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1 Mean Teachers

I hate these kind of teachers. My Math and Science teacher screamed at the class today about being in a straight line and we're in 7th grade so we're 12 and 13 years old. She was asking us how teenagers are supposed to act and I said disrespectful, because you know teenagers aren't known for good behavior and she sent me to the office! She will also literally give us homework about stuff she hasn't even thought us, like for example she gave us a 200 question math packet that was 16 pages front and back and we only had 3 days to do it and she didn't teach us any of the math in the packet. She noticed that my class talks a lot in line when we switch classes so she makes us line up in boy-girl boy-girl order in line! what! She still doesn't realize that we still talk in line. Even if we are going to Spanish class which is only 15 feet away from the Math room she will still make us do boy-girl boy-girl order! She is so closed minded that she doesn't realize that it takes longer just for ...more

If mean means they are basically everything on this list, then it has to be my Arabic teacher that I have right now, by the way I'm in grade 3 (elementary), just look (this complaisant might sound a bit mature for a 10 year old, but I'm just a bit mature for my age, I don't wanna act like I'm it but, yeah I think you get it):

First of all, her grammar sucks. Instead of saying 'pay attention' she says 'ATTENTION ME! ', and yes, she does say it with a loud voice. Shes like YOUR NOT A ANIMAL, YOUR A HUMAN, YOU HAVE A BRAIN, SO USE IT, WHAT WILL YOUR MOM BE LIKE IF SHE SEES YOU DO THIS? *?!. I stayed silent, but here is what I should've said: My mom respects my habits, don't think your overpowered!. She also is short and sounds like a witch. She shouldn't have messed with me though. Our school was very strict about how teachers act towards students. Average teachers were nothing like the teachers on this list, which probably means our Arabic teacher is the worst teacher that this ...more

One of my teachers gets pissed off too much, and that's aggravating, because if you didn't even do anything, he's going to scream at anyone that interrupts his groups. He makes everyone else read Harry Potter over and over again and it's driving me insane because it's the same book and he didn't let me read mine. - Puppytart

Mrs. Boyer, Mrs. Juday, Miss Dunham, Mrs. Neese, and Mr. Day - Bikerninja1997

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2 Teachers That Give Too Much Homework

What I hate about homework is that we go to school for 7 hours, like that's not enough work to begin with, and we go home and still have work! It takes me at least an hour to do my homework. I'm awake for about 15 hours a day and some days I'm literally doing work for 15 of those hours and sometimes I don't even get all of the homework done after hours of doing it! Then my parents will write a note to my math teacher that I literally was doing work the entire afternoon and evening and she'll get angry!

My math teacher gives the class a "weekend math packet" every Friday for weekend homework. I HATE WEEKEND HOMEWORK!

I get weekend homework, but at least I don't get a "weekend math packet"? - sryanbruen

My Teacher gives you an avalanche of homework if you don't bring it in My Strict teacher in Year 6 said IF YOU DON'T BRING IN YOUR HOMEWORK NEXT WEEK YOU ARE DOING A TONNE OF IT! What the heck seriously

I have three pages of each day. At least in math I only have one page. - Puppytart

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3 Teachers Who Blame the Whole Class When Only a Few Kids Did Something Wrong

Yeah it's super annoying! It's like if a guy was killed then arresting the murderer and everyone who lived in the same neighborhood as the murderer and sending the to jail too! I know the comparison is very extreme, but that's just how I see it.

You know, I remember having two fifth grade teachers, and one of them would blame my class for a mess that THE OTHER CLASS DID! - NuMetalManiak

My Spanish teacher deducted 1 participation point from the whole class if a couple people were being loud, and I never talked. How's that fair to me?!?!

Yeah! We lost the laptop opportunity because this guy decided to go on Roblox when we were supposed to be on a math website like I-ready - Puppytart

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4 Strict Teachers

My art teacher is so impatient with the class. If we don't do things EXACTLY HOW SHE WANTS, in the order that she wants, she flips out. She also has a tendency to "help" people way too much, which ends up as doing large parts of their projects for them.

My geography teacher is strict but I like him, because he's a nice person in general but he just plays by the rules.

My teacher is strict but she is half nice

I can't stand them - Bikerninja1997

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5 Teachers Who Pick Favorites

Geography teacher. The thing is the fact that he never gave me a detention, but he never acknowledges my behaviour, he acknowledges my best friends behaviour though.

OH. MY. GOD. My career teacher would treat a girl in my class better than anyone else in the entire school. She'd let her go on her phone, talk to other students, you name it. Would she let me do that? HELL NO! - railfan99

I am not as good as my friend, but that does not mean I am not worthy of living!

I just despise these kinds of teacher. I really do. The teachers who pick who they like for no reason should be put down.

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6 Old Teachers

Well it actually depends. A lot of my old teachers were really nice, but some were mean. It actually really depends.

I got a new principal today and he looks like Donald Trump.

My arabic teacher is very old and I hate him. he fell on his head once and now he has brain problems.

7 Ugly Teachers

I think it's unfair to judge someone by their outside but my seventh grade English teacher was really boring, so I think of her as ugly on the inside.

Don't judge people by their looks

Umm no I had an ugly teacher who was really nice to everyone.

8 Dumb Teachers

I had a substitute and she was talking about how she was going to sneak the computers to us in front of the principal and I'm not sure what happened to her she came back after a while - Puppytart

My English teacher of 4 th class literally pronounced island as is- land

My teacher literally said that our class "did a 160 degree flip". Does she not know that there are 360 degrees in a circle? - bubbleteaknj

My 5th grade teacher : who's ready to do a rough d-raft

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9 Teachers That Stalk You

Our principal is always there.

Mrs. Lamb and Miss Stone were always on my ass - Bikerninja1997

My Spanish teacher.

My vice principle

10 Teachers That Give Too Many Tests

Math teacher. Every Wednesday and Friday we write a test but I actually enjoy it because I normally get the highest.

I've said this on a lot of the items on this list, but once again, Science.

My math teacher gives a test almost every thursday! - SamuiNeko

I am a harmless child, not a ' 50,000 GB pendrive!

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11 Pedophiles

How is this not #1? This is physical danger, not just getting yelled at.

One of my class mate got pedoed - adventurer

12 Teachers Who Always Think They're Right and You're Wrong

Yeah, my English teacher once pronounced island as is-land. I said its pronounced as i-land and the S is silent, and she was like " are you the teacher, you dare correct me blah blah blah"

Absolutely the worst teachers on earth

That's mean what they do

In elementary, My Arabic Teacher called me to her desk for biting my own arm (While I was still paying attention), she said that I'm not an animal and that I'm a human, but to me, biting my own arm is just a habit. She said your mom will tell you the same thing too! that's really stupid, unlike my Arabic teacher, my mom was very respectful, and nice, which ment she respected my habits. She also said you have a brain, so use it! I AM USING ıt you IDIOT!

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13 Teachers With Bad Breath

Teaching assistant

14 Teachers Who Yell at the Entire Class for No Reason

Sixth grade math teacher.

Maths teacher.


My e.l.a. teacher - bubbleteaknj

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15 Loud Teachers

My 5th grade teacher was loud, and eventually became my absolute least-favorite teacher in my life. - UltimateTrubbishHater1

When every SOMEBODY is not listening my teacher would SCREAM LIKE A LUNATIC

They talk so loud when your like right their in their face!

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16 Teachers That Will Not Let You Go to the Bathroom

I know this is so annoying! If you don't go to the bathroom you can cause serious problems to your health. I guess teachers don't care if they cause health issues for students!

Miss Dunham hardly let us use the bathroom. - Bikerninja1997

My teacher once stated that you can't go to the bathroom during maths

I guess she worships maths

17 Pervert Teachers

My 6th grade teach looked at where my penis was. I'm in 12th now - TheRemixr

My 6th grade PE teacher is a bisexual, he looks at girls and boys butts why they are excersising.

18 Teachers Who Humiliate Students
19 Teachers Who Pick on Just One Student

Oh god... My tech teacher hates me. He always calls me out whenever a fairly large group of me and my friends are talking, always asks me for the answer even when I don't know and everyone else is offering to say and he ALWAYS GIVES ME TERRIBLE GRADES!

Aw that's sad but I see it a lot :(

20 Teachers Who Don't Let You Talk On Your Phone

This isn't that bad because no teacher should let you do this in class.

Why would any teacher let you use your phone?

In our school, we are not allowed phones, headphones, any electric item, not even a watch!

My Art Teacher let a girl listen to music, but only with earphones. That's good, it's because we don't really learn much in art in a specific way, we just draw. But the other teahcers, they don't.

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