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61 Let Her Go

This version sucked just as much as the original version.

62 Single Ladies
63 Starships

Instead of saying Higher than a mother fire trucker, it goes We're Kidz Bop and we're taking over!

64 Hotline Bling
65 Fancy V 1 Comment
66 Downtown

Kidz Bop completely cut out a part of the song, and they unnecessarily changed some lyrics.

Didn't we learn from the Thrift Shop cover they can't win it? - Swellow

67 Uma Thurman
68 Take a Bow
69 Whenever, Wherever
70 Senorita V 1 Comment
71 My Love
72 Clumsy
73 Sorry
74 Battlefield
75 Underneath It All
76 S.O.S.
77 Billionaire V 1 Comment
78 DJ Got Us Falling In Love
79 Happy V 1 Comment
80 Family Affair V 1 Comment
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