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21 All You Need is Love

Kids bop is horrible. Even when they are messing around with the beatles and other people.

MY ears my poor ears why, why, why! Why must they kill songs! - MJfan119

The worst Kidz Bop song of all time. - InsertNameHere

'All you need' is to stop playing the beeetels

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22 Disturbia

I love Rihanna but when I heard it...it sounds like Sammy Classic Sonic Fan had a hangover - spodermanfan1000

23 Kryptonite

Oh my god what were they thinking?

24 All the Small Things

Why isn't this number 1? This is the worst Kidz Bop cover, the Blink-182 members would die of laughter to how bad this is. I can imagine Tom crying of laughter and making fun of the vocals and commenting on how bad the guitar is(he sings the actual song), Mark would try to imitate the vocals to make fun of it, and Travis would comment on how bad the drumming is and laugh of course. There is a creepy old man who probably was 50 years old who sounds like a molestor and Barney on drugs singing this. And the kids sound like gnomes eating. The original had an awesome, fun, summer vibe, this version however ruined the vibe and now it reminds me of a bad live action kids show with some little kids and a Barney wannabe old man in it. It was so bad that I died of laughter, I cannot stop laughing at this, especially the Pedophile Bop thing! - AnimeDrawer

What the hell was that Colin Hayes singing or something? Like actually, this is possibly the worst song I have ever heard and then they were doing an a capella that just sounded like a motor for a lawn mower. YOU ARE PAYING TO LISTEN TO A LAWN MOWER!

How to hell isn't this #1 it sounds like someone swallowing glass and lemon juice while receiving heart surgery all while trying sing

Listen to it. please. it made me want to shoot my brains out.

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25 American Boy V 1 Comment
26 Float On

Nope. not even gonna listen to it.

27 Set Fire to the Rain

Someone must've never been to Great Aunt Ruth's house, or Grandma's house... That's what happens there. Kissing on the lips

I love that song but "kissed my lips" gets turned to "held me hand".

One of Adele's best songs from 25, ruined by Kidz Bop. - Swellow

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28 Uptown Funk

They changed Liquor to Water. Ok, I'm 14, probably still young enough to join kidz bop (which I'm not). I sing with every word that may be inappropriate with my age. It was also like that since I was younger

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29 I'm in Love Wit the Coco
30 How to Save a Life

How to save a life: Don't listen to Kidz Bop. - railfan99

31 Burnin Up

I accidentally clicked on this. - RalphBob

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32 Watch Me Whip and Nae Nae

They messed up the lyrics, but I don't care since the original is crap. Those crazy dance moves are just pathetic.

Worse than the original.

The original sucked hard

Hate both. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

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33 Look What You Made Me Do - Kidz Bop Look What You Made Me Do - Kidz Bop

They sound like creepy twins from horror movies

This isn’t coming out until January 19, but better early than never. This is going to suck! - railfan99

34 Beverly Hills

I officially hate Kidz Bop even more now. - Johannes9

I Max (no last name) love weezer, but kids bop had to just go and kill it. like why?

I can't believe they had a hit weezer song and they ruined it


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35 Whatcha Say

This version was completely out of tune.

36 Better In Time
37 Centuries

Yea, centuries is awesome! And kids bop had to ruin it.-.


38 The Sweet Escape

Newsflash, this stinks on ice covered gwokumole


I love this song but kidzbop sings it better than the original artist.

39 Because of You
40 Photograph

I thought there was an artist that was kids bop free


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