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61 Fancy Fancy V 1 Comment
62 Downtown Downtown

Kidz Bop completely cut out a part of the song, and they unnecessarily changed some lyrics.

Didn't we learn from the Thrift Shop cover they can't win it? - Swellow

63 Take a Bow Take a Bow
64 Senorita Senorita V 1 Comment
65 My Love My Love
66 Clumsy Clumsy
67 Sorry Sorry
68 Battlefield Battlefield
69 Underneath It All Underneath It All
70 S.O.S.
71 Billionaire Billionaire V 1 Comment
72 Happy Happy V 1 Comment
73 Family Affair Family Affair V 1 Comment
74 Perfect Perfect
75 Payphone Payphone

Amazing. Just great. Who's bright idea was it to have little children murder songs? He needs to be SLAPPED!

Why did they have to ruin everything!

V 1 Comment
76 We Belong Together We Belong Together

GAWDD, the ending is so bad! Can't believe they actually released it...

77 Smooth
78 Let It Go Let It Go

Just be glad they don't cover tool. "followed by millions of dumbfounded dip twits"

Why did they cover FROZEN?! They have gone way to far!

This song is stupid Elsa doesn't even do a good job

Oh not the most hated song in Disney history

V 1 Comment
79 Timber Timber

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

V 2 Comments
80 Knock You Down Knock You Down
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