Top Ten Worst Kinds of Metal Fans

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1 The "I Hate All Music Genres Except Metal" Fans

You don't need to solely listen to metal to be classified as a metalhead. I listen to a lot of rock and metal, but I also enjoy listening to Ballads and EDM (though I don't listen to EDM as much. Doesn't mean I don't like it though).

People who say these kinds of things are usually pretentious metal fans. Cause usually no one gets into metal by one chance. People get into metal from many steps. And some songs can't be ignored at any cost.

Metal is a great music genre if you ignore all of the Death Metal/Black Metal stuff.Thrash Metal,Power Metal and Alternative Metal are great.I even like Nu Metal but for me Electronic,Rap and Alternative Rock are better.These metal elitists should be more open to other genres and should respect the opinion of metalheads who like other genres or people who like metal but prefer other genres.-DarkBoi-X

For the love of Lemmy, not all Metal fans criticize your music. Can you not take criticism? Who cares if we only like Metal and Rock?

2 The "Linkin Park and A7X Are The Best Bands Ever" Fans

I cannot get this one. Avenged Sevenfold Is a heavy metal/ metalcore band while linkin Park Is mainly an alternative rock band featuring a great metal print. However, even if linkin Park isn't totally metal, I cannot understand why metalheads Who admit lp are their favourite band are thought to be bad metal fans.

Metal elitists are really annoying as reflected in the comments down below. I'm a huge extreme metal fan (Death, Black, Sludge and what not) and I believe A7x is definitely more metal than hard rock (it's not a question about whether they are good or not, which is subjective anyway). People who say that A7x isn't metal are wearing their caps of ignorance and don't want to embrace the actual fact. Songs like Beast and the Harlot, Save Me, Bat Country, The Stage, Blinded in Chains, Blinded in Chains, Buried Alive, Paradigm etc. are a testament to this. A7x were Metalcore only in their 2nd Album. City of Evil & The Stage were undoubtedly Heavy Metal albums while Nightmare was a half and half mixture of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. Elitists are just annoyed and frustrated that this band is way too popular and probably haven't listened to more than a couple of tracks from this band before passing their vacuous judgements. And also there are some sets of people who say that all their songs ...more

I have respect for both bands because they are pretty good starter bands for beginner metalheads and their music aren't that bad, but perhaps we shouldn't be too big on them either. Linkin Park is clearly not metal, and Avenged Sevenfold lies a bit more with hard rock/metalcore with some heavy metal influences than actual pure metal itself (the Stage album is definitely metal in my opinion).

Linkin Park was Nu
Avenged Sevenfold is Metalcore
I personally hate these bands but now you guys are being a genre elitist.
I don't criticize bands except for I dislike this album because...

3 The "Black Sabbath Isn't Metal" Fans

Well, more new wave bands get more influence from Deep Purple, but Black Sabbath is a still important contributor.

They are a metal band but only when Dio came in Deep Purple are the real inventors of metal

Is this a joke? Please tell me no one actually thinks this.

They aren't heavy metal like Metallica or pantera but tonys riffs help created it

4 The "I Only Like Metallica's First 4 Albums" Fans.

For me this is true. The Black Album was good, it had great songs like Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters, Wherever I May Roam, etc. but it wasn't Metallica. It wasn't Thrash at all which is very disappointing. The albums after such as Lulu, St Anger, Load, Re-Load were all disappointing to me because it was regular Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. However, Death Magnetic had a few good THRASH songs on it, but it wasn't a 100% comeback. Since Death Magnetic is the most recent album and Metallica has an upcoming album for 2015, I think this will be a Thrash Metal comeback for them which would be sick.

Metallica's first four albums are the greatest, the three albums succeeding it were good, Death Magnetic was also a good comeback album, and the band had really great songs in the '80s that we can forgive them for making St. Anger and Lulu.

Because the fact remains that only their first four albums were good rest were piles of garbages. Megadeth is no good either as they've released masterpieces (*cough *) like Risk and Super Collider.

That was the best period for Metallica. The black album was good, but dropped towards the end. Load/Reload have standout songs, but boring ones at the same time. St. Anger sucks, Lulu sucks, Death Magnetic was alright.

5 The "I Hate Rock" Fans

Hmm, I don't get it. I have never seen a metalhead hating rock rock music. Though many don't like pop or rap music. But no metalhead hated rock music. And its not for only metalheads but also for most music fans. Even the person who says "I hate rock" is somehow connected to rock.

And rock helped creating metal. Beside classical, punk,hard and prog rock helped created metal

I prefer metal but I also like rock and I personally don't know any metalhead who hates rock. Maybe this item is too overrated on this list - it just doesn't sound realistic to me. Most of the metal fans also like Queen, Pink Floyd, ACDC, Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, and many more.

Without rock there wouldn't be metal. Keep listening to those old rock songs, they put a lot of effort into them.

Rock is better than metal by a little bit in my opinion because that's how metal came alive

6 The "Power Metal and Prog Metal Suck" Fans

Power metal and prog metal are one of the greatest metal genres of all time. Don't know about others but personally I think these two genres are better and more unique than thrash, death or black metal.

Most people seem to hate power metal because of how cheesy some bands can be but not all of them are like that. Trust me.

Prog, like any other sub genre of metal, has its own sound. People need to stop acting like their preference is final.

Power Metal sucks? What are you going to say next; that the only true metal is Black Metal? You people are ignorant.

7 The "This Band Is The Best Thing To Happen To Music Since Humans Evolved Eardrums" Fans

Your basically saying you can't have a favorite song. When someone says this they mean it's there favorite band.

Eh this could apply to any music genre to be honest

Hyperbolizing much?

8 The Poser Metal Fans

Examples but not limited to:

1. That kid who claims to be a metalhead, yet only heard Linkin Park
2. That kid who only blasts brutal slam death, blackened funeral doom, or goregrind (which isn't really metal) just to boast how "br00tal" they are. They don't even like the music itself.

A poser is when someone wears a shirt of a band but they can't name a song of they pretend to like Metal.

Don't care about poser metal. I Just listen whatever I like.

9 The "Electronic Computer Garbage Is Talentless Noise" Fans

Electronic music is simply a technological enhancement that we have to embrace. Remember when the electric guitar came? People hated it and said that it was talentless compared to opera music and others. The electric guitar was a technological enhancement that we eventually ended up embracing. Just like that, electronic music is nothing but an improvement in technology. It may not involve as much presenting skills when compared to other genres, but the preparation and assembling that needs to be done is much higher than in other genres.

Innovation is what makes things better. The more you can expand the depth of a genre, the more great it becomes. More to listen to

I used to try to do electronic music and it's pretty bloody hard. But I'm 14 so of course I'll be terrible at it compared to a 20+ year old.

I'm no expert, but I do hear that it's not as simple as it seems.

10 The "Metal is the Best Music Genre in the Whole Entire World" Fans

Guys it's all opinion. For example Thrash is my favorite genre it's a hyperbole.

It's an opinion, not a fact. Don't treat your opinions as facts

Hate to bring it to you, but it is in fact true.

Electronic is the best genre. Rock being second.

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11 The "People Who Like Other Genres Are Twats" Fans

Similar to the "I Hate All Music Genres Except Metal" "fans". Both are pretty much elitism at their finest...

I love Pop and I never criticized anyone who likes metal so why not do what I do? Be more accepting

Be open-minded with other music genres!

12 The "Linkin Park Are Flawless" Fans

Okay, I love listening to Linkin Park, but even I know they aren't exactly flawless. A talented band, sure, but just because a band or artist is talented doesn't automatically mean they're flawless. And let's be real: Nobody's perfect, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Linkin Park is PROBABLY not flawless, but it's by far the most versatile band of all time.

Linkin park are not the most versatile band of all time lmfao

Good band but not flawless (Living Things was bad)

13 The "I Hate You Since You Haven't Heard of (Insert Band)" Fans

Those kinds of people really get on my nerves. It's similar to the cliche (unfortunately) "Your music taste sucks" phrase. Both of these sayings are pretty immature. Need I say more?

Just because I haven't heard of such doesn't mean I'm automatically terrible. I bet some of my friends here never heard bands like Bon Jovi or The Police but I never got mad at them for not having heard such bands

You listen to Metallica? Poser. Why don't you listen to some (insert random underground technical brutal blackened death metal band)

If I were that fan, I would hate everyone. Including my family, because they don't know Opeth. But thankfully, I'm not that kind of fan.

14 The Black Metal Fans

I don't necessarily agree with this. I don't like black metal because of its satanic themes, but I respect its instrumental complexity. Regarding fans, I think only Extreme fans of this genre should be here ( the "varg vikernes Is my Hero" fans ).

Black Metal is an art in the form of music that binds your soul with the nature. An art loses it's artistic value if it can easily be deciphered by any random creature - this statement is specifically applicable for black metal in it's purest form. Once you embrace the darkness and apathy encircling you, they'll stop haunting you. Black Metal is not merely another sub-genre of metal, it's something very personal that often goes well beyond the realms of human cognition.

True, but in all honesty it's created one of the more hilarious stereotypes in metal. The people within this group that are truly annoying are the black metal purists, and in fact most of them just troll for the lulz.

Whoever added this, you're a stereotype.

15 The "You Aren't Metal If You Don't Scream" Fans

Have you heard of symphonic metal fans that only have the operatic vocals?! Those are awesome combinations of classical and metal music!

So instrumental metal songs aren't metal? The metal vocals isn't the only important part. Other instruments are also important.

Power and traditional heavy metal. Also Dream Theater and even Metallica and Megadeth.

16 The "Anti-Lars Ulrich" Fans

I'm sorry for disliking your inspiration. Conflicting opinions are cancerous, we should all love Lars, regardless of what our opinions are.

I'm not huge with Lars either, but he still contributed to Metallica, which in turn contributed to metal in general.

Sort off agree he is overhated but at same the same time he's overrated

The way he went after napster was greedy and dumb, but he is a great drummer. One of my favorties

17 The "Iron Maiden Is the Best Band Ever" Fans

Seriously I mean I love other bands but this band is my favorite so back off on this one

? For me they're the best metal band. But there are lots of other bands I like.

For the love of Lemmy, STOP! You are criticizing others opinions.

Umm... In my opinion they are. But I love other bands as well.

18 The "I Hate Avenged Sevenfold" Fans

I can see where people are coming from saying that they're overrated, but I don't really get why some people hate them as if they're the worst band ever. At worst, I just find them boring, but nothing that would warrant labeling them one of the worst bands.

Haha, I feel like some of this stuff is aimed at me. A7X aren't the worst metal band. Black Veil Brides has that honour. But I still think A7X are very overrated and nothing special.

Overrated but still rules and its not their fault so stop blaming them

They are very overrated. Am I a bad person cause of that?

19 The "Black Sabbath with Ozzy can't be touched" Fans

It's a shame that a lot of Black Sabbath fans hold the Ozzy days on such a high pedestal, and then go and rip apart anything from Dio onwards. Ozzy's era was great, no arguments there, but there's a lot of amazing post-1978 material that many fans are missing out on. Heaven and Hell, Born Again, Seventh Star, Headless Cross, Tyr, Forbidden; All overlooked classics in my eyes. I would argue that although the band's style certainly changed once Ozzy left, much of their later material can stand up to his era any day of the week. I wish more Sabbath fans would give it another chance.

He can be touched after Sabbath bloody sabbath.

Sorry but Dio>Ozzy

20 The Fans Who Make the Entire Metal Community Look Bad

Not just metal elitists, but they definitely contribute to the metal community's toxicity.

Especially the ones who murder just to make themselves look "cool"!

'You hate my band? *sniff* well... *sniff* you're mom gay *sniff*'

Looking at you maggots. Aka, Slipknot fans.

21 The Metal Fans Who Are Stuck in the Past

The worst kinds, always stuck with their favorite genre or band or album or year or whatever. How many Metallica fans are the hardcore thrash fans that get disgusted from the black album onwards? These kinds of metal fans make all of them look bad. I am consistently looking for tons of new bands on tons of new record labels, and I would take that over the same-y thrash any day of the week.

Preferring to keep to the past isn't a bad thing in my opinion. Everyone has different songs and want to still keep listening to them. It's ok to not like if a band is doing a different genre of music.

As if there are no good metal bands in the 21st century...

That's fine with me I mean I listen to Cowboys From Hell. Everyday at 200 pm.

22 The "Motorhead Isn't Metal" Fans

Lemmy himself says that Motorhead aren't metal. But they obviously have metal in some of their songs.

They have some metal in their songs. But I wouldn't consider them a pure metal band.

23 The "Modern Metal Sucks" Fans

To those types of metal fans, did you forget that around 50 years ago, metal bands were also "modern" because they were new at the time? Also, you can't expect metal to keep the same sound it did 50 years ago. Rock has changed a lot, so why can't metal?

Those people Who Say "true" metal died with the black album.

This is why the metal fans are stereotyped as evil!

24 The "I Only Like Megadeth" Fans

Oh don't even get me started I like both bands but in my opinion Metallica is better

They are thousands more bands out there

Metallica is also just as awesome.

People can like one band.

25 The "Metal Haters Are Wusses" Fans

I'm not a Christian, so I don't think Metal is Satanic because I don't believe in the Devil. I have never been interested in metal. I was never interested in it when I was a teenager or now. It's my choice. I like some pop music nowadays, I like more pop from the 00s, 90s and 80s.

I'm completely fine with people not liking Metal. What boils my blood is that people go around and say that all Metal is satanic and a bad influence and they just accept it as fact.

I don't really give a crap about Metal haters because I understand even Metal has some haters but probably those on the other side of the coin can the worse ones out there

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