Worst Kinds of Girls at School


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1 Bitchy popular girls

I swear, someday I will throw water at their witch faces and watch 50 pounds of make-up slide off. - Catacorn

One day when I'm older I will literally throw paint on their stupid clothes. I will drop water on them and make them pay for making me feel bad. Well I'm not that mean I'm just imaging how awesome that'd be to do this. - LittleLovelies

2 The girls who try to make you feel bad about yourself

You mean the girls who make me think that being smarter than 99.99% of the kids at school is bad? The girls who think astronomy, science, math, chemistry, reading, geography, history, music, and art (my interests beside Disney) are "lame? " All they like to do is wear makeup, shop for clothing, text, and talk about boys. Do they have ANY taste in real entertainment? - RockFashionista

You mean girls who reject me just because they don't like you even though they pretended to like you? Yeah, this girl that I like did this to me. She would rather go out with someone who smokes weed (her current boyfriend) than someone who would do anything to keep her happy! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

No one can make me feel bad about myself! So HAHAAH!

A lot like the b*tchy popular girls. - Catacorn

3 Annoying girls who try to bug you
4 Girls who have the latest things and brag about it

Who cares if she has the latest iPhone? - Catacorn

Nobody cares okay? I don't care if you got a new car,a new phone,or a new house.Just stop bragging please! - Jordansalesguy2392

5 Girls who try to copy your work

There's this one girl in my history class that sits to the left of me, and she gets mad at me because I'm left handed and it's "hard to see my answers." - RockFashionista

I know, right? I have this friend who says we will be best friends forever, and we will always hang out and all that emotional crap. Then one day she asks me for homework, and I'm like "Aren't we supposed to do that on our own? " And she's like "I am your only best friend and u can not even show me your homework! Lame! I will not talk to you." Alright, don't. I don't give a crap about you.
Update: My whatsapp is showing 17 messages from her which I haven't opened.
Why don't such type of girls do their work themselves? If someone asked them for work, I'm damn sure they will do the same. I mean, why should I do the work, and they get the credit? Now, THAT is lame.

Once in math class we're doing classwork,the other 3 girls I'm working with just grabbed mines away and coping,they just said:"Give it to me! " - SamuiNeko

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6 Girls who show their cleavage

I'm a male, but I don't see why some forms of clothing are even designed to let it show, and of course I mean formal clothes. It's the equivalent of having jeans with testicle holes.

Well, if it's a small bit, I don't really mind. But, if your shirt shows your entire boobs, you need to cover that up, because not everybody wants to see that! - kaitlynrad11

Girls who show a little bit are fine. But girls who show 7/8 of their boobs are going to need some censorship. - sandycheeks

Showing your cleavage is ugly and not attractive at all.

7 Girls who cause trouble

I hate this so much! - Catacorn

8 Girl bullies V 1 Comment
9 Girls who act all innocent when they do something bad and teachers believe they didn't do it and you did

Exactly. There's no such thing as a "good kid." My philosophy is "the 'good' kids are just the bad kids who haven't been caught." - RockFashionista

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10 Girls who lie

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11 Girls who get easily scared

Once my friend spilled her water on the sidewalk, and some other girls screamed and ran away.

12 Justin Bieber fangirls
13 Girls who cause drama

I hate these girls so much! - Catacorn

14 Girls who don't wear underwear with skirts

My friend once saw a girl cheerleading without underwear on. Oh and by the way the cheerleader was really popular. - Catacorn

My neighbor was swinging, and her skirt flew up and I could see her you-know-whats...

Who the heck would do THAT?!? Do they want you to see everything? - RockFashionista

That's just disgusting. - Entranced98

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15 Girls that think they are pretty

I am so pretty. - DarkandSinister

My gosh, I just hate some types of girls so much. Ughhh! - RockFashionista

16 The girls who act so perfect in front of the teachers

This annoys me SO MUCH. I know a girl like this who gives their teachers presents on completely random days. For holidays it makes sense, but on an average day...no. - Minecraftcrazy530

17 Girls who wear nothing but long skirts

There's a girl I have math with who does this, but she's really nice. She only dresses that way because of her religion. - RockFashionista

Ugh I dislike long skirts. I like skirts that are long in the back and short in the front. Are these girls religious or soemthing cause nobody at my school wears ugly long skirts. - LittleLovelies

18 Girls who pick out your flaws and tell them to all of her friends
19 Anime fangirls
20 Girls who dress slutty
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1. Bitchy popular girls
2. Girls who act all innocent when they do something bad and teachers believe they didn't do it and you did
3. Justin Bieber fangirls
1. Bitchy popular girls
2. The girls who try to make you feel bad about yourself
3. Girls who have the latest things and brag about it
1. Annoying girls who try to bug you
2. Girls who lie
3. Girls who show their cleavage



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