997

8 The Crybaby

Crap that's me

9 The Annoying One
10 The One Who Wont Shut Up

Almost all of the idiots I know... - Minecraftcrazy530

The Contenders

11 The One Who Draws Inappropriate Drawings In Schoolbooks

That's me...

12 The Sociopath

Usually it's a bully but it could even be a friend

13 The Snitch

There's nothing wrong with telling on people, it's when you tell on them for doing something that isn't even bad like joking around or thing's like that. - JakePlaid

14 The Kid that Always Has to Say Something Mean
15 The Pervert
16 The Slut
17 The Idiot Who Thinks He's a Genius
18 The Jerk
19 The Rumor Spreader


Destroy YOU!

20 The Paranoid Kid
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