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Caillou is a Canadian educational children's television series that was first shown on Télétoon and Teletoon, with its first episode airing on the former channel on September 15, 1997; the show later moved to Treehouse TV, with its final episode being shown on that channel on October 3, 2010. The more.


You spelled caillou wrong but seriously caillou is SO ANNOYING. My friends and I always make fun of this show

I cannot believe that I used to like him as a kid. Now that I see it, I feel like an idiot for seeing this crappy kid who is bald and whines whenever things do not go his way!

Caillou, He sucks a whole lot

Caillou is the biggest crybaby in the world. His tantrums are just useless and stupid!

He cries and throws a hissy fit whenever he doesn't get what he wants. This Devil Child needs to learn a little something called "Respect"!

The "Big Brother Caillou" episode was even worse than the others! He pinched his baby sister, Rosie and did NOT get disciplined for it!

Oh, and another thing... He LIES!

He lied when he told his Grandma that he loved olives (When he really did not)

He lied when he made Rosie cry

Caillou is obviously meant for children with minimal brain cells who don't know anything, like Caillou himself. He always throws tantrums worse than anyone I have ever seen. Also he assaults his little sister and his cat and his parents are mad for 2 seconds then they act like he is a little angel. He is spoiled to no end. However, considering it is a ridiculous show, it is very good for YTP. That is all it is good for. So TAKE DOWN THIS STUPID SHOW! IT TEACHES NOTHING BUT BAD BEHAVIOR IN CHILDREN!

This show is torture! Caillou's voice is stupid and whines when he never gets what he wants, which is exactly what Eric Cartman does! Nobody messing messes with South Park! Plus Caillou is bald, at 4 years old?!?! Caillou is only happy when he gets what he wants, otherwise, he is unhappy. The mom and dad act like everything is fine and their son can act like this. Then they make sure he gets what he wants. Rosie is only their because Cailliou needs an actual human to play with. Rosie ends up getting hurt and cries a lot when that happens. The " cat " Gilbert looks way more like a dog. Terrible show with stupid animations and a dumb plot. Make sure your kids don't watch this. Stick to Paw Patrol instead.

Even the damn name is weird! God, I'm so glad it ended in 2006. They call this crap "educational" when it's really just about a retarded, bald kid with a high pitched voice, stupid animation, weird name, and how about Gilbert? Gilbert looks like an inbred dog! - airplain313

Everything about Caillou is terrible! The show is terrible! Caillou himself is terrible! His whining, crying, and tantrum throwing is terrible! The character designs, animation and colour are terrible! And the theme song? Well it's so stupid that if I were to hear that song I think I'm going to EXPLODE!

My main gripe with this show is that caliou always whines and cries to his parents, which leads to them fixing it for him. That is NOT a moral kids should be learning. I'll admit he isn't as annoying in the newer episodes as the old ones, but still, they air the older episodes way more than the new less bad episodes. Don't let you kid watch this

I wish this stupid kid would commit suicide and kill gilbert, "mommy" "daddy", leo, and rosie!

He is so stupid! The only reason he's bald may be because he hates himself so he wanted to hurt himself by shaving his head. He didn't kill himself just so he could annoy us all for eternity! And Caillou's parents are also to blame for spoiling him! In fact, Caillou may only be visiting his parents on vacation this whole time! Maybe his parents spoiled him to the point where he's living in a mansion made of diamonds with a swimming next to it. He deserves to live in a dumpster instead. P.S. caillou is nowhere close to an educational show.

Cailou is a whiny little bald BRAT! His parents don't give him lectures nor give him punishment if I did things caliou did when I was a child I would get a spanking and a week long grounding. and after his fits he will (always) win and smile and say "Yay! ". THIS MUST BE #1 HEAR ME? NUMBER ONE! - darkfox808

He is a whiny little brat who always has to have his way. He also likes to wander around unsupervised, like in an episode, where he walked all around the block without his parents. And finally, he is bald.

Caillou is a stupid brat who whines about everything. I hate Caillou. I hate everyone on the show. I hope Gilbert kills Caillou. Y'know something that should happen? Watch the video "PBS Banned Episode: Caillou Goes to Africa" on YouTube. It's about Caillou going to Africa, and his parents leave him there, and he ends up getting killed. - Discord

Caillou is a creepy, bald-headed, whiny, selfish, obnoxious little kid. He always gets his way, and whines about everything.

Good news haters. I THINK this show will get cancelled in September 2014. I hope I'm right. I want that whiny brat gone forever. - EpicJake

I cannot stress this enough. Why is this not #1?

This kid with cancer isn't THAT bad, but his parents don't know what punishment is. These parents have NEVER given him much of a punishment. Everything bad he does he GETS AWAY WITH EASILY!

Why isn't this #1? I hate this show! My 5 year old cousin likes the one when Caillou pinches Rosie after she comes home from the hospital. This bald headed monstrous excuse for a little boy needs to stop being on T.V..

Caillou is very annoying and is so whiney, every time it plays I feel stick to my stomach. Also, the characters set bad examples for kids. My kids started jumping on the bed because one of the characters did it.

It looks like that dumb kid has cancer. HE IS BALD. The theme says the word "Caillou" over 11,000 times. This is just wrong. Caillou is giving the impression to kids that it's OK to throw a temper tantrum because everything's gonna be alright in the end anyway. Also, PLEASE DELETE ALL THESE STUPID EPISODES! I DO NOT KNOW WHY THEY EVEN EXIST!

This show is boring. One of the major episodes is Caillou wanting to go to circus but his dad says not today so Caillou throws a fit. Eventually he calms down because REASONS.

Why isn't Caillou in the top 10 where Adventure Time is? Adventure Time is just beginning to lay groundwork for an interesting and deep show when this is a "show" about an annoying and bratty 4 year old. - dureckl

I act like I'm only two, I sit down and take a poo, I'm just a baldy I'm Caillou

I like the show when I was little. But when I watched half of a video of it. I am starting to get neutral with it. I am neutral with Caillou. I am sorry.

An Annoying 4 year old kid who has no hair he is 4 but he acts like a teenager he bully's his sister who tells the parents and then caillou throws a temper tantrum. The lesson to kids is to throw a temper tantrum and get your way. I think calliou needs a swift kick in the ass

He throws tantrums and is a bully to his sister and gets away with it I guess he shaved his head too there's no way that a four year old can be bald caillou can die in hell