Top Ten Worst Kinds of People Who Play Super Mario Maker

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People who don't star any levels no matter how good they think they are

This ruins the game because a lot of people deserve a lot more stars than they are getting and this is the main reason

People who take 5 minutes or less to make a level

You mean crappy levels?

Listen, I can make some excellent levels very quickly... but not in 5 minutes, yes. More like 30 minutes to 4 hours, depending on length of level. Could be experimentation, could be a full out level.

Yeah, I agree with this one. It's not good to see levels without even an ounce of creativity spammed everywhere and wasting other players' time.

They have you run to the flagpole or they spam enemies and expect people to star their levels

People who only make troll levels

There are good trolls levels. just go watch DGR. in fact, his trolled series is so entertaining,that I wish I could provide a link to the full playlist of the trolled series featuring all/most of the trolled episodes. so yah,you have the wrong opinion/viewpoint :[

I agree with almost all of this top 10, but I especially hate people who make troll levels. Troll levels are not funny. They're just plain annoying.

Those are the dang worst! I even regret posting mine :(

Once I made one and it got no stars so I took it down and I see why because I now hate them because in super expert I was on the last level with 54 lives left and thanks to trolls I lost all of them

People who only make auto levels

It's still an opportunity for players to showcase their creativity - many of them are masterpieces that must have taken ages to perfect. If you don't like them, don't play them. It's that simple.

True, but still people should try to expand their creativity to more than just these, the game has enough autos, we need more fun levels where you actually can do stuff

This is annoying because most people want to actually be able to play the levels and these people ruin that

People who star very stupid levels
People who steal other peoples ideas

I hate to see the same thing over and over again and its because I know that it will always happen because of idea theft

Japanese people that only use Japanese language

Disgusting how this one is on the list. I am English myself, so you just have to know that I'm not saying this through feelings, but I'm saying this through fact.

Super Mario Maker is available for more languages than just English, just like other Nintendo games. Us English natives don't rule the game, Nintendo does. The Japanese might be disgusted because we use the English language, and that make more sense than us being disgusted of them using Japanese, as Nintendo is Japanese. If there is a native language for the game, it's Japanese. Does that mean we all have to speak Japanese? No. The Japanese people are narcissistic people who think that Japanese is the best language in the world and everyone should know it. However, it doesn't mean that the Japanese have to speak English neither. It's kinda like going to a French server of Club Penguin and expecting everyone to speak English.

Sure, the majority of the human population learns English, some people from a very ...more

Not a valid reason to say they're some of the worst players. We can't help having not learned the language as soon as we start browsing levels, just like how some others can't help not knowing English just when they see it in level titles. We have our English-speaking community in the game, and the Japanese-speaking players have their own. They don't bother us, so why should we bother them?

This is really, incredibly rude. I'll just say this is "Kaizo Creators" instead.

Little kids

Their age doesn't matter too much itself - if their levels are well designed and they are polite and respectful to other players, I have no problem with them whatsoever and neither should anyone else.

Mario Maker's a game for everyone, but if the levels are trash by them then I don't like to play.

Little kids shouldn't be allowed to play it

People who leave troll comments on levels

Well now this doesn't apply because of the miiverse update, but this used to be very irritating

People who only make levels for the sake of it

I didn't even add this to my list someone else did and people keep on voting for it

Isn't that the point of Mario Maker, though?

I'm pretty sure this is getting at quantity over quality - basically the annoyance of seeing a player spam out ten boring and horrendously easy levels in one day, rather than one challenging and well-designed level that took a whole week to create.

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People who constantly beg you to play their levels

It's awful that if you take a break from Super Mario Maker for just a few days or so, you return to see a flood of comments from impatient users screaming at you every hour to play their levels. These people seriously need to take a chill pill - we all have commitments like school, work, and spending time with family and friends, so it's impossible to be on our consoles for every minute of the day. We will get around to playing the levels, just not always the day they're uploaded.

People who only make Kaizo levels

Quite a few people who like more of a challenge love using these levels to put their advanced skills to the test. Can't do them? Just try some easier levels and don't hate on Kaizo creators. Who knows, some average players could even beat a ton of Kaizo levels one day with enough practice!

Can't we just have something easy for once?!

I think people who make some easy and some hard are the best makers

Now don't get me wrong, I love panga, but only because I am good at kaizo, but 99% of people suck at kaizo and keep dying in his levels and so it's a waste of time and levels for pandas levels to be up on the game for most people, but I hope panga keeps on grinding but most people don't

People that make music levels

Music levels are awesome, I don't agree with this

get this off this list, who doesn't love a megalovania music level!?

Any Nintendo worker that adds people like Mary. O.

Nintendo playing the game is just cheap and a to of them just hack into the event courses and I had a world record in on event course for 1.3 million people until a hacker stole it

I feel bad for you YOSHIA2121

People who only make easy levels

People should make some easy and some hard for a good balance of levels

People that make levels that have something to kill you almost immediately when you start

I hate these, this is why super expert sucks

People that spam creations of World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros.
Chris-chan Christian Weston Chandler (now known as Christine Weston Chandler and best known as Chris-chan), is an autistic man who is the creator of the infamous webcomic Sonichu. He was discovered by trolls in 2007, which lead to him retaliating. In 2011, he came out as a tomgirl and started cross-dressing; three more.

I see that he has an account there, and calls himself "Christine". I'm staying away from that creator of Sonichu.

What who put him on my list

People that make a collection of costumes

Nobody cares what costumes someone else ownes

People who make auto-levels

This is already listed

People who make levels that give you tons of power-ups

Who doesn't like powerups

People who make levels that spam hard challenges and enemies
People who make impossible boss rush levels
People who only publish underwater levels
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