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61 Hey Baby V 1 Comment
62 Harlem Shake

This song can suck a golf ball through a garden hose

"With the Kidz Bop kids"

Very bad song it is

V 1 Comment
63 Let It Be

No way... How dare they cover one of my favourite songs ever? I would rather listen to someone rub their fingernails on a chalkboard than listen to Kidz Bop sing the Beatles!

Beatles is greatest rock band in history, Kidz Bop thinks they can cover it because they broke up

Yes, they have officially ruined one of the best songs in history

They seriously covered this song?

V 1 Comment
64 Second Chance

They can cover bad pop culture songs all they want but when they "cover" actual songs, that's when I draw the line. Oh, they also try to sing Bring Me To Life, a song about death and depression. Way to go 7-year-olds.

NO, NOT THIS! I don't even hate Kidz Bop as much as everyone else, but when you get preteens who have yet to acquire some sort of rough edge or emotional nuance, you do NOT let them cover SHINEDOWN. - WonkeyDude98

65 Get the Party Started

That was an awesome song not when Kids Pop come in. If they do Nirvana I will personally send the spirit of Bruce Lee to the studio where those worthless are ruining society, when they record, he'll burn it. The creators will be mutilated or smell my unbearable farts FOR LIFE!

Dis song was on the kidz bop movie it epic I love kidz bbop so much day are epic and stuff

66 Let Her Go

This version sucked just as much as the original version.

67 Starships

Instead of saying Higher than a mother fire trucker, it goes We're Kidz Bop and we're taking over!

68 Hotline Bling
69 Fancy V 1 Comment
70 Downtown

Kidz Bop completely cut out a part of the song, and they unnecessarily changed some lyrics.

Didn't we learn from the Thrift Shop cover they can't win it? - Swellow

71 Uma Thurman
72 My House


73 Senorita V 1 Comment
74 My Love
75 Clumsy
76 Sorry
77 Battlefield
78 Underneath It All
79 S.O.S.
80 Billionaire V 1 Comment
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