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41 Let It Go

Just be glad they don't cover tool. "followed by millions of dumbfounded dip twits"

Why did they cover FROZEN?! They have gone way to far!

This song is stupid Elsa doesn't even do a good job

Oh not the most hated song in Disney history

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42 Jenny from the Block

Despite the fact they kept the good beat, it doesn't make up for the fact they ruined the song itself.

Jennifer Lopez Sang This Because she wanted to sing about her life. But Kidz Bop Had to Ruin it.

The song title has the original artist's name in it. Do Those Kidz Bop Idiots know that?

43 Domino

Oh my god this version of Domino is terrible. They changed a lot of words I don't know where to start. They changed "sexy" to "happy" "dirty dancing" to "now were dancing" "when we touch" to "when we dance" "take" to "knock"

When they sing: "Happy and free", it is as annoying as hell.

They ruined a perfectly fine Jessie J song by doing an unnecessary censored version. They even ruined Jessie's voice by adding a bunch of preteens.

44 Scooby Doo, Where are You?
45 Whenever, Wherever
46 Photograph

I thought there was an artist that was kids bop free

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47 Move Along

All-American Rejects rejected Kidz Bop for this

48 Don't Let Me Get Me V 1 Comment
49 Baby

The original version is terrible but this version is much worse.

For once I can say a song that took 6 people to make is better than a band that ruins terrible songs by doing even more terrible covers.

Why, this song already sucks and they just ruined it even more?

I used to dance to this song in dance class it was a bad song

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50 Wildest Dreams V 1 Comment
51 All About that Bass
52 Closer

This One Is Actually "So Bad Its Good" - VideoGamefan5

53 7 Things
54 Safe and Sound
55 DJ Got Us Falling In Love
56 Complicated

The original was good, this one ruined it.

57 The Lazy Song

I wish I could put everything! They change all the ' words! I can't wait until they make a thrift shop. It's probably gonna go like, "walk into the classroom like what up I got a lunchbox. " They change the word sex to text. I heard they changed one song from "stayin up all night in my room" to "I love wakin up in my room". This is to set a good example that kids should go to sleep on time. :P

58 Hey Baby V 1 Comment
59 Harlem Shake

This song can suck a golf ball through a garden hose

"With the Kidz Bop kids"

Very bad song it is

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60 Bad Day
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