Worst Kinds of Anime Characters


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1 Mary Sues and Gary Stus Mary Sues and Gary Stus

Self-explanatory - Kiyomi

2 Sadists Sadists

I can't stand sadistic anime characters.
Literally, it is very hard for me to see my favorite character from an anime getting tortured by a sadistic character, no matter if it's emotional or physical.
What really bugs me is how sadistic anime characters have no empathy at all, and that some of them are sadistic for little to no reason, and that MOST of them are also overpowered. - Kiyomi

3 Sexual Molesters Sexual Molesters

These are SO disgusting, and so INCREDIBLY mean. - Kiyomi

4 Overpowered Villains Overpowered Villains

Villains that are so overpowered, that not even the author of the manga knows how to defeat them. - Kiyomi

5 Overly Obsessed Girls Overly Obsessed Girls

Those are so annoying! They are so obsessed with a certain character, that it becomes annoying. - Kiyomi

Juvia, Shion, Yuno...

6 Bad Parents Bad Parents

This happens a lot of times.
That a certain parent does something extremely terrible to his/hers child. - Kiyomi

7 Whiny Characters Whiny Characters

Characters that whine a lot about things, and end up annoying the viewer. - Kiyomi

8 Cowardly Protagonists

Protagonists that are very strong, but can't defeat a villain/monster just because they don't want to, even though it's pretty clear that they ARE very strong, and can defeat the villain EASILY.
This can be really frustrating for the viewer. - Kiyomi

9 Crybabies Crybabies

With crybabies, I mean anime characters that cry all the time, even when it's not necessary. - Kiyomi

10 Perverted Boys

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11 Tsunderes Tsunderes
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