Worst Kim Possible Villains


The Top Ten

1 The Mathter

What kind of villain is this? A math-crazed supervillain? Seriously? (Voiced by Brian Stephanek) - 445956

2 Motor Ed

Annoying voiced big muscled idiot. (Voiced by John DiMaggio) - 445956

3 Duff Killigan

Golf-crazed scotsman is a villain? Wow. (Voiced by Brian George) - 445956

4 SeƱor Senior, Junior

His father is awesome, I just hate Jr. (Voiced by Nestor Carbonell) - 445956

5 Nanny Maim

Stupid nanny turned into a villain. Blah. (Voiced by Jane Carr) - 445956

6 Myron

Not sure if this counts as a villain, but he's an idiot, considering that he's voiced by the same guy as Patrick Star (Voiced by Bill Fagerbakke) - 445956

7 Frugal Lucre

Menacing and lame at the same time. (Voiced by Richard Kind) - 445956

8 Dr. Fen

Ugly short idiot. (Voiced by Tom Kenny) - 445956

9 Hank Perkins

He wasn't even supposed to be a villain, he was drafted into it. (Voiced by Rob Paulsen) - 445956

10 Chester Yapsby

While he wouldn't seem lame in real life, he still is enough of an idiot to complete my list. I was running short of ideas. (Voiced by Stephen Root) - 445956

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