Top 10 Worst Kids You'll Meet in High School

If you're in high school, you can probably relate to this list, but if you're in eighth grade about to go into high school, you might want to read this list. You'll meet at least ONE of each of these kids.

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1 Drama Queens

All them idiots starting up trouble for no apparent reason.

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2 Ghetto Kids
3 Bullies Bullies

This is third because I barely see these kids anymore. - izackak

4 Popular Girls
5 Freshman Haters

I'm a freshman so these kids really get on my nerves. I hate that these kids say that they hate ALL freshmen even though they never met all of them. For all you know, one of these kids are a semi popular youtuber who makes more money than you. - izackak

6 Kids Who Reference Memes All the Time

Memes are funny, but they're annoying when people say the phrase out loud. Sometimes, kids would yell out the word triggered to be funny. It's not funny. Please stop people. - izackak

7 Freshmen Who Give People a Reason to Hate Them

I'm a freshman, and I hate seeing other freshmen do stuff like throw pens around, reference vines, making people out of paper and treating them like they're real, and more. I hate freshmen haters, but some freshmen annoy me. - izackak

8 The Kids Who Act Emo to Look Cool

Oh god, I hate these kids. This is coming from a fourteen year old kid who suffers chronic depression, anxiety, and has to takes a lot of trips to the school counselor. The thing I hate about these kids are that 99% of the kids are kids a lot of friends (even though they claim to have none) and kids who are relatively popular and like to make people laugh (and have cancerous laughs). If you're one of these kids, let me advise you to stop while you can. - izackak

9 Kids Who Show Off that They're Not Straight

Okay, I have nothing against the gays, lesbians, bisexuals, or transsexuals, but I hate the ones who act like they're legendary because if their sexuality. You're still human! I remember one day, I was in English class one day, and I decided that I would start to zone out. Then these two girls start PDAing in front of me. I tell one to move out of the way, but one girl said, "I'm hugging her, she's the love of my life! " You know what, I don't care, MOVE OUTTA THE WAY! - izackak

10 Mobile Games Fanboys

Right now, everyone is obsessed with this stupid game called 8 Ball Pool, and it annoys me so much. - izackak

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