Worst Kinds of Pop Fans

Please do not get triggered over this list if you are a pop music but know that the things on this list may not apply to you so don't say that I'm a Metal Elitist or something like that because i don't hate ALL pop fans but these are the worst kinds of Pop fans also im not trying to start another music war so please do not go crazy.

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1 The Pop Eltlists

They're so annoying, to be honest. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Oh yes I really hate eltlists of any genre espcially pop Eltlists they always claim things about Rock and Metal music without any good reasoning what so ever while is is true some metal fans do this as well but what both Pop and Metal Eltlists Don't realize is Music is SUBJECTIVE and its opinionated - christangrant

Lol... - Ananya

2 The Ones Who Always Say that Metal is Overrated and Pop is Underrated

Both are NOT underrated and Pop is short for POPULAR so if something is popular how is it underrated? and plus Pop is more overrated than Metal because Metal takes more talent to make - christangrant

3 The Ones Who Think Popular Means the Best

Popular is far from being the best. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Popular Doesn't mean the best by that logic Justin Bieber is the best musician ever to have exist - christangrant

4 The Hypocritical Ones

They hate other music genres you like and they think it's fine, but if you hate pop, they'll attack you for having a different opinion. You're allowed to like whatever you want. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Don't even get me started on some of the Hypocrtical statements these kinds of pop fans have made - christangrant

5 The Ones Who Think Pop is the Only Good Genre of Music

While some metal fans do this to there are definitely some pop fans who think this - christangrant

6 The Ones Who Claim Things About Rock and Metal Without Any Valid Reasoning to Back Them Up

Yeah these ones are really annoying - christangrant

7 The Ones Who Make Lists About Why Pop and Pop Fans are Better Than Metal and Metal Fans and Give Awful and False Reasons in the Lists

There's loads of these lists almost all are awful - christangrant

8 The Ones Who Say that Rock and Metal are Talentless

Very stupid statement and yet they don't realzie that Rock and Metal takes more talent to make - christangrant

9 The Ones Who Like an Artist for a Short Period and Then Hate Them Once They Aren't Popular Anymore

*cough* One Direction* *cough* then why did you like them in the first place - christangrant

10 The Ones Who Claim that All Metal Bands are Satanic

Those type of fans are extremely annoying. Not all metal bands are satanic. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Very False and stupid statement not true at all they only say this because they think what they read from Bias news sites is true - christangrant

Wouldn't this apply to fans of any other genre? - ProPanda

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