Top Ten Worst Kinds of Metal Fans


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41 The "Metal Makes You a Better Person" Fans

Not always true - Neonco31

42 The Fans Who Just Infight Instead of Supporting Artists and Letting Other Listen to Whatever Metal Band They Want
43 The Pure Evil Black Metal Fans
44 The "I Hate Electronic Music" Fans

I am not a big fan of electronic music, but these people need to learn how to shut up. Just because you don't like something it doesn't mean it's bad.

The bands use electric guitars and without electric guitars, the whole atmosphere of metal music would be boring - Neonco31

But Metal is electronic, if it's not, then it would be bad. - BorisRule

Metal fans should like some electronic in their music, after all, metal is one of the most electric genres out there! Bands like Sybreed and Disarmonia Mundi blend in electronica and metal very well. - NuMetalManiak

45 The Metal Fans Who Kill and Torture Animals

This would be the black metal fans.


46 The "Alternative Rock/Metal Sucks" Fans

I don't care about it. - zxm

47 The "Marilyn Manson Sucks" Fans

To be fair, MM does kinda suck though. Don't get me wrong. He's got good lyrics and all but he's never a good singer!

MM actually makes decent music.

he's ok - christangrant

48 The "Nine Inch Nails Suck" Fans

NIN are one of the best industrial bands of all time. I haven't heard a metal fan say anything bad about them.

Not a big fan but they are overrated in my opinion - christangrant

NIN are one of best! - BorisRule

49 The Fans Who Think Heavier Is Better
50 The Fans Who Think Complex Is Always Better

Complex isn't always better. But it takes more talent. So I appreciate it whether I like it or not. - zxm

51 The Fans Who Think That Soft Music Is Bad
52 The Fans Who Say That Certain Bands Saved Their Lives
53 The Fans Who Are the Reason Metal Isn't Mainstream
54 The Fans Who Bash Other Music Genres

Why so low? - Neonco31

55 The Fans Who Argue Over Different Genres of Metal
56 The "Nine Inch Nails Sucks" Fans
57 The Fans Who Ignorantly Bash Pop, Rap, Electronic, Country, Etc
58 The "Metallica Are Flawless" Fans

No band is flawless, they will always have at least one - Neonco31

I wish this was true but sadly its not (Lulu) - christangrant

59 The Ones Who Say Metallica is the Biggest Sellout in the History of Music

They never sold out in fact OZZY OSBOURNE is a bigger sellout then they are - christangrant

60 The "I Hate Rap" Fans

Nah rap does suck at least most modern rap does but there is good rappers - christangrant

I can't stand rap haha - ryanrimmel

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