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21 Liv and Maddie Fans V 1 Comment
22 Music genre haters

I believe that every music genre has to have some gem in it, even if you have to dig deep into the unknown stuff. - NuMetalManiak

Artist haters are fine, but genre haters is just bad. Why do you judge by the genre?!

23 Sexists

Top Ten Reasons to Hate Boys and Top Ten Reasons to Hate Girls should both get removed. - anonygirl

24 People who say stupid stuff that gets a lot of likes
25 People who vote multiple times V 1 Comment
26 People who go against opinions
27 People who hate other people for their music/movie taste

Stupidest reason to hate someone.Just because he likes that and I don't like it that means he is worse Blah Blah... - zxm

28 Metalheads

I like metal, but this site is loaded with crazed fans, and is contained with thousands of metal lists! I like sausage but I don't talk about my obsessed love for it 24/7!

So just for liking metal music a person is bad?.And why this item is so high on here? It shouldn't be here - zxm

Hey, what's wrong with us? - gemcloben

We don't care about what people think..we don't waste time in hating and heeding the idiocy of the haters - Ananya

V 3 Comments
29 People who call good things bad

MLP haters in a nutshell - Neonco31

30 Creepers
31 People who call bad things good
32 Idiots & Morons
33 People with Biased Opinions

They say MLP is objectively bad but they're not letting you touch their precious crap? I can do that I want because they did it first. - Neonco31

34 Self-Destructive
35 Keyboard warriors
36 Bronies

What's wrong with us?

I love being a brony

If people say they hate MLP you attack them and force it down people's throats. It's not even that good of a show.

37 That one guy who does no research and just picks the one he's heard of.
38 Homophobes

Top Ten Worst Kinds of People- Some moron put 'Gays' and 'Homosexuals' on the list. Really?

39 People who comment on a list just to disagree

Umm, that's what this site is for!? You share YOUR opinion, not agree to every single thing on this list! That's what I'm doing - commenting to disagree!

Basically true

40 Brony Haters

This should be number one, they make me feel like I'm not a human for liking a girl show - Neonco31

As a brony these guys hurt my feelings if You don't like the show that's fine but don't try to offend us and call us Gay (I'm Bisexual but it has nothing to do with me watching MLP) - countnightdark13

SanicHeghog123 That Wasn't Very Nice

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