Worst Kinds of Comments On a TheTopTens Item


The Top Ten

1 A comment with no grammar, even though TheTopTens fixes grammatical errors

Forgive English I am Russia - SirSkeletorThe3rd

But I thought people were wrong about grammarless people being immature, and thus this wouldn't be annoying! - Puga

Yeh dat is vari unnoaying - DrayTopTens

2 A long and nonsensical comment about humanity being corrupted

This list already exists - "Top 10 Most Annoying Types of Comments On TheTopTens", created 39 days ago.
Take a deep breath because it's gonna be merged. - Metal_Treasure

3 A comment that uses opinion to go against opinion
4 Fangirl/fanboy overhypes
5 Rage comments
6 The ones supporting Philippines on the list of worst countries

I'm also a Filipino, but I must say that my country has a lot of things going on such as our corruption at every province. I apologize for the one who supports my country.

I'm a Filipino, but I'll have to admit, the Philippines has A LOT of flaws as a country. I accept their criticism.

Abdul El Bakubar Singh disagrees with this item. - Puga

7 Anti-racist comments

These type of comments piss me off the most

8 A long comment with nothing but "this list is BS"

How would that then be a "long" comment? - Puga

9 The ones unrelated to the post

I love fish and chips with not too much vinegar. - Britgirl

10 Comments praising metal and rock music

"I'm 3 years old and I listen to Metallica! I was born in the wrong generation! " - poncho531

It isn't that bad as long as you don't have the intent to look "cool". And "born in the wrong generation"? Well, that needs reevaluation. I used to be like this before I joined this site.

I'll have to go with this item. These types of comments get on my nerves a lot.

I'm not saying all of this are bad, but some of them are taking their praise for metal too far when it gets to the point that they're bragging.

I cannot stand these people. All theyoptens is subtly parade ther rate in music as superior to others in order to seek approval from others.

", I HATE pop and all modern music! I ONLY listen to Classic rock and Metal! If you don't listne to this, you have NO TASTE in music! I AM BETTER THAN EVERYONE! "

*insecurity intensifies*

More like their reasoning is better than most pop fans, that's why you come up with such a conclusion.

"OH MAH GAWD MODERN POP AND RAP SUCK ME IS MACHUR CIZ I LISEN 2 METAL N ROK." Seriously, metal is overdefended, so is rock. Rap and pop shouldn't be the scapegoat of music... - AlphaQ

The Contenders

11 The ones agreeing on a "reasons why the list ____ is wrong"
12 This should be number 1 comments

Yeah, I think this should be #1.

13 "Why isn't this higher?"

We all know that you vote either because you think it should be higher, or because you think it should be #1 (which belongs to the other category), without explaining. It's like if you commented on YouTube "I just watched this." - Alkadikce

It's mathematics - Billyv

Because numbers. - MoldySock

14 Spam comments
15 Comments where it's obvious that the writers misunderstand the list or item title or concept
16 People Who Comment Like This, Capitalizing Every Single Word
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