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1 The "I Hate All Music Genres Except Metal" Fans

People who say these kinds of things are usually pretentious metal fans. Cause usually no one gets into metal by one chance. People get into metal from many steps. And some songs can't be ignored at any cost. - zxm

Or the "I hate all genres except Thrash, Black, and Death Metal" fans.

I like metal songs cause I like them. Not because they're metal. - zxm

I'm a metalhead and I love pop, electronic, rap, mainstream rock, and other genres they hate - Neonco31

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2 The "Linkin Park and A7X Are The Best Bands Ever" Fans

I agree but linkin park is nothing compared to a7x a7x has some good songs they shouldn't be compared

Linkin Park and A7X are not metal - Ananya

There good but nowhere near the best

Both aren't metal bands (A7X in my opinion is hard/heavy rock) - christangrant

3 The "I Only Like Metallica's First 4 Albums" Fans.

For me this is true. The Black Album was good, it had great songs like Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters, Wherever I May Roam, etc. but it wasn't Metallica. It wasn't Thrash at all which is very disappointing. The albums after such as Lulu, St Anger, Load, Re-Load were all disappointing to me because it was regular Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. However, Death Magnetic had a few good THRASH songs on it, but it wasn't a 100% comeback. Since Death Magnetic is the most recent album and Metallica has an upcoming album for 2015, I think this will be a Thrash Metal comeback for them which would be sick. - ryanrimmel

Metallica's first four albums are the greatest, the three albums succeeding it were good, Death Magnetic was also a good comeback album, and the band had really great songs in the '80s that we can forgive them for making St. Anger and Lulu.

My Dad is a true Metallica fan because he loves ALL of Metallica's albums, not just the first four. In fact, that's his favorite band. - Pony

Yeah I hate these people because their stuff after the 4 albums was also good even St. Anger to me Lulu is their only bad album - christangrant

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4 The "I Hate Rock" Fans

If rock didn't exist metal wouldn't exist. I love both rock and metal. - RiverClanRocks

Without rock there wouldn't be metal. Keep listening to those old rock songs, they put a lot of effort into them. - NuMetalManiak

Rock is better than metal by a little bit in my opinion because that's how metal came alive

Simple, Metal has Rock in it's roots and without Rock, Metal wouldn't exist at all - Neonco31

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5 The "Black Sabbath Isn't Metal" Fans

They are a metal band but only when Dio came in Deep Purple are the real inventors of metal - christangrant

Is this a joke? Please tell me no one actually thinks this.

Black Sabbath created metal... - Pony

They aren't heavy metal like Metallica or pantera but tonys riffs help created it

6 The "Power Metal and Prog Metal Suck" Fans

Two of the best subgenres. - IronSabbathPriest

Power metal and prog metal are one of the greatest metal genres of all time. Don't know about others but personally I think these two genres are better and more unique than thrash, death or black metal. - zxm

Power Metal and Prog Metal are both awesome.

I don't like power metal that much, indifferent on prog.

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7 The "This Band Is The Best Thing To Happen To Music Since Humans Evolved Eardrums" Fans

Eh this could apply to any music genre to be honest - christangrant

Hyperbolizing much? - Neonco31

8 The "Anti-Lars Ulrich" Fans

Shut up, that's all I gotta say. - McKing1003

Sort off agree he is overhated but at same the same time he's overrated - christangrant

They hate him only because he's overrated - Neonco31

Either because of Napster or Dave Mustaine, he can't be hated!

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9 The "Metal is the Best Music Genre in the Whole Entire World" Fans

Hate to bring it to you, but it is in fact true.

It's an opinion, not a fact. Don't treat your opinions as facts - Neonco31

Rock and metal many people love met

But it is... - christangrant

"Best in the entire world" means no genre beats it but no genre is better by fact, it's better by each individual's opinion. - Neonco31

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10 The "Electronic Computer Garbage Is Talentless Noise" Fans

Innovation is what makes things better. The more you can expand the depth of a genre, the more great it becomes. More to listen to - MikeTheLight

Well if its pop then yea

This is actually true by the way.

Very close-minded - Neonco31

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? The Ones Who Play the More Extreme Genres to People

There's nothing wrong with liking a particular metal genre, but if you're gonna get people into metal then don't play them any extreme stuff because they'll absolutely hate it (besides, playing people extreme metal is cliched and is honestly not helping the whole metal community). - Aragorn98

? The Ones Who Try to Look All Tough, Intimidating and Hardcore

Exactly! They think they're hardcore when really they just come off as awkward, annoying and douchey. - Aragorn98

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11 The "Iron Maiden Is the Best Band Ever" Fans

Seriously I mean I love other bands but this band is my favorite so back off on this one

Umm... In my opinion they are. But I love other bands as well. - IronSabbathPriest

? For me they're the best metal band. But there are lots of other bands I like. - zxm

Wrong these people are awesome - christangrant

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12 The "I Hate Avenged Sevenfold" Fans

They are very overrated. Am I a bad person cause of that? - ryanrimmel

I can see where people are coming from saying that they're overrated, but I don't really get why some people hate them as if they're the worst band ever. At worst, I just find them boring, but nothing that would warrant labeling them one of the worst bands.

Overrated but still rules and its not their fault so stop blaming them

I don't hate them its just they are overrated honestly their music is fine just not as good as every says they are - christangrant

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13 The "I Hate You Since You Haven't Heard of (Insert Band)" Fans

You hate me because I've never heard of a band you know? Kinda harsh there.

Just because I haven't heard of such doesn't mean I'm automatically terrible. I bet some of my friends here never heard bands like Bon Jovi or The Police but I never got mad at them for not having heard such bands - Neonco31

I'm not gonna get angry at my parents just because they don't know Dream Theater.

I hate you since you haven't heard of (Norwegian Band fylkestrafikksikkerhetsutvalgssekretariatslederfunksjonene) (It's an actual word I looked up longest norwegian words) - SoldierOfFortune

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14 The Poser Metal Fans

Don't care about poser metal. I Just listen whatever I like. - zxm

15 The "Linkin Park Are Flawless" Fans

No band is flawless. - NuMetalManiak

Linkin Park is PROBABLY not flawless, but it's by far the most versatile band of all time.

They have MANY flaws.

Good band but not flawless (Living Things was bad) - christangrant

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16 The "People Who Like Other Genres Are Twats" Fans

Be open-minded with other music genres!

I love Pop and I never criticized anyone who likes metal so why not do what I do? Be more accepting - Neonco31

17 The Black Metal Fans

Whoever added this, you're a stereotype. - IronSabbathPriest

True, but in all honesty it's created one of the more hilarious stereotypes in metal. The people within this group that are truly annoying are the black metal purists, and in fact most of them just troll for the lulz.

Never was a fan

Mie imi place burzum si mayhem

18 The "I Only Like Megadeth" Fans

Metallica is also just as awesome. - McKing1003

They are thousands more bands out there

Oh don't even get me started I like both bands but in my opinion Metallica is better - christangrant

Metallica is better, Lol - Neonco31

19 The "You Aren't Metal If You Don't Scream" Fans

Have you heard of symphonic metal fans that only have the operatic vocals?! Those are awesome combinations of classical and metal music!

So instrumental metal songs aren't metal? The metal vocals isn't the only important part. Other instruments are also important. - zxm

20 The "Black Sabbath with Ozzy can't be touched" Fans

It's a shame that a lot of Black Sabbath fans hold the Ozzy days on such a high pedestal, and then go and rip apart anything from Dio onwards. Ozzy's era was great, no arguments there, but there's a lot of amazing post-1978 material that many fans are missing out on. Heaven and Hell, Born Again, Seventh Star, Headless Cross, Tyr, Forbidden; All overlooked classics in my eyes. I would argue that although the band's style certainly changed once Ozzy left, much of their later material can stand up to his era any day of the week. I wish more Sabbath fans would give it another chance. - Simba_Lennon

Sorry but Dio>Ozzy - christangrant

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